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Make a Seashell Flowerpot Wind Chime

My daughter-in-law Kristy gave me a little handmade gift from my grandsons for Mother’s Day. Each year she gets creative and this year, I was really impressed. My gift? A windchime made especially for me.

First of all begin with some good shaped seashells, five small flower pots (clay), fishing line, a pot saucer (plastic), paints, bells, 5 coat buttons and a metal ring.

The pots will be hanging upside down – so be sure to paint them so that your design isn’t upside down.

First of all cut 5 pieces of fishing line. Holding them together, tie them to the round metal ring. Then make five holes spaced appropriately around the plastic saucer. Thread one of the fishing lines through each one and then plug it up with a button. Paint the pots with any design using expensive acrylic paints that can be found under $1 at Wal-mart. If this will be a gift from the kids, let them do the painting.

Inside view

Inside view

Bring each strand of fishing line down through the bottom hole in the painted, upside down flower pot. Make holes in each of the seashells. A ceramic drill bit (small) will work. You can use a light speed with a drill or even a dremil tool will work. You can even try scraping with a needle and make the holes that way. Be careful, the shells are fragile. Place a bivalve shell on, closest to the top, add a bell and then add a heavier, Gastropod shell on the bottom. Be sure it’s tied on so that it hangs at the bottom of the pot’s edge. Tied them to secure them, and add a little glue if you want it a tad more secure.

I’ve hung mine in my patio room to keep it nice, but outside would be fine. You may even want to spray them with an acrylic spray.

And, they don’t have to have a “made by a kid” look to them.

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