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Goodbye Paul Newman

What does one say when a person they’ve never met dies, and they’re hurting? I know I’m not alone in this grief. I wanted to put a picture in my writing today, but rather than snatch one off of someone else’s blog, I realize that we can all see Paul Newman in our minds and no photo is needed.

I can only imagine the tremendous loss his family must be going through. Often actors love to act like other people because they’re not comfortable with who they truly are. Not so with Paul Newman. He had his own personality and was a wonderful person on the big screen and off. I don’t need to write the facts because you can just google his name and come up with thousands of links.

He was good looking, but he reeked of charisma and sexiness. It was incredible too because the tingles never went away when I’d see him – even when he got older (and so did I). Over the years I’ve loved Frankie Avalon (teen years), Richard Gere, James Darren, Robert Redford, Sam Waterston (yeah, that’s what I said … Sam Waterston) and more. But the crush would only last a year or two and then I’d move on to the next guy who I thought was divine. But Paul Newman was there from the first time I saw him and always will be.

Not only was he hot and sexy, he was such a good man with all the charities – Newman’s Own, “Hole in the Wall” camp and the others fashioned after it. Amazing.

There is certainly one handsome angel in Heaven today.


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Dancing with the Stars – Season 7, Week 1

I’ve been trying to get my blog written but with three nights of DWTS, it was very difficult. I had a lot of t.v. watching to do.
A lot of couples to start the season out with. By now, as you know Jeffrey Ross and Edyta Sliwinska have been eliminated. I wish Edyta would have had a different partner. I really love watching her dance. I’m usually tired though after just one of her dances – I try to hold in my stomach the entire time. Not easy. Even at a young age, I never looked like that woman – and neither did you, right?

Back to Jeffrey. Not a dancer, easy to see why he was voted off first. And, I didn’t exactly understand his humor. Hope he doesn’t read this. I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Then Ted McGinley and his partner, newcomer Inna Brayer were politely asked to leave last night (9/24/08). I’ve never been a fan of his. He sort of melts into the wallpaper. But his DWTS stint sort of introduced me to him, and I was sorry to see him leave. Very handsome man – and loved the judge’s comment about Cary Grant (even though I don’t think anyone comes close to being the Cary Grant type).

The others for this season:
Cody Linley and Julianne Hough
He does nothing for me. Nice kid, trying his best. I do think Julianne is fantastic so would vote for them to keep her on.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer
Good dancers. She reminds me of a girl my son once dated – enough said. Lance is much better looking than I thought he was. I was too old when he was in N*SYNC so I don’t know much about him. I won’t be voting for them in the immediate future. I can change my mind anytime if I become mesmerized.

Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff
(isn’t that some sort of alcohol?) are good. I’m not a big fan of Karina’s based on past partners, but this is a good one for her. She is a great teacher and he seems to be a very willing, hard working partner. Good match. He was much cuter the second night.

Susan Lucci and Ton Dovolani
Oh Susan. The gain weight comment from the judges was right on. She is a pretty lady but very tiny and thin. I used to so badly want to be tiny and thin. I don’t think so. I won’t win any beauty contest, quite the contrary, but happier now with me. And ‘oh dear’, the woman can’t dance. She can do everything else though – so it seems.

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough
This woman made me a jealous and envious person when she was on her E show. Forgot the name of it. But now to find out she also has four children – two of them babies – has really ticked me off. She is so gorgeous. If I had – had her body before I had kids, I probably wouldn’t have had kids. She did and it didn’t matter, she’s still unreal. And Derek is so good and a great teacher. I may not vote for them either just because of the jealously and envy. Who knows? She has impressed me.

Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas
I’ve heard some complain because Cloris isn’t a great dancer and that she’s so silly. Marie Osmond couldn’t dance either but she got the votes. Perhaps the same people who are complaining are the ones who are still complaining that George Bush got the vote. I give her credit. I don’t think there are many 82 year olds around who could do what this woman is doing. Go Cloria and keep having fun. She gets a little carried away but so could my grandmother if she thought she was getting attention.
Cloris is an amazing actress. Go Cloris!

Cheryl Burke and Maurice Green
I really don’t have an opinion on Maurice yet. Seems like a very nice guy. I wasn’t real sure but it looks like Cheryl has put on a few pounds. I saw some videos of her during the summer where she’s drunk while partying. Booze will add weight. This is a wait and see for me.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson
I’m pretty sure Warren is a football player. I need to pay attention to the bios better. Unreal the way that man can move it. Kym is lovely. She always has a smile and is appears to have such good chemistry with her partners. She makes them look good because of the treatment she gives them. That’s a very good thing.

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas
This woman does absolutely nothing for me. And, it seemed more like Mark could have danced alone because it centered on him, taking attention away from her. She’s kind of a nothing person to me. I could be wrong, I’ll just keep watching to see. Not impressed.

Misty May-Treanor and Maksim Chmerkovskly
I really like Misty. She’s basically out of her element but she’s trying hard and doing well. Maks seems a bit aloof this year as though he doesn’t want to be there. I’ll probably throw some votes their way in the future if Misty does as well as she’s doing.

Toni Braxton and Alex Mazo
I admire Toni for going the DWTS route after being diagnosed with heart problems. But, it’s getting boring that her entire story is that. I keep worrying that she’s going to collapse so that’s a distraction from the dancing. I do watch Alec though. He’s a nice looking guy. He’s got to be to have Edyta. Oh gad, do I sound superficial or what? I doubt Toni will get any of my votes. I’m thinking her doctor wouldn’t have approved her doing such a strenuous activity like DWTS if she’s really, really sick?

Okay – that’s my take for the first week. So far – just not totally over the wall with enthusiasm. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks till I get to know everyone and I see them dance and their progress.

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I don’t make gravy.

In my trillion years (exaggeration) here I earth, I’ve never learned to make homemade gravy. I have tried. And I have failed. I’ve tried a lot. But today as I’m preparing a package of country gravy it dawns on me that I don’t even have to try anymore. I don’t have to beat myself up thinking I can’t do something. I don’t care. I can use the time to perhaps learn something else that doesn’t have an easy, alternative way of doing it.

What’s really nice is that I know I don’t have to learn. I don’t know if Dr. Phil would agree with this new attitude of mine, but it doesn’t matter. My opinion (to me) means so much more than Dr. Phil’s.

What a grand place to arrive at in one’s life. I imagine there are thousands of things that I can’t or won’t do, and I don’t care.

Plus you can always eat at a friend’s house, go to a restaurant or buy a packaged mix.

I guess you’ve figured out that Suzy Homemaker I’m not.

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Dancing with the Stars

I’ve been so excited all day that Dancing with the Stars will be starting tonight. Wrong. I’m a week off. It’s next Monday. Don’t you hate it when you do that? I was going to fix a special dinner, get ready to watch and then help kick off this season. I guess I can still fix a special dinner.

I can’t wait to see Cloris Leachman on there. For anyone who thinks they’re going to have to sit through a rickety 82 year old’s dancing, I think they’re so wrong. She is truly amazing for her age. Not only is her mind sharp, her physical health seems tops also.

I was feeling extremely intimated by some of the “older” folks on there … Priscilla Presley, Jane Seymour, John Ratzenberger from Cheers. They all impressed me.

I know there’s no way I could do all that they do but I did get the WWii “Dancing with the Stars” game. I haven’t done it yet, but will write later after I try it.

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I’ve found the perfect gift!

How wonderful to give a gift that you’ve made. In this day and age, it seems we’re always so busy and to find the perfect gift for someone isn’t always easy, let alone making it too.

I work (and play) on the computer since I’m a graphic/web designer. And I do photography. A couple of weeks ago I was downloading a lot of my photos into Mac’s program, iPhoto. I noticed that the program offers a place to order custom greeting cards, calendars and even a book using your own photos. I decided it’d be fun to try, but honestly didn’t expect much. I had been on-line trying to find a gift for a special friend and thought that if the book turned out okay, I’d give it to her for her birthday.

I came up with some friendship quotes – and voila, my book was born. I ordered it as soon as I put the finishing touches on it and couldn’t believe that the completed product was here so fast.

And now – I’m going to recommend it to you. I’ve begun thinking of all the possibilities, and I have a list of future books I want to make: my grandkids at Disneyland, my brothers and I growing up which will include photos of our parents (who are now deceased), a book featuring each of my dogs with favorite pictures I’ve taken of them – the list is endless. And they’re so great that you don’t have a stack of albums laying around with faded, loose pictures with torn edges. If you have some pictures that you only have one of, scan them and make a book for those who would like to have the pictures also.

iPhoto isn’t the only one who has this available. You can do them right on-line with your digital photos through Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, Shutterfly, Kodak and more.

The books come in a variety of cover selections, layouts for the pages, designs, paper, colors – whatever you need.

I’ve attached a .pdf copy of my first book. Check it out and CLICK HERE to see My Book!

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Make a Seashell Flowerpot Wind Chime

My daughter-in-law Kristy gave me a little handmade gift from my grandsons for Mother’s Day. Each year she gets creative and this year, I was really impressed. My gift? A windchime made especially for me.

First of all begin with some good shaped seashells, five small flower pots (clay), fishing line, a pot saucer (plastic), paints, bells, 5 coat buttons and a metal ring.

The pots will be hanging upside down – so be sure to paint them so that your design isn’t upside down.

First of all cut 5 pieces of fishing line. Holding them together, tie them to the round metal ring. Then make five holes spaced appropriately around the plastic saucer. Thread one of the fishing lines through each one and then plug it up with a button. Paint the pots with any design using expensive acrylic paints that can be found under $1 at Wal-mart. If this will be a gift from the kids, let them do the painting.

Inside view

Inside view

Bring each strand of fishing line down through the bottom hole in the painted, upside down flower pot. Make holes in each of the seashells. A ceramic drill bit (small) will work. You can use a light speed with a drill or even a dremil tool will work. You can even try scraping with a needle and make the holes that way. Be careful, the shells are fragile. Place a bivalve shell on, closest to the top, add a bell and then add a heavier, Gastropod shell on the bottom. Be sure it’s tied on so that it hangs at the bottom of the pot’s edge. Tied them to secure them, and add a little glue if you want it a tad more secure.

I’ve hung mine in my patio room to keep it nice, but outside would be fine. You may even want to spray them with an acrylic spray.

And, they don’t have to have a “made by a kid” look to them.

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I’ve been sexist!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I consider myself and am registered as an Independent. When I first heard of Presidential candidate John McCain’s choice for Vice-President, I thought he was nuts. A young, attractive mother with so little experience were my first thoughts. Joe Biden had impressed me. I am now thinking that perhaps I was impressed because I was brought up to think that men were the ones we looked up to – to take care of us. If I were to get a hammer out to nail something, some man, whether it be my husband, father, brother, son, would take it out of my hand and do the hammering themselves. Little ole me couldn’t possibly be strong enough to hammer that big, ole mean nail.

Perhaps I’m registered as an Independent because I am independent in most of the aspects of my life.

I was watching the Republican convention when the tribute to Ronald Reagan was shown. I started thinking the only experience Reagan came to the table with was his stint as President of the Screen Actors Guild and Governor of California. Yes, he was an actor before that but did we consider that as a pro or con in his bid for the White House?

So, I started thinking that if Sarah Palin’s qualifications and lifestyle were attached to a tall, strong, handsome man, would I automatically think that he would do a better job than Mrs. Palin? Would I be worried that she could become President (God forbid, as they say). Would the media have looked at him in the same light they’re examining the past and qualifications as they have Sarah Palin?

I really don’t think so. I may have been a sexist in my thinking, but I’m determined to turn that around because I want to think independently and with intelligence. Time to drop the “I’m a little woman and the men are the wise, strong, mighty ones”. Not always so.

And then it’s being discussed if now women will vote for Sarah Palin because she’s a woman? I surely hope not. I have noticed that many black people are saying they’ll vote for Obama because he’s black. I would hope that’s not why they plan to vote for him, but have a sad feeling they are. I’m impressed with those who are not following the crowd – Larry Elder comes to mind and also Thomas Sowell. They’re men who think for themselves.

I just noticed something as I’m writing. I’m comfortable enough to call Obama by his last name, yet when I write about Sarah Palin, I use her whole name. Time to change that too. In my mind, Palin will not be treated any differently than if she had been a candidate running under the guise of a man. :o)

I liked her speech at the convention. She is a qualified candidate.

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