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Where in the h*** is Ladybugville?

Yes, where is it and what is? Ladybugville is my latest endeavor. I love to create websites and ladybugs just seemed to be an interesting subject. I got my first and only tattoo while visiting Sydney (Australia). I was with my mother – we’d just come from a 45 min. flight from Melbourne. I had never flown until the trip from the U.S. to Melbourne. That trip took a long, long time. I was nervous about flying so my Uncle Charl got me a good ole Aussie beer to calm my nerves. Delicious! I wasn’t a big drinker but it was perfect for the day so I requested another. And then another. No one told me that Australia’s beer is a bit stronger and more potent than the beer over here (U.S.)

My newest ladybug design!

When we arrived in Sydney, I was still a bit soppy. My mother figured it’d be good to have me walk it off so we went walking to an area near our hotel – King’s Cross. Quite colorful it is. My mother had – had a stroke fifteen years prior to this trip. She had extensive brain damage. She was so funny, without meaning to be. During our walk, I stopped in front of a store – Tom’s Tattoos – looking at the various designs available. It was still considered risque for a woman to get a tattoo in those days but my mother told me to pick one out and she’d pay for it. It was only five dollars (can you believe?) – I said ‘yes’ and ended up with a ladybug on my boob.

I couldn’t believe it the next morning. I was very excited and when I came home, I would wear tops that I could pull down a tad to show off my pride and joy. I’m sure if my friends were strong enough, they would have hoisted me up and given me a ride on their shoulders to honor me. And, then there were those who thought I was nuts. Every man in my family has been in the military and fought in a war. None have a tattoo.

But the fun thing is that whenever friends see anything “ladybug’ they surprise me with it. I now have a huge collection of ladybug items, and I’ve even named my little red car “Ladybug”. How fitting then that I have a website – Ladybugville. I’ve researched the web and have found so many kinds of ladybug items. I’ll be adding more and more as time goes on.

You’ll just have to stop by Ladybugville and say “hey”.

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