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Acer Aspire One – GREAT price $268.99!

$167 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB Notebook Linux (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $268.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate

Acer Aspire OneI first saw these on HSC for $499 without tax and shipping. I was getting ready to go on my cruise and thought it’d be easier to lug around than my 17″ MacBook Pro. Plus I’d be less worried about it.
I paid a lot more for the eggshell-colored one I got. It’s not only easy to use, it’s so cute (this is Grandma Geek talking). I’ve included the specs below but will just tell the things I love about it.

  • I can carry it in my purse
  • It has xp
  • It doesn’t weigh much and is small
  • It has memory card reader slots
  • Three usb slots
  • A webcam
  • A 160 gig hard drive. You can get them with a 120 gig hard drive at Staples, Sam’s Club and others, but they cost more than this one.
  • One gig memory.It’s my little travel computer, I don’t need more.
  • It has a 3 cell battery
  • Trackpad isn’t hard to use although I bought a nice wireless mouse to use with it.
  • If you want to make new friends and you’re using it in public, you will get people to stop and ask about it.
  • It does have an internet network card so it’s easy to log on anyplace there is a server
  • It’s cute.

I even use it at home. I can keep it open on my kitchen counter and do little things instead of going to the bigger computers.

The one thing it doesn’t have is an optical reader/writer. No problem, I use a flash drive or an external hard drive to load programs and if it’s on the ‘net, then I just download it from there.
If you want to check out the Acer with the larger battery capacity, click on this link!

$39 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB XP Home Edition (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $369.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate


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HP Sales Tactics Not Appreciated

HP should be ashamed of themselves.

I bought a new HP computer a couple of weeks ago. Usually I build my own computers so I do prefer to have two dvd writers instead of one. Or, a player and a writer. I had an hp dvd burner w/lightscribe in the computer I was through using. I did a live chat with hp tech to find out if I could use that item in the new computer. I gave the tech the model number – 740i. He said yes, that there would be no problem adding the drive to the new computer. I asked about master/slave on this computer and it took him a while to realize that he was giving me the wrong information. I had figured that he was. I’m not (or wasn’t) familiar with sata. So I realized I needed to buy a new dvd player or writer. While I was doing the chat with the tech, I looked up prices for the writer. Best price was at I’ve used them before and was pleased with the service. The drive was only $31 – with free shipping. The hp tech asked me if I wanted to place my order immediately with him for a drive. I asked how much – it was $60 +tax and shipping. I declined it and said I’d just order from He then explained to me that if I didn’t purchase the item from him, that the warranty on my new computer would be null and void.

I can’t imagine why a product that is the same at either place – both by hp – would make my computer fall out of warranty if I didn’t purchase it from them. I told him that would be where I’d purchase it.

We said ‘goodbye’ on our chat, I ordered from and then started working on something else. My phone rang. When I answered, the caller (who had a very heavy accent) said he was from hp and would I like to buy the hp dvd writer from him. I didn’t put my phone number on the registration form for just anyone to call me – especially to try to sell me something that I’d already said ‘no’ to.

I was very unhappy with this and felt that the hp tech was trying to con me – and was trying to take business away from This usually isn’t how a supplier is supposed to treat those who are selling their products.

I had some problems with hp a few years ago, but I bought again because I thought there had been some major changes. Now I’m not so sure.

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Top Ten Passwords

An article on the site lists the top ten passwords used. They are:

1. password
2. 123456
3. qwerty
4. abc123
5. letmein
6. monkey
7. myspace1
8. password1
9. blink182
10. “your” name

None of the above are passwords I’ve used in the past or present. And, I might as well add “future” since I now know not to use any of the top ten.

I admit trying to remember my passwords practically drives me to tears at times. And then try to find out what your password is if you’ve lost or forgotten it. Love the sites that give you the hint question and then you have to give an answer. I get really nervous with those because most of the time I can’t remember what the hint question was. And, there are actually people out there who may know the name of my first pet or my mother’s maiden name or my place of birth. So how secure are those – except to keep me out of my own accounts on various sites. Extremely frustrating.

Then there’s the scrambled letter security system when you have to copy what letters and numbers are in a little box. The numbers and letters are flying through the air, different colors, weird squiggles, backwards, upside down and downright confusing. Sometimes I go through ten boxes before I finally get it right. I know there must be a reason for all of this – and I do try.

I read an article on what to do to keep your password safe. One suggestion was to NEVER tell anyone – even techies who are trying to help you – your password. Geeze. And it also said that if you do have to tell someone, don’t say it outloud. Write it on a piece of paper and after the person looks at it immediately eat the paper, burn it or chemically dispose of it. Okay – it just said to throw the paper away. But that’s silly – what if you have someone going through your trash bin trying to find your passwords? Again, just kidding. But, I do have to be honest with you, I work at home. And there’s no one in my office with me except for a Rottweiler and a Bullmastiff, but when I’m entering passwords or other important information, I won’t say it out loud. I have NO idea who I’m trying to keep the secrets from. – I guess you just can’t be too careful!

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Buying babies from a department store.

I received my People magazine this week and inside on the “contents” page, it reads, “Jennifer Lopez goes baby shopping”. Why does she need to go shop for a baby when she’s reportedly having her own – perhaps twins? Isn’t baby shopping just that? I’ve always thought it so strange when a store is having a sale in their baby department, they call it a Baby Sale. I think that sounds like they’re selling babies. Why not a “Baby Item Sale? You don’t see Man Sale or Lady Sale? It’s usually Mens’ clothing or Ladies clothing, etc.

Or, what about a “White Elephant Sale?”

What about stretching the truth?

Jumping to conclusions? Or, running my mouth?

Then there are expressions or words that I’ve never heard of until recently – that fit in to everyone’s vocabulary so quickly. I had never heard of “went missing” until Laci Peterson “went missing”. Now it seems you hear it all the time when someone disappears.

A friend recently mentioned “troops” in her blog. When did a troop become one person? I thought a troop was a platoon – many soldiers. I’m sure this one is new also.

And, when did corporate identity become “branding?”. Maybe the practice has been around forever, but I don’t remember hearing it called “branding” until recently. Branding was for cows and horses.

Maybe I just haven’t heard some of these until recently. I do confuse easily. Do you have any new phrase or words that you’ve noticed?

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Hoping to bring smiles to Club Chemo!


I’ve been truly blessed that I’ve met several special friends on the internet. One group I’ve stayed in touch with for seventeen years. We all began with Prodigy back in the early 90’s. We’ve seen divorces, new grandbabies, new marriages, everything you would with close friends. There’s over twenty of us who are started together as we’ve had some stop writing or who just pop in occasionally.

Last year two of our D.O.L.’s (Dolls On-Line, we’re doll collectors) announced they had cancer. One had breast cancer and one had ovarian cancer. Both were going through chemo about the same time and shared their experiences with the rest of us in daily emails. We in turn offered prayers, words of encouragement and any cartoons or jokes we found. Laughter is the best medicine and can truly relieve some of the pressures when facing such difficulties. Their stories about their chemo experiences almost sounded like social club meetings with others who were going through it too. I came away with the conclusion that your chemo co-horts are an extremely important part of your wellness and positive thinking. They were there not only for their own treatments but to be support for others in their groups.

I decided to do a design or two that I’ll keep in my on-line shop to help raise money (25% of all Club Chemo design sales) for the American Cancer Society. My friend with ovarian cancer mentioned that so little is done for ovarian cancer in mind. So, I made a design for some other cancers as well as breast cancer. I also showed them to my two friends to ask their opinions on them. I didn’t want to design anything tacky or out of place. Both loved the designs and felt they’d be a little fun distraction for those facing chemotherapy and radiation.

My friend designer JGoode blogged this week about connections, and when reading it, I decided to do my blog on the connections we have with friends.

Life can be a bed of roses, but there are always going to be thorns. Good friends are there to try to help pick the thorns out.

Having a chuckle can surely lift your spirits and make difficult days a bit better.

I hope this new design of mine will bring a chuckle or two and perhaps make someone’s chemo session a little easier.

Many items with the Club Chemo logo on them are available at: Art and Design by Sandra.

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Did you sign up for the Do Not Call Registry?

I just found out that the Do Not Call Registry sign up is only good for five years at a time. After that you’re prey for those pesky telemarketers. You can go to the Do Not Call website to check to see when your phone number will be taken off the list.

You need to have your phone number (d’oh, of course) and the email address you used when registering. I did mine and was surprised that I only have a year left with my number.

I get annoyed at those out there who disregard the list and make up scripts to use that tap dances around the law. Just as I would never buy from someone who sends me SPAM, I also wouldn’t buy from someone who has tricked me into listening to their sales pitch. If they’re dishonest with that, what would make me think that any transaction with them would be honest.

I feel that way about illegal aliens too. If they sneak into this country knowing they’re doing something against the law, what says that they will obey all the laws of this country when they’ve been here? What has that got to do with telemarketers? Absolutely nothing – I just thought of it as I was trying to think of other examples where someone breaks the law and then we’re supposed to trust them.

Anyway – back to topic. Be sure to check that your number isn’t ready to expire.

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Unearthing Kindness – helping thousands in Peru

There is something wonderful to be said about those who hear of others in need and set out to do something about it. I’m not always that person. I think about it. I don’t totally ignore causes,I believe in Peru but I’m more the type of person who jumps on the bandwagon rather than the one who builds the bandwagon.

Unearthing KindnessThe people of Peru have really suffered after the August 15 – 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit their country. Jean Roth of Rotem Gear
is one of those who hears a cry for help and charges in to help. Thank goodness for people like her. She’s organized a group of artists and designers to donate their designs with various percentages of all sales going to Oxfam America.

It’s appropriately called Unearthing Kindness. A press release with all the information is available here.

If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, either to purchase an item, donate a design or to just get information so you can send money directly to Oxfam America, please go to: Unearthing Kindness. Everything helps.

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“You wouldn’t leave your ice cream in the car . . . “

Ice Cream Design - 4 R Kid's SakeYesterday I was spending time online reading various ‘newspapers”. One article in particular captured my attention. It was about getting carmakers to install safety features in cars to prevent children from being left in cars unintentionally – to remind whoever is the child’s caregiver, to take the baby out of the car. I actually thought as I read on that the whole thing seemed absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never thought about it much except to think when I’ve heard of a child dying in a hot car that the parents were responsible and how stupid and lazy of them to just leave a child in a hot car. Being an animal lover – this also applied to those who leave pets in the car.

As I kept reading, I began learning so much. I read Mikey’s story about a beautiful, much loved baby whose daddy forgot he was in the car and left him to die there while he went to work. I’m sure if Mark Warschaur had read about the same situation happening the day before Mikey died, he would have thought it wasn’t possible that a parent could forget their baby in the car. As I read I could feel the tears well up and actually hurt my face as I read the pain that Mark went through and what he’ll go through until he takes his last breath. I got to know Mikey by going through his website watching him from his birth until he was called upon by angels.

I went to the site, 4 R Kid’s Sake, I read more and more stories. Some people would have told me not to torture myself and to go on to something else, but I was seeing what goes on from the family’s side. I realized that leaving a baby/child in the car can happen to anyone. It opened my eyes wide so that I wanted to do my little part to help others be aware that this can happen. And to remind those who think they’re going to leave their baby for just a few minutes that things can go wrong – fatally wrong.

This also isn’t just about kids left in cars to die in the heat but also to remind people of how dangerous it is to children and others to leave a child in a car with the keys in it and/or running. I read the stories of MacKenzee and Harrison. Tragic and preventable.

So far in 2007 Statistics show as of July 20, 2007

392 Incidents
Involving 503 Children
Resulting in 99 Fatalities

# Fatalities by Type:

52 – Back-overs
0 – Car Fires
0 – Carbon Monoxide
16 – Hyperthermia
2 – Other
0 – Power Equipment
19 – Struck by Vehicle
0 – Trunk Entrapment – Suffocation
7 – Vehicle in Motion

Please check out this site. When you read these stories, you’ll understand that this truly can happen to anyone.

August is Purple Ribbon Month.

From the Palm Springs “The Desert Sun
by Darrell Smith

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has joined a children’s advocacy group in declaring August “Purple Ribbon Month” to promote child safety in and around vehicles.

The department is working with the organization 4 R Kids Sake to raise awareness of “Kaitlyn’s Law.”

The law is named for 6-month-old Kaitlyn Russell, who died in August 2000 from heat exposure after she was left unattended in a car by her babysitter.

In January 2002, “Kaitlyn’s Law” went into effect, making it a citable offense to leave a child 6 years of age or younger unattended in a motor vehicle without the supervision of someone at least 12 years old.

Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said he hoped that through the safety campaign other young lives might be saved.

“Kaitlyn’s death was preventable. Had she not been left in the vehicle, she would still be with us today,” Doyle said. “With the attention we are focusing on this issue, I hope we can prevent the senseless loss of life.”

Please check out this site to find out more so you can pass this information on. All proceeds from the sale of the “You wouldn’t leave your ice cream in the car . . . ” will be donated to 4 R Kid’s Sake.

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