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HP Sales Tactics Not Appreciated

HP should be ashamed of themselves.

I bought a new HP computer a couple of weeks ago. Usually I build my own computers so I do prefer to have two dvd writers instead of one. Or, a player and a writer. I had an hp dvd burner w/lightscribe in the computer I was through using. I did a live chat with hp tech to find out if I could use that item in the new computer. I gave the tech the model number – 740i. He said yes, that there would be no problem adding the drive to the new computer. I asked about master/slave on this computer and it took him a while to realize that he was giving me the wrong information. I had figured that he was. I’m not (or wasn’t) familiar with sata. So I realized I needed to buy a new dvd player or writer. While I was doing the chat with the tech, I looked up prices for the writer. Best price was at I’ve used them before and was pleased with the service. The drive was only $31 – with free shipping. The hp tech asked me if I wanted to place my order immediately with him for a drive. I asked how much – it was $60 +tax and shipping. I declined it and said I’d just order from He then explained to me that if I didn’t purchase the item from him, that the warranty on my new computer would be null and void.

I can’t imagine why a product that is the same at either place – both by hp – would make my computer fall out of warranty if I didn’t purchase it from them. I told him that would be where I’d purchase it.

We said ‘goodbye’ on our chat, I ordered from and then started working on something else. My phone rang. When I answered, the caller (who had a very heavy accent) said he was from hp and would I like to buy the hp dvd writer from him. I didn’t put my phone number on the registration form for just anyone to call me – especially to try to sell me something that I’d already said ‘no’ to.

I was very unhappy with this and felt that the hp tech was trying to con me – and was trying to take business away from This usually isn’t how a supplier is supposed to treat those who are selling their products.

I had some problems with hp a few years ago, but I bought again because I thought there had been some major changes. Now I’m not so sure.


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