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88 Yr. Old Arrested for keeping Neighbor Kids’ Football

An 88 year old Ohio woman was arrested recently for refusing to return a football which was thrown into her yard. I can’t believe it.

I also have a problem with the kids in my neighborhood throwing their ball in my yard constantly. I would retrieve it for them even though it took me away from my work, mealtimes, tv watching, sleeping, anything. One night a few came to my door at 11pm. I had fallen asleep, and didn’t want to answer the door. They took it into their own hands and climbed the block wall to retrieve it themselves. But, getting out was a little harder so they used my gate as leverage and ripped it off the wall. When I saw it, I told the dad about it and asked that he repair it. He said he would. He didn’t. And, he could have cared less.

The kids all denied that they were responsible. Since I’d never seen a gate just tear from a wall by itself, I didn’t believe them. I then told them that any ball that went over the fence was mine. Or, my Rottweiler’s since she loves to play ball and usually rips them up in no time.

When I called the police department asking what I could do as a property owner to keep kids out of my yard, I was told that I could file a vandalism report. I didn’t.

I’m sort of wondering how much common sense these kids have anyway that they’d go into a yard where they know that a Rottweiler and a Bullmastiff live?

I can’t believe the police arrested this woman. It doesn’t matter that she has her own life to live and shouldn’t be expected to be their ball chaser. I’ve noticed that since the kids in the neighbor now realize that their toys are fair game for my Rotty, nothing comes over the fence.



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