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Maneki Neko – Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

So, what now?

I now have new respect for this new “Money Cat” of mine. He rarely left my thoughts. No, I’m not obsessing over him. Whenever something “gets me”, it’s usually that I want to create it and put it in my shops. I think his looks attracted me because I lived in Japan from the age of five through eight. There was, needless to say, a lot of Japanese art all around us. Those were happy times with happy memories. I used to get a magazine called, “Silver Bells” which contained all sorts of Japanese drawings geared for children. I loved to read it and look at the pictures. Seems pretty good though that this childish memory of this Asian art has brought me to Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat). I drew him and then offered him on several items in my shops. The paw looks like it’s waving hello but it’s considered to be beckoning – as in customers to a shop. My cat has the left hand raised but when I drew him, I raised the opposite paw – it’s supposedly luckier.

A black Maneki Neko is supposed to ward off evil spirits and a gold brings wealth and prosperity.

Now I need to order a shirt, travel mug, tote bag (to bring home the loot) and head out to Las Vegas.

I’ll keep you informed of how it goes. If you’d like your own money cat, you can check out my shop at Cafepress. I have several designs featuring this little cutie. I also designed a pair of Keds and have a section of Maneki Nekos at Zazzle.


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I don’t make gravy.

In my trillion years (exaggeration) here I earth, I’ve never learned to make homemade gravy. I have tried. And I have failed. I’ve tried a lot. But today as I’m preparing a package of country gravy it dawns on me that I don’t even have to try anymore. I don’t have to beat myself up thinking I can’t do something. I don’t care. I can use the time to perhaps learn something else that doesn’t have an easy, alternative way of doing it.

What’s really nice is that I know I don’t have to learn. I don’t know if Dr. Phil would agree with this new attitude of mine, but it doesn’t matter. My opinion (to me) means so much more than Dr. Phil’s.

What a grand place to arrive at in one’s life. I imagine there are thousands of things that I can’t or won’t do, and I don’t care.

Plus you can always eat at a friend’s house, go to a restaurant or buy a packaged mix.

I guess you’ve figured out that Suzy Homemaker I’m not.

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