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I’ve been sexist!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I consider myself and am registered as an Independent. When I first heard of Presidential candidate John McCain’s choice for Vice-President, I thought he was nuts. A young, attractive mother with so little experience were my first thoughts. Joe Biden had impressed me. I am now thinking that perhaps I was impressed because I was brought up to think that men were the ones we looked up to – to take care of us. If I were to get a hammer out to nail something, some man, whether it be my husband, father, brother, son, would take it out of my hand and do the hammering themselves. Little ole me couldn’t possibly be strong enough to hammer that big, ole mean nail.

Perhaps I’m registered as an Independent because I am independent in most of the aspects of my life.

I was watching the Republican convention when the tribute to Ronald Reagan was shown. I started thinking the only experience Reagan came to the table with was his stint as President of the Screen Actors Guild and Governor of California. Yes, he was an actor before that but did we consider that as a pro or con in his bid for the White House?

So, I started thinking that if Sarah Palin’s qualifications and lifestyle were attached to a tall, strong, handsome man, would I automatically think that he would do a better job than Mrs. Palin? Would I be worried that she could become President (God forbid, as they say). Would the media have looked at him in the same light they’re examining the past and qualifications as they have Sarah Palin?

I really don’t think so. I may have been a sexist in my thinking, but I’m determined to turn that around because I want to think independently and with intelligence. Time to drop the “I’m a little woman and the men are the wise, strong, mighty ones”. Not always so.

And then it’s being discussed if now women will vote for Sarah Palin because she’s a woman? I surely hope not. I have noticed that many black people are saying they’ll vote for Obama because he’s black. I would hope that’s not why they plan to vote for him, but have a sad feeling they are. I’m impressed with those who are not following the crowd – Larry Elder comes to mind and also Thomas Sowell. They’re men who think for themselves.

I just noticed something as I’m writing. I’m comfortable enough to call Obama by his last name, yet when I write about Sarah Palin, I use her whole name. Time to change that too. In my mind, Palin will not be treated any differently than if she had been a candidate running under the guise of a man. :o)

I liked her speech at the convention. She is a qualified candidate.

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