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Dancing with the Stars – Season 7, Week 1

I’ve been trying to get my blog written but with three nights of DWTS, it was very difficult. I had a lot of t.v. watching to do.
A lot of couples to start the season out with. By now, as you know Jeffrey Ross and Edyta Sliwinska have been eliminated. I wish Edyta would have had a different partner. I really love watching her dance. I’m usually tired though after just one of her dances – I try to hold in my stomach the entire time. Not easy. Even at a young age, I never looked like that woman – and neither did you, right?

Back to Jeffrey. Not a dancer, easy to see why he was voted off first. And, I didn’t exactly understand his humor. Hope he doesn’t read this. I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Then Ted McGinley and his partner, newcomer Inna Brayer were politely asked to leave last night (9/24/08). I’ve never been a fan of his. He sort of melts into the wallpaper. But his DWTS stint sort of introduced me to him, and I was sorry to see him leave. Very handsome man – and loved the judge’s comment about Cary Grant (even though I don’t think anyone comes close to being the Cary Grant type).

The others for this season:
Cody Linley and Julianne Hough
He does nothing for me. Nice kid, trying his best. I do think Julianne is fantastic so would vote for them to keep her on.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer
Good dancers. She reminds me of a girl my son once dated – enough said. Lance is much better looking than I thought he was. I was too old when he was in N*SYNC so I don’t know much about him. I won’t be voting for them in the immediate future. I can change my mind anytime if I become mesmerized.

Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff
(isn’t that some sort of alcohol?) are good. I’m not a big fan of Karina’s based on past partners, but this is a good one for her. She is a great teacher and he seems to be a very willing, hard working partner. Good match. He was much cuter the second night.

Susan Lucci and Ton Dovolani
Oh Susan. The gain weight comment from the judges was right on. She is a pretty lady but very tiny and thin. I used to so badly want to be tiny and thin. I don’t think so. I won’t win any beauty contest, quite the contrary, but happier now with me. And ‘oh dear’, the woman can’t dance. She can do everything else though – so it seems.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough
This woman made me a jealous and envious person when she was on her E show. Forgot the name of it. But now to find out she also has four children – two of them babies – has really ticked me off. She is so gorgeous. If I had – had her body before I had kids, I probably wouldn’t have had kids. She did and it didn’t matter, she’s still unreal. And Derek is so good and a great teacher. I may not vote for them either just because of the jealously and envy. Who knows? She has impressed me.

Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas
I’ve heard some complain because Cloris isn’t a great dancer and that she’s so silly. Marie Osmond couldn’t dance either but she got the votes. Perhaps the same people who are complaining are the ones who are still complaining that George Bush got the vote. I give her credit. I don’t think there are many 82 year olds around who could do what this woman is doing. Go Cloria and keep having fun. She gets a little carried away but so could my grandmother if she thought she was getting attention.
Cloris is an amazing actress. Go Cloris!

Cheryl Burke and Maurice Green
I really don’t have an opinion on Maurice yet. Seems like a very nice guy. I wasn’t real sure but it looks like Cheryl has put on a few pounds. I saw some videos of her during the summer where she’s drunk while partying. Booze will add weight. This is a wait and see for me.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson
I’m pretty sure Warren is a football player. I need to pay attention to the bios better. Unreal the way that man can move it. Kym is lovely. She always has a smile and is appears to have such good chemistry with her partners. She makes them look good because of the treatment she gives them. That’s a very good thing.

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas
This woman does absolutely nothing for me. And, it seemed more like Mark could have danced alone because it centered on him, taking attention away from her. She’s kind of a nothing person to me. I could be wrong, I’ll just keep watching to see. Not impressed.

Misty May-Treanor and Maksim Chmerkovskly
I really like Misty. She’s basically out of her element but she’s trying hard and doing well. Maks seems a bit aloof this year as though he doesn’t want to be there. I’ll probably throw some votes their way in the future if Misty does as well as she’s doing.

Toni Braxton and Alex Mazo
I admire Toni for going the DWTS route after being diagnosed with heart problems. But, it’s getting boring that her entire story is that. I keep worrying that she’s going to collapse so that’s a distraction from the dancing. I do watch Alec though. He’s a nice looking guy. He’s got to be to have Edyta. Oh gad, do I sound superficial or what? I doubt Toni will get any of my votes. I’m thinking her doctor wouldn’t have approved her doing such a strenuous activity like DWTS if she’s really, really sick?

Okay – that’s my take for the first week. So far – just not totally over the wall with enthusiasm. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks till I get to know everyone and I see them dance and their progress.

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Dancing with the Stars – Love that show!

Adam Carolla and Julianne HoughThe first two celebrity dancers have already left the show, and I’m just getting on to write about it. Penn and Monica. Who didn’t know they’d be the first to leave? I was so pleased for Monica Seles. She couldn’t dance, but I think she fulfilled her dream of dressing up girlie and actually danced. She wasn’t great, but if I’d been a contestant, she definitely wouldn’t have been the first to leave.
I am so impressed with the Houghs, Julianne and Derek. Both are so talented and good looking. Derek is a wonderful choreographer. I think he could even get me to dance okay. I’d only last about 4 seconds, but he could do it.
I always feel badly for the pros who get bounced early with their celebs. I’m sure they all want to last a little longer than one week.
I read someplace that Edyta Sliwinska had a nose job. I don’t think so. Karina Smirnoff did so perhaps someone has mistaken the two.
There are some really fun celebrities this season. I’ve already heard many say that they think Kristi is going to win. My friend Sandy and I compare notes each week on our thoughts. She asked me if I was blown away with Kristi Yamaguchi. I said “no”. I didn’t downplay how wonderful she was, but I expected it and wouldn’t have expected anything less. We’ve seen her in her beautiful ice skating outfits and performing routines – so surprised – not at all. It seemed the way I’m used to seeing her. Time has certainly stood still with her. I can’t believe she’s been away from skating as long as she has been, and she still looks the same as she did when she was skating. Unreal. I keep thinking of that line from When Harry Met Sally – “I’ll have what she’s having”.
Priscilla Presley looks good for her age. Of course she’s always been absolutely gorgeous. Friends have asked if I think her face looks weird. Yes, I read yesterday that she went to a Botox quack and this is how it left her. I do give her credit though. She’s out in public and it doesn’t seem to bother her. She still looks good for her age. Very good.
The Stars and their bios
The Professionals and their bios.
The judges and their bios.

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DWTS – Week 8 – Bye Cameron and Edyta

c_e.jpgCameron will never be able to say he had regrets about not giving his best on DWTS. He surely did. And he was working in New York on his soap at the same time. Applause for Cameron and Edyta. It’s not that anyone is losing. It’s that someone has to go each week. What an experience appearing on this show is for even those who are there one week. They all seem to really care about the others who are still left. Sure I think they’re glad they’re the ones not leaving, but they still seem to feel a bit sad when they find out who’s leaving for that week. Anyone at this point should just feel great that they’ve made it this long.

I hate to say it but I basically fast forwarded through tonight’s show. I do like seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

On to a little gossip. Well, I guess it’s not gossip since it was on one of those magazine shows with Karina Smirnoff having surgery that was filmed. She had a nose job and the results were stunning. I think she was very attractive before but this slight change really becomes her. She had broken her nose twice and was having difficulty breathing. She’ll be on DWTS soon so we can all see!

Until next week.

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Dancing with the Stars – Week 8

j_h.jpgI have no idea what happened but Monday night I fell asleep in front of the t.v. at 7:30pm. I was tired, but I love my Dancing with the Stars each week. I love to vote for my favorites, and then there is the anticipation to find out on Tuesday night who goes home. I have to say that I’m absolutely hooked. I woke up at my usual time on Tuesday morning totally panicked that I wouldn’t have time to watch DWTS before the results show. Thank goodness for my DV-R that I could still watch it. Can’t imagine the panic if I didn’t know it was being saved.

I quit work early to give myself plenty of time to watch the entire show. I’m so glad I did. I did worry a bit that those I would have voted for would have to go home because they didn’t get my votes. I surely place a lot of importance on myself.

Jenny and Derek – Jive – 24
Fox Trot – 26
I wasn’t impressed with Jenny’s costume for the Jive. Tom Bergeron made a comment about craving vegetables after seeing her – and I would have to agree on that. I think she usually performs much better than the judges give her credit for. Her movements were a little wild at times but the 24 points was better than 21 points.

The fox trot – beautiful. I’m so impressed with Derek also. The first week I saw him, he seemed to be a kid. But he really has great confidence and talent that you soon forget how old he must be. The same with Julianne. I thought Jenny’s dress was really pretty.

Cameron and Edyta – Viennese Waltz – 27
Cha Cha – 24
I’m just not a Cameron fan. He is a very good looking man, he’s trying so hard and puts so much into it, but he just doesn’t ring any bells for me. Not that I still have any bells left – but there is nothing. I had to agree with Len about the open shirt on the Waltz. He looked so handsome – their costumes beautiful, but he looked sloppy. A bow tie would have been a nice touch.

Confession – I fast forwarded through the Cha Cha so that should tell all on that.

Marie and Jonathan – Rumba – 24
Jive – 25
Another unmemorable dance. I didn’t like their costumes. All I could think of was the line of DWTS dolls Marie is selling and how the dress wouldn’t look that good on a doll.
Len mentioned it and I did think of it when I saw the routine that it seemed very similar to the Sara Evans cowgirl costume and routine. Marie isn’t a great dancer, but I truly give her credit for doing as well as she is. I think she would have been voted off long ago if she didn’t have such a huge fan base. I do like her so much more than I did before DWTS. And, I send my condolences on the loss of her father. That family is amazing.

Helio and Julianne – Paso Dobles – 27
Quick Step – 30
These two are great. I thought there was too much cape and worried the entire dance that someone was going to trip on it. Helio is adorable. What a smile. And I am so impressed with Julianne. She’s absolutely wonderful.

Helio shined! I think this is my favorite dance of the season. The costumes were great – Helio looked so great in his banana-yellow zoot suit even though I kept thinking of Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy! They really deserved perfect 10’s on that one.

Mel and Maksim – Tango – 26
Mambo – 29
Mel is definitely the best celebrity dancer. She and Maksim really dance well together. He’s a great teacher – she has her Spice Girl background. There is just something though that doesn’t make me root for them. I admire their work, I think they’re fantastic – but that’s it. She’s funny – he’s adorable. I have no idea why I feel this way.

I missed writing my blog last week. I just wanted to mention that I was glad it was Jane who left.

I am in awe at the body changes that occur on that show. Marie looked very matronly in the beginning and now has knocked 15 years off and looks so great. If she does have to leave, she won’t leave a loser (except weight) because she gained a complete makeover. The same is true with many of the stars. But, when a pencil thin, spindly person like Jane goes around on shows telling all that she lost 22 lbs., that is NOT a good thing. She is a bit too thin and should have been drinking Ensure to keep her weight up. That was not a dig. The 15 years that Marie lost by losing weight, Jane gained by losing weight. Go figure.

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Dancing with the Stars – Who will you vote for?

Who would you like to win the trophy for this season’s Dancing with the Stars? Here are some cute items to help others know who your favorite is. Just click here!


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Dancing with the Stars – Week 6 Shocking Results Show!

mark_sabrina.jpgI’m still in shock at tonight’s Dancing with the Stars results show. OMG. I had it pegged that it would be Marie or Jane to leave tonight. But Jane was up in the top two. Both are pleasant people but they’re just not the best dancers. Sabrina was considered the best. Anytime you talked with someone else who watches DWTS, they immediately said that Sabrina and Mel were the best. I think in all of my years watching DWTS, this was the biggest shock of all. I think Sabrina and Mark were totally shocked also. It just goes to show that no one should get too confident.

Again . . . wow.

Can anyone honestly say they saw this coming? Tom Bergeron and the judges all appeared to be shocked by it. And Marie and Jonathon seemed shocked when they weren’t in the bottom two.

I personally think there were many who didn’t vote for Sabrina because they thought she was too professional and is a dancer on her Cheetah Girls show. Perhaps the voting public likes to see those who started slowly, worked hard and have improved immensely.

Oh yeah, and Barry Manilow was the guest performer.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 6. Marie doesn’t faint.

I am amazed this show gets better and better because the dancers get better and better. I am in awe of every person who even does one week of this show. And those who keep going … amazing!

Last night my favorites were Helio and Julianne (28). Helio is so cute, sexy and talented. It’s hard to believe he hasn’t been dancing most of his life. I’m so glad they got the judges’ positive reactions.

My second favorites were Jennie and Derek (27). Jennie isn’t a frontrunner but I think she tries hard and really performs well. I remember during the first few weeks, she was very stiff and awkward being with Derek. She kept her distance. But now she’s so relaxed and it’s really helping them perform their routines better. I’m glad they had good points.

Mel and Maxim (30) and Sabrina and Mark (25) are excellent. I never expect less. It’s amazing that Mel and Maxim were in the bottom two Week 4. I think it’s more difficult if you start at the top though and there’s nothing new or exciting. Both Mel and Sabrina are used to performing though so I expected them to do well.

Edyta and Cameron (25) are gorgeous together. Cameron has improved so much. I didn’t really care for the Pocahontas wear or the routine though.

Jane and Tony (22) weren’t as good as some weeks, but the judges were right, it just wasn’t for Jane. She is a better dancer with the more classical routines. Jane’s very competitive, and I’m sure being the low scorer wasn’t easy for her. And Marie and Jonathan (23), well, Marie’s just not a dancer. She does do some good moves that are impressive but she’s competing with some very talented dancers.

The group dance was fantastic. I don’t see how they all learned the routine from one day’s practice. They should all be proud of their part. Very entertaining. It gets more fun at this point when everyone gets to know each other and the camaraderie is strong.

Several people I’ve heard from are predicting either Jane or Marie will be leaving tonight. We shall see. week-6.jpg

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Dancing with the Stars – week 5, Marie faints

marieosmondfaints2.jpgDancing with the Stars Week 5 was definitely different than others. By now the Marie Osmond fainting spell is news and on many, many blogs. As I’ve said before, I’m not Marie’s fan but I started reading articles and comments from readers and was surprised at how hateful and mean people can get. If Marie didn’t want to hear the judges remarks, she picked a bad way to avoid hearing it. I’m not a fainter – never have been. But I’d be so scared, you wouldn’t see me at DWTS until I’d been examined by a physician. How scary it must be. I wondered right before she passed out what she was doing when she was jumping up and down and was sort of on the giddy side. I would be so exhausted after all the dancing that I’d stand still for a while to rest. I hope Marie’s all right. I’m sure she got medical attention as soon as the show was over.

Sometimes I just wonder what those judges are thinking. Helio and Julianne looked wonderful. But they really got criticized. I think they fantastic.

Jennie and Derek: Jennie definitely doesn’t know how to shake her booty, but she really tries. I like this little couple. Jennie is getting more personable with Derek. She was awkward in the beginning. She’s just beautiful.

Mark and Kym: very cute. Mark did very well. He can be admired for the time and energy he puts into learning the routines and performing – especially since he’s not a dancer. The Geek costume was good on him. I love checking out all the weight the celebs are losing and Mark seems to be the big loser. he looks so good. Kym’s costume was good on her.

Mel and Maxim: I’m not big on these two. I have no idea why. I think they dance okay, but they just do nothing for me. It’s hard to believe that last week Mel and Maxim were down in the bottom two. I guess the public voting does make a huge difference.

Sabrina and Mark: Sabrina is so good. Usually we watch as each couple gets better and better each week. Sabrina is the same each week because she started off on the top. She does know how to dance. So, I don’t vote for them because it just seems they’re okay.

Cameron and Edyta: They looked really good. Last week I made a comment about Edyta and how gorgeous she is and what a good dancer she is. I said I couldn’t imagine her doing anything else. Someone thought I was ragging on her and that I wasn’t giving her credit for her intelligence. Just as I would say I can’t imagine Elvis doing anything else meaning that he’s the greatest singer ever (to me) doesn’t mean I’m putting him down. I’m one of Edyta’s biggest fans. And because I watch her for her dance, I could care less if she’s intelligent. If she were on Jeopardy, then I would care.

I can’t think who else danced. Oh Jane and Tony. They were okay.

Who do you think will be leaving tonight? It’s hard to say. Judges scores don’t always make the difference. I think it could be Mark tonight. He’s a very likable guy though. For the bottom two – Mel and Mark.

hillarybacheloreliminated.jpgTHE BACHELOR

I don’t watch this show. Last night I was watching saved shows w/the dv-r and caught the last half hour of it. It must have a lot of viewers, but my gosh what is wrong with women who fall in love like that and expose their hearts to the world? I feel embarrassed for them. At least when I made a fool of myself, it wasn’t watched by a heck of a lot of people. That poor girl last night. Hillary? The first thing her makeup person should have told her was not to ever wipe your eyes and cry when you don’t have waterproof mascara on. That guy isn’t that hot. Or is it the way the program is that makes them seem so dorky (is that still a word?)

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Dancing with the Stars – week 8

I am definitely hooked on this show. Normally I use DVR so I can fast forward through the stuff I don’t care to see (commercials), but last night I actually watched Dancing with the Stars as it was showing. That’s a very big deal. It’s hard to see a couple bumped each week, but that’s what the show is all about. I can’t imagine standing there in front of the in-house crowd and millions of viewers waiting to find out your fate.

I was pretty sure that Billy Ray and Karina would be the couple to leave last night. He gets my award for impressing me a lot! When I saw him the first week, I couldn’t believe his lack of trying. And from the 2nd week on, you could surely tell that he had put so much into it. Bruno calling his dancing “crap” wasn’t a good thing. Karina told Billy they should take what the judges said and use it in a positive way in their dancing. There isn’t much you can do with “crap”. Bad boy Bruno. Billy Ray expressed his disappointment and moved on.

He basically brought the spotlight on himself so that Ian’s being upset seemed to go without notice. You could tell he was totally disappointed in what the judges had to say. He seems to get criticized every week yet he’s a good dancer. And what a shock that he wasn’t in the bottom two and that Joey Fatone was. Wow. I will say I have a feeling that Joey was as – if not more – surprised as I was.

My fave is still Apolo. I think he and Julianne dance almost as one. The routines are always so good. I have a feeling that all the dancers learned last night that anything can happen to anyone. Mohammad Ali there. That helped get her bunches of votes.

And, as I seem to say each week – I think Tom Bergeron is fantastic to host that show. He’s so funny.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 6

I just love this show. I never would have thought that I would sit and watch dancing on t.v., but I do. I was sorry to see Heather and Jonathan leave. I didn’t like Heather at all prior to her appearances on DWTS. I guess I believe the tabloids (arghghg) when I read them. She was delightful, and I truly give her a standing ovation for the effort and the humor she gave to the show. She was amazing. Pink Bear Magnet
I didn’t really want to see her go, but for me, I was hoping it was her or Ian and Cheryl. Ian does dance well – the first week, I would have chosen him as the winner, but there’s just something there (or not there) that I just don’t get really excited about. But, he’s got Cheryl as his partner and she hasn’t won the past two times for no reason. I think that we’ll start seeing something different the next few weeks. She doesn’t want to leave now and she’s a quiet shark.

John and Etyta and Billy Ray and Karina are underdogs but they add so much to do the show. John has amazed me and Etyta is one of my top professional favorites. She’s gorgeous and has such a sweet personality. I had Billy Ray as the first to leave when I saw his first performance. He was awful and he wasn’t trying. Karina gets points for shaping him up as much as she has. He’s really having a good time – or it comes across that way.

Kym and Joey are great. Both have good personalities and their dancing is really good. But my faves are still Apolo and Julianne. They just amaze me. When I had seen Apolo skating and nothing else, he seemed aloof and extremely shy. Definitely not a people person. But he’s now showing his real self and he’s nothing short of absolutely adorable, sexy, charming, captivating, funny …. Guess you can tell I like him. He and Julianne together work beautifully together and there personalities meld fantastically.

It seems whenever I’m going on and on about the dancers, for some reason, I never think of Leila? She’s gorgeous – she’s lost a lot of weight and looks incredible – but she’s not outstanding to me. I know she is to the judges and others. Max – I like him so much better this season.

I was so impressed with the group dance this week – so much fun. We watch for the dancing for as each week goes by, we get to know the participants better and the camaraderie is much fun. And, as we get to know the contestants better and better, it makes it harder when one couple has to leave each week.

I can see why people are hooked on shows like “Survivor”. It’s sort of the same thing except we get sequins, feathers, music and dancing instead of bugs and sunburn. It’s basically the same concept.

And I have to end this with Tom Bergeron. Again, that show wouldn’t be that show without him. He’s so cute – physically and personality. Hate to use “cute”, but that’s just what he is.

Only five more days till it’s on again.

You can tell what was on my mind when I was creating the teddy bear design!

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