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White Shoe Rule Out – showing underwear in

Once Labor Day was over, it used to really be in bad taste to still wear white shoes. Not sure when the white shoe ban was over, I imagine it was Easter. What silliness, but it really was a big deal. Can you believe that so much importance was placed on this fashion rule and now boys pants can be worn under their butts with their underwear showing?

I just changed my mind thinking about that one. Maybe fashion rules weren’t such a bad idea afterall.


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88 Yr. Old Arrested for keeping Neighbor Kids’ Football

An 88 year old Ohio woman was arrested recently for refusing to return a football which was thrown into her yard. I can’t believe it.

I also have a problem with the kids in my neighborhood throwing their ball in my yard constantly. I would retrieve it for them even though it took me away from my work, mealtimes, tv watching, sleeping, anything. One night a few came to my door at 11pm. I had fallen asleep, and didn’t want to answer the door. They took it into their own hands and climbed the block wall to retrieve it themselves. But, getting out was a little harder so they used my gate as leverage and ripped it off the wall. When I saw it, I told the dad about it and asked that he repair it. He said he would. He didn’t. And, he could have cared less.

The kids all denied that they were responsible. Since I’d never seen a gate just tear from a wall by itself, I didn’t believe them. I then told them that any ball that went over the fence was mine. Or, my Rottweiler’s since she loves to play ball and usually rips them up in no time.

When I called the police department asking what I could do as a property owner to keep kids out of my yard, I was told that I could file a vandalism report. I didn’t.

I’m sort of wondering how much common sense these kids have anyway that they’d go into a yard where they know that a Rottweiler and a Bullmastiff live?

I can’t believe the police arrested this woman. It doesn’t matter that she has her own life to live and shouldn’t be expected to be their ball chaser. I’ve noticed that since the kids in the neighbor now realize that their toys are fair game for my Rotty, nothing comes over the fence.


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Joy Becomes Joyless on The View


I created this blog to be able to ‘participate’ in the “hot topics” portion of the The View – via blog. It seemed like a fun thing to do. If you notice, I very rarely say a word about the show. I originally thought it was a casual, over coffee discussion show with helpful tips, some politics, fun guests and some entertainment. When Sherri Shepherd came aboard, I thought it would be even more fun because of her sense of humor. And Sherri still is fun. It’s just that if I want something heavier, I’ll go to CNN, FOX, and MSNBC to watch those who know a lot more about what they’re talking about than Joy Behar.

Joy Behar is known, among other things, as a comedienne. I don’t think she’s very funny. I’m not a terribly political person. I’m registered as neither a Democrat or a Republican. I want to vote on issues and candidates rather than party.

I do find that when the “girls” (cough) of The View discuss politics, it’s terribly lop-sided. I would prefer to have a good, fair discussion. I did laugh the other day when Bill O’Reilly was on and after an exchange with Joy Behar, she mumbled something to the effect of “I guess whoever is loudest wins”. I thought that so amusing because that seems to be her way of trying to win.

Joy is evidently for Hillary. Great, that’s her choice. But she appears to be using The View as a showcase for Hillary. Everyone else gets acid remarks from Joy, including the other Democratic candidates. Joy snarls, rolls her eyes, gasps and tsk tsks constantly throughout the show. She’s rude to the guests who she doesn’t agree with. It’s as though she’s trying to create problems rather than honestly discussing them. She doesn’t seem to want to find the answers.

She has basically called the Republican candidates, “the Klan” and she says that Dick Cheney is scary. I’ll tell you who is scary – Joy Behar. Yesterday she came up with her theory that prayer can distract medical discoveries. People have cancer, they pray, nothing happens. I think those who do pray and who believe in the power of prayer, find her insulting and . . . scary. I feel she would prefer to pray to Al Gore, not God. She doesn’t really make sense. She comes across as biased, not very funny, rude and arrogant. I read someplace where she has a Master’s degree and as someone said, a good example of why a college education isn’t everything.

When Joy speaks, she seems to think she’s right and all should believe it. I’d like to see the show toned down more and have it be more fun. I get embarrassed for them when Joy is outwardly rude to those who come on as guests. I just thought of what she reminds me of … a bully. A foul-mouthed bully with no manners.

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Whoopi says, “I’m a dinner jacket”

Tuesday, Sept 25, 2007 – Whoopi taught the group how tosay the name of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by remembering the phrase, “I’m a dinner jacket.” Ummmm …. I think it’d be better to forget his name but at least Whoopi did her homework. Remembering someone’s name and pronouncing it correctly has always been important to me. I appreciate it when someone remembers mine.

I do think the panel would have been better if there had been two conservatives and two liberals at the table. Barbara says she has to stay neutral because she’s a journalist. I hope she can. I read other blogs, and I see that there are those who don’t care for Elisabeth. I’m wondering if their views are because of Elisabeth’s politics or is it her personality? Then I read blogs from those who are conservative and they can’t stand Joy. Whoopi hasn’t created enough of a fuss yet and Sherri hasn’t figured out if the world is flat or round.

There were a lot of blogs about that. I think she was just nervous and thought it was a trick question. She truly is a great addition to The View because she’s so funny. I don’t care if she doesn’t know the world question – she makes me laugh and that makes up for it.

I’m always surprised when I read that people like Joy. I find her to be rude, sarcastic and not funny. She’s so loud that she usually gets the last word in because you can’t hear anyone else. I don’t base my feelings on her politics … that’s not influencing my view. She once said that Dick Cheney is scary and ever since her comment, I keep thinking that about her. Her voice is grating, and she seems to be the type of woman who would bitch through an orgasm.

The birthday segment for Barbara was fantastic. It made me want the DVD set (if and when there is one – if there isn’t already) of all of Barbara’s interviews and her life. What an amazing life she’s had. She also looks fantastic for her age. I wonder if she still has a list of things she wants to do or people she wants to meet.

That’s my view of The View … for today.the-view.jpg

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Day 2 on The View, Whoopi and a naked Holly Hunter


I didn’t understand Miss Teen South Carolina last week, and I didn’t understand Whoopi yesterday on The View. She let us all know that she was misunderstood on Tuesday’s discussion of Michael Vick. Excuse me Whoopi – we definitely understood what you said. Perhaps you didn’t discuss it the way you wanted us to hear it. Or, the pressure was too great so you wanted to soften it. No misunderstanding. But thanks for changing your point of view. It was sort of like the dream sequence on Dallas. Whoopi seemed incredulous that we had misunderstood her. It’s good though that when she causes the viewers to bristle at what she’s said and the media to be a bit put out by her, that she has a second day to come on and basically try to erase most of what she said the first day.

Of course she loves animals. Well, I didn’t hear any of that on Tuesday. I basically heard that Michael Vick is a product of his environment, and that if we try to make him seem like a bad boy, Whoopi is there to support him. It sort of bugged me that she didn’t say she was sorry for not explaining it properly. She feels we misunderstood her.

Barbara seemed a bit out of it yesterday. I’m sure she’ll be able to relax more when Sheri Shepherd comes along to fill the seat that’s been vacant for a while. 53m.jpg

I’m glad Sheri will be the replacement. I do think she’s really funny. To me – much funnier than Joy Behar. Oh – loved Joy yesterday when Larry David came on and Joy was answering all his questions for him.

Off The View now. On to Saving Grace.There was just 5 minutes left on last night’s SG. I honestly thought we’d gone an entire hour without Holly Hunter taking off her clothes. I know, I know – she wants us to think it’s her character Grace who is doing the stripping and then licking her victims . . . er . . lovers to ectasy. Ms. Hunter is really buff, not one iota of flab on her. She evidently eats properly and exercises routinely, but I’m curious whether the nudity is a must to show who Grace is or just another opportunity for Holly to show off the muscles and how good she thinks she looks naked.

I’ve had friends who have lost cats or dogs, but I never realized that performing wild sex on my grieving friends would help them get through their loss. That Grace. At least she hasn’t slept with Earl . . . yet.

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Day one of the new season on The View

Several weeks ago, I decided to use this blog to participate in “The View”. Since I can’t actually be on the panel, I thought I could play along and use this to be able to discuss the hot topics, guests, whatever. I wrote one blog and then there were no new shows until the season began yesterday. My timing was off.

But here I am today with my view of The View for Sept. 4, 2007.

First of all, welcome Whoopi. I’m not the biggest Whoopi fan, but this might be interesting. Her first day as moderator and she’s explaining why Michael Vick isn’t a bad person because in the culture he was raised in, dog fighting and dog murdering were just the way of life he was used to. Okay – hot topic is very hot. She sounds like she’s the attorney preparing his case and this is the best she can come up with. Next to the head of the NAACP saying that people are persecuting Vick because he’s black and we’re being too hard on him, Whoopi’s excuse for him was the dumbest thing yet.

Perhaps Jeffrey Dahmer’s attorney could have gotten him off if he’d just mentioned that Dahmer had watched a lot of movies about cannibal’s, and he didn’t realize that there was a difference in the cultures. Michael Vick tortured animals. I don’t care how well he plays football or how charismatic he is, he brutally killed dogs. This is also the first time I’ve heard that this is typical southern behavior. Ya gotta come up with a better one than that Whoopi. Why can’t you just say – “he’s a nice guy, but he blew it and killed dogs and you can understand why some big advertisers dropped him”.

Great first day Whoopi. The subject of keeping a diary came up but no one on the panel or in the audience said they’d ever kept one. I did for 10 years. I still have them and it’s fun to go back and read them. My mother kept diaries for about 10 years also. They begin with 1938. I love to go through them and read them. She was Australian and life was different there than it was in the U.S. One year, I thought it’d be fun to look up to see what she wrote when she had her first baby (which coincidently was 64 years ago today) and copy it to give to my brother my mother’s description of that day. I was a little floored when I noticed that she never said a word about a first baby or any baby for that matter. I then got the diary for the year I was born and looked up my day. Again, no mention of a baby. There were lines going through a couple of the days with the word, “hospital”, on it.

I thumbed through the diaries to see if she ever mentioned us. She did. Five years later when she was having her third baby, she did mention that my dad was caring for us. She didn’t say why because she didn’t mention the third baby. Evidently she made a decision that these were her diaries and kids weren’t included. My mother adored us but it is strange. Don’t you think that blogging is basically like keeping a diary or journal? I think so.

Danny DiVito was the guest. I was wondering how Barbara was keeping such a gracious smile on her face when Danny was slapping and grabbing at her leg every few minutes. I think some wouldn’t mind, but I just have a feeling that Barbara was not too happy about it.

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My first day on The View – my view!

Thursday, August 9, 2007 – I do watch The View. I dvr it and then watch it later. I started doing that during the Rosie/Everyone feud. That woman was a bit erratic (a bit?) and really trying to make enemies with everyone she came across. I’ve decided I’d like to participate in the discussions and give my view. Sadly – ABC and Barbara haven’t asked me to guest host – so I’ll just have to participate from the comfort of my own home.

Joan Rivers was the guest host (instead of me) today. I like Joan. She gets a bit crude sometimes and a bit ridiculous, but she can be very funny. I guess for her to have made her millions doing comedy, this is a known fact. The face work is so totally obvious, but she does look younger than her real age. It seems like a lot of work and money to me but if that’s what she wants – she’s got it. Too bad she really doesn’t look like herself.

First question up for today. If you could marry for money or love, which would you choose? As hard as Joan was trying to say that most women would marry for money, love won out. It did for me too. I’m not good at being someone else – I like the comfort of being me. I’m not proud I chose love. I’d really like to be rich, but I know when it came right down to it, I wouldn’t have the patience to be married to someone whose main quality was money.

Please feel free to make comments if you’d like to give your views. The next topic was for each to name what they regret the most in their lives and what they regret the least. This is a tough one. The thing I regret the most is that I never let myself believe in me. I was always insecure and the confidence has never been there. I heard Dr. Phil say the other day, “you’re allowed to toot your own horn”. I like that. Why is that we can hear something a zillions times and then all of a sudden one day it makes sense? Another favorite of mine that I wished I would have heard sooner is the author Behrendt’s “I’m just not into you”. Wow. Could have used that one.

My least regret is probably the same as most women who are mothers – that I had my children. I loved being pregnant, I loved birthing babies and I loved and still love they all . . . in spite of.

Club RehabI’m going to allow myself to be as honest and frank as the women on The View. Joy made a comment several weeks ago that she thought Dick Cheney is scary. I thought that was a strange description of someone until I realized that I think Joy is extremely scary. She gives information as though it were fact – which it isn’t always. Her sense of humor can be funny at times, but most of the time it comes across as sarcastic and nasty because of her voice. She does have a gruff, harsh, nasally voice that really can be grating. Joan told her she has an ugly voice. Joy seemed a little put off by that comment. She wiggled herself out of it by saying that yes, she does have a gruff voice but . . . Most people hate their voices even when they have beautiful voices. It’s just we don’t like to hear ourselves. And here’s Joy with a terribly ugly voice yet she seems to think it’s okay. Isn’t that a bit scary?

I’ll be back tomorrow with my view of The View and other tv/movies thoughts I may have. And you’re probably wondering what the Club Rehab shirt photo is doing there? I’m tooting my own horn. It’s one of my latest designs so I thought I’d share it. My design work is my most favorite thing to do.
Happy weekend.

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