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Goodbye Paul Newman

What does one say when a person they’ve never met dies, and they’re hurting? I know I’m not alone in this grief. I wanted to put a picture in my writing today, but rather than snatch one off of someone else’s blog, I realize that we can all see Paul Newman in our minds and no photo is needed.

I can only imagine the tremendous loss his family must be going through. Often actors love to act like other people because they’re not comfortable with who they truly are. Not so with Paul Newman. He had his own personality and was a wonderful person on the big screen and off. I don’t need to write the facts because you can just google his name and come up with thousands of links.

He was good looking, but he reeked of charisma and sexiness. It was incredible too because the tingles never went away when I’d see him – even when he got older (and so did I). Over the years I’ve loved Frankie Avalon (teen years), Richard Gere, James Darren, Robert Redford, Sam Waterston (yeah, that’s what I said … Sam Waterston) and more. But the crush would only last a year or two and then I’d move on to the next guy who I thought was divine. But Paul Newman was there from the first time I saw him and always will be.

Not only was he hot and sexy, he was such a good man with all the charities – Newman’s Own, “Hole in the Wall” camp and the others fashioned after it. Amazing.

There is certainly one handsome angel in Heaven today.

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