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How many bipartisans are needed to screw in a lightbulb?

flagThe answer is that it takes just one bipartisan to screw in a lightbulb. It means nothing. I needed a leader and went with this one. I wish I were more clever.

I am registered as an Independent. It doesn’t mean that I vote for the Independent candidate of the Independent party. I feel I can truly be bipartisan (or, simply put – neutral), a term that’s used often in politics, but not practiced very much.

I am extremely naive when it comes to politics. Each issue is different, so I read up on it (and/or watch the pundits thrash it out) and make my decision on that.)

When I was a child and would hear horror stories about Nikita Khrushchev, I would sit and write him letters asking him to stop scaring us so much, be nice and please try to be friends with President Eisenhower. I never mailed them. It just seemed that it would be such an uncomplicated thing to do.

This new bailout bill that was signed yesterday confused me somewhat.

First of all, President Obama is really new. You can’t say too much is known about him, but I’d like to be cautious. The one thing I wasn’t keen about was seeing him trying to get the bill signed quickly. There seemed to be a sense of urgency. I kept thinking that if I were out buying a house or a car, and the sales person kept saying adamantly, “sign it, naw, you don’t have to read it. Trust me”, I would think that was naive and foolish. The representatives who were voting on this were voted in by the people and they’re OUR representatives. Ummm, didn’t we recently have several who had to bow out of important cabinet seats because they forgot to pay their taxes, didn’t pay their taxes or did something else wrong? Didn’t one of our past Presidents lie to the American people. I bet two or so years ago, Bernie Madoff had a lot of trust from his investors who had put their life savings in his hands. We know now this wasn’t a good decision. How many times had he perhaps told them to trust him and sign quickly?

The fawning over President Obama has me befuddled (I love that word). It bothers me that some are so over the top about this guy, they just can’t think straight. I even heard the other night that women are daydreaming about sleeping with him, and I don’t mean they want to do a sleep over in the Lincoln bedroom. Even if I believe everything he says or does, I have to keep my distance and level-headed thinking because so many seem to have given that up with their rock star adoration. I find this extremely scary. I think some of us have to keep our feet planted on the ground and watch what he does before we throw our underwear at him.

Okay, now to my original thoughts about bipartisanship. From the recent activity with this bailout plan, it seems that the Democrats all voted for it. So, that makes them bipartisan? Wasn’t there just one or two who didn’t agree with it? Wouldn’t true bipartisanship mean that they would vote for what they, themselves believed in? So, because they all voted for it, wouldn’t that make them all partisan? Then the Republicans didn’t vote for it. But, three Republicans did vote for it. My assessment is that those three are the only ones who took a bipartisan stand. Sometimes when I’m watching CPAN, I wonder why they go through the entire roll call when all they have to do is mark the Democrats voting one way and the Republicans voting the other.

Another problem I have is that most from both parties didn’t even read this before voting. Let’s hope, for their sakes, that there isn’t a little clause someplace in the middle of it that says all members of the Cabinet, Congress, Senate and House of Representatives have to be honest. They must pay their taxes on time, stay faithful to their wives, keep their hands out of the till, represent the people first – and all lying, cheating and even murder (yes, one senator basically did do that a long time ago) are out of the question. For our sakes, wouldn’t that have been a good clause?

And my last topic is that I’ve heard some negative things about those who express their views on talk radio, on t.v. and by writing books when they don’t agree with President Obama. It’s been said that they should give the President a chance. But, if they stopped looking for discrepancies, wouldn’t we all be in trouble? I think it’s excellent that we do have watchdogs who examine everything that’s being done. I think it would be extremely stupid if we didn’t have these people and let them express the other side of issues. I would like to see some bipartisan (there is that word again) news coming out. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to talk radio hosts who took each event and discussed it without choosing a side?

If you’re sitting there shaking your head wondering which planet I’ve arrived from, remember that I did say I was naive about politics. Or, am I?


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I’ve been sexist!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I consider myself and am registered as an Independent. When I first heard of Presidential candidate John McCain’s choice for Vice-President, I thought he was nuts. A young, attractive mother with so little experience were my first thoughts. Joe Biden had impressed me. I am now thinking that perhaps I was impressed because I was brought up to think that men were the ones we looked up to – to take care of us. If I were to get a hammer out to nail something, some man, whether it be my husband, father, brother, son, would take it out of my hand and do the hammering themselves. Little ole me couldn’t possibly be strong enough to hammer that big, ole mean nail.

Perhaps I’m registered as an Independent because I am independent in most of the aspects of my life.

I was watching the Republican convention when the tribute to Ronald Reagan was shown. I started thinking the only experience Reagan came to the table with was his stint as President of the Screen Actors Guild and Governor of California. Yes, he was an actor before that but did we consider that as a pro or con in his bid for the White House?

So, I started thinking that if Sarah Palin’s qualifications and lifestyle were attached to a tall, strong, handsome man, would I automatically think that he would do a better job than Mrs. Palin? Would I be worried that she could become President (God forbid, as they say). Would the media have looked at him in the same light they’re examining the past and qualifications as they have Sarah Palin?

I really don’t think so. I may have been a sexist in my thinking, but I’m determined to turn that around because I want to think independently and with intelligence. Time to drop the “I’m a little woman and the men are the wise, strong, mighty ones”. Not always so.

And then it’s being discussed if now women will vote for Sarah Palin because she’s a woman? I surely hope not. I have noticed that many black people are saying they’ll vote for Obama because he’s black. I would hope that’s not why they plan to vote for him, but have a sad feeling they are. I’m impressed with those who are not following the crowd – Larry Elder comes to mind and also Thomas Sowell. They’re men who think for themselves.

I just noticed something as I’m writing. I’m comfortable enough to call Obama by his last name, yet when I write about Sarah Palin, I use her whole name. Time to change that too. In my mind, Palin will not be treated any differently than if she had been a candidate running under the guise of a man. :o)

I liked her speech at the convention. She is a qualified candidate.

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Thank you all Veterans!

memorial-plaza-c.jpgI’d like to thank all of those who have served this country. And a special thank you to those who have fought for my freedom.
I grew up as an Air Force brat. My dad and my aunt served during World War II. My dad volunteered when he was seventeen. My brother went to Vietnam. They both survived.

I used to think that Veterans Day was just a day off school or work. The older I get, the more I realize that this is a day of honoring all of those who have served this country and for those who gave their lives. And to those who lost loved ones and friends.

I have no idea what my Dad did during World War II. I know he met my mother in Australia, but other than that, I don’t know. It’s not because I didn’t ask. It’s because those who served didn’t come back to share their experiences. Most who have seen war and experienced death around them, don’t want to talk about it.

When I was young, I didn’t believe in war. I still wish there were no such thing. But, it’s been going on since Cain and Able had their disagreements and sadly will always be around in some way or another.

We should remember our Vets every day, but today is special because it’s a day put aside for us to thank those who served and to honor them. And to those who aren’t Veterans yet but who are serving our country now.

I wish so much that I was a great writer so I could put my thoughts eloquently in this blog. I am free. And it’s because of you.

Again, thank you.

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Who Wants to Run the Country? – Realty Show!


Realty shows. That seems to be all that’s on TV these days. Every time I think I’ve seen the last new idea for one, another is advertised – some sillier than the previous one.

I’m not saying I haven’t gotten hooked on a couple. I missed the first season of Dancing with the Stars, but got so hooked when I did start watching – in the middle of the second season – that I was calling in to cast my votes for my favorites and then was almost jumping out of my chair when my choice won. By the 3rd and 4th, I was even worse.

I watched The Surreal Life and Big Brother for a couple of episodes each, but I tried to not land on any channel featuring a realty show – even for a second – knowing how addictive they can be. Okay, I have a confession, I did watch Torie and Dean Inn Love last night. Corny, and I surely wouldn’t want cameras following me around constantly, but I was entertained. I’m sure these people don’t really act like they do on the show — in real life?

I started thinking about what could be left in the reality world. I came up with a few.

Kid Nation has been taken. I haven’t seen it, and without facts, I have to say that one sounds very scary. Perhaps it’s been built up much more than it should be.

I came up with another one that might be fun – “Who wants to run the country?”

The way it works:

there are two sides. We’ll call one the Blues and we’ll call the other the Reds. On the Blue side we start off with a huge number of contestants. To make it more entertaining, we include a female contestant, a black contestant and we have a “richer than most” contestant who enters the contest by getting points against him because of his $400 haircut.

The contestants line up and … well, we could have them debate and just watch them pick each other apart while they brag about themselves and everything wonderful they’ve done. In between the debating and boasting and nit-picking, we send them out to various states to meet the … let’s call them ‘citizens’ who will decide which contestant they prefer.

The Blue’s all try to get each other eliminated so they can win for the Blue side. And – the Reds do the same thing. Similar strength trials, debates, and touring the states are also happening with the Red team. Perhaps a Mormon, a former POW and a divorced guy could be interesting Reds contestants. It would make it more colorful. In the rules it also says that contestants would be allowed to join in even after the game has begun. Perhaps having an actor join the Red team would make it more fun and tilt the boards a bit.

Everyone gets in on this – the networks and cable news programs could have discussion groups trying to pick each contestant apart so they’ll get eliminated. They could have contestants create ads that they pay for and that would make the networks and cables some big money to keep them interested.

Contestants could be lied about, everything from their pasts brought out to seem as though it were important, and mudslinging could earn points or it could eliminate the contestant from the show. After the citizens have declared a winner for the Red side and one for the Blues, then each of the victors would be able to choose a contestant either from those who they ripped apart in the first part of the game or a new contestant. Then there would be another season of pulling out all punches for the citizens to find a winner from the two final contestants and their buddies. The theme for this part would be “anything goes”. It could be as dirty as possible, the contestants can use their own money and also get donations to try to convince the citizens that they should be the final choice.

Drugs, having gay children, jail terms, religion, employees, racist remarks, criminal activity, childhood activities, ex-lovers, fraudulent business schemes, family and friends – no subject is off limits.

This show could run for several seasons. And if one side seems to be falling behind or some horrible fact is found about a contestant – no matter what – the other side could be blamed for all of it and points could be taken away.

This is great. I’ll have to figure out some catchy name for it and also a great catch phrase – something that will resonate as well as Trump’s “You’re Fired” or Paris’ “That’s Hot”. And then I’ll have to figure out how all the points can be counted without any problems … That might be the hard part.

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