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Acer Aspire One – GREAT price $268.99!

$167 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB Notebook Linux (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $268.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate

Acer Aspire OneI first saw these on HSC for $499 without tax and shipping. I was getting ready to go on my cruise and thought it’d be easier to lug around than my 17″ MacBook Pro. Plus I’d be less worried about it.
I paid a lot more for the eggshell-colored one I got. It’s not only easy to use, it’s so cute (this is Grandma Geek talking). I’ve included the specs below but will just tell the things I love about it.

  • I can carry it in my purse
  • It has xp
  • It doesn’t weigh much and is small
  • It has memory card reader slots
  • Three usb slots
  • A webcam
  • A 160 gig hard drive. You can get them with a 120 gig hard drive at Staples, Sam’s Club and others, but they cost more than this one.
  • One gig memory.It’s my little travel computer, I don’t need more.
  • It has a 3 cell battery
  • Trackpad isn’t hard to use although I bought a nice wireless mouse to use with it.
  • If you want to make new friends and you’re using it in public, you will get people to stop and ask about it.
  • It does have an internet network card so it’s easy to log on anyplace there is a server
  • It’s cute.

I even use it at home. I can keep it open on my kitchen counter and do little things instead of going to the bigger computers.

The one thing it doesn’t have is an optical reader/writer. No problem, I use a flash drive or an external hard drive to load programs and if it’s on the ‘net, then I just download it from there.
If you want to check out the Acer with the larger battery capacity, click on this link!

$39 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB XP Home Edition (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $369.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate


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Wickes Furniture kicked my trust out the window.

Yesterday I wrote about how Wickes Furniture had “done me wrong” in keeping my $2083.40 refund for furniture I’d cancelled. I was angry yesterday and even said a few choice “bad” words. I felt so helpless that I couldn’t get my money, or an answer as to ‘if’ I would ever get it or the feeling that Wickes really wants to serve the consumer.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I feel guilty with all the problems in the world that losing my money is bothering me so badly. This amount, $2,083.40 is an awfully lot of money to me. But it’s not just the money that’s bothering me. Today I woke up feeling so violated and that the rug of trust had certainly been pulled out from under me. I started thinking of other transactions I have going and wondered if they’d be safe or if I could lose that too. I’m wary of having any repairs done to my home – will I be ripped off and lose money from that? Is my money safe in the bank? Will I wake up one morning to find out the banks have closed their doors.

I know, I’m getting a little crazy here, but I think these are the feelings one’s left with after a robbery, a rape or losing a loved one to a violent crime (certainly NOT on the same level), but terribly violated, nonetheless.

If you went into Wickes today to buy new furniture, do you know for sure it’ll be delivered or that you’re plunking down your hard earned money only to be told – “sorry, we’ve decided not to deliver your furniture and you’re out $XXX amount of dollars”. Of course you’ll be smarter than I was in using an electronic check. Credit cards only so you can have that added protection.

Where was the human decency that those in the corporate office wouldn’t treat me as though I were a pest asking about my refund? Why couldn’t they say that I could go get the furniture I had ordered and that they’d take care of everything? Why did they think I was taking up their time when I got upset that I was not only losing my money but that they said I couldn’t get my furniture?

What’s happening that a huge company can advertise with false promises? When they say that the consumer is their most important asset, why aren’t they?

What is the difference if someone at Wickes ran by me and stole my purse with my money in it? I think of them now as the legitimate thieves who are backed up by the courts and law enforcement. I can’t do a thing. The helplessness is painful. Who can we trust? Who are we truly safe from?

I’m dealing with a lot of questions right now. I was vulnerable, and I was basically robbed. Robbed of the faith I once had in businesses and robbed of my being able to trust the businesses who have told me I’m important to them. And, robbed of my $2,083.40.

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Where in the h*** is Ladybugville?

Yes, where is it and what is? Ladybugville is my latest endeavor. I love to create websites and ladybugs just seemed to be an interesting subject. I got my first and only tattoo while visiting Sydney (Australia). I was with my mother – we’d just come from a 45 min. flight from Melbourne. I had never flown until the trip from the U.S. to Melbourne. That trip took a long, long time. I was nervous about flying so my Uncle Charl got me a good ole Aussie beer to calm my nerves. Delicious! I wasn’t a big drinker but it was perfect for the day so I requested another. And then another. No one told me that Australia’s beer is a bit stronger and more potent than the beer over here (U.S.)

My newest ladybug design!

When we arrived in Sydney, I was still a bit soppy. My mother figured it’d be good to have me walk it off so we went walking to an area near our hotel – King’s Cross. Quite colorful it is. My mother had – had a stroke fifteen years prior to this trip. She had extensive brain damage. She was so funny, without meaning to be. During our walk, I stopped in front of a store – Tom’s Tattoos – looking at the various designs available. It was still considered risque for a woman to get a tattoo in those days but my mother told me to pick one out and she’d pay for it. It was only five dollars (can you believe?) – I said ‘yes’ and ended up with a ladybug on my boob.

I couldn’t believe it the next morning. I was very excited and when I came home, I would wear tops that I could pull down a tad to show off my pride and joy. I’m sure if my friends were strong enough, they would have hoisted me up and given me a ride on their shoulders to honor me. And, then there were those who thought I was nuts. Every man in my family has been in the military and fought in a war. None have a tattoo.

But the fun thing is that whenever friends see anything “ladybug’ they surprise me with it. I now have a huge collection of ladybug items, and I’ve even named my little red car “Ladybug”. How fitting then that I have a website – Ladybugville. I’ve researched the web and have found so many kinds of ladybug items. I’ll be adding more and more as time goes on.

You’ll just have to stop by Ladybugville and say “hey”.

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