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Dancing with the Stars – Love that show!

Adam Carolla and Julianne HoughThe first two celebrity dancers have already left the show, and I’m just getting on to write about it. Penn and Monica. Who didn’t know they’d be the first to leave? I was so pleased for Monica Seles. She couldn’t dance, but I think she fulfilled her dream of dressing up girlie and actually danced. She wasn’t great, but if I’d been a contestant, she definitely wouldn’t have been the first to leave.
I am so impressed with the Houghs, Julianne and Derek. Both are so talented and good looking. Derek is a wonderful choreographer. I think he could even get me to dance okay. I’d only last about 4 seconds, but he could do it.
I always feel badly for the pros who get bounced early with their celebs. I’m sure they all want to last a little longer than one week.
I read someplace that Edyta Sliwinska had a nose job. I don’t think so. Karina Smirnoff did so perhaps someone has mistaken the two.
There are some really fun celebrities this season. I’ve already heard many say that they think Kristi is going to win. My friend Sandy and I compare notes each week on our thoughts. She asked me if I was blown away with Kristi Yamaguchi. I said “no”. I didn’t downplay how wonderful she was, but I expected it and wouldn’t have expected anything less. We’ve seen her in her beautiful ice skating outfits and performing routines – so surprised – not at all. It seemed the way I’m used to seeing her. Time has certainly stood still with her. I can’t believe she’s been away from skating as long as she has been, and she still looks the same as she did when she was skating. Unreal. I keep thinking of that line from When Harry Met Sally – “I’ll have what she’s having”.
Priscilla Presley looks good for her age. Of course she’s always been absolutely gorgeous. Friends have asked if I think her face looks weird. Yes, I read yesterday that she went to a Botox quack and this is how it left her. I do give her credit though. She’s out in public and it doesn’t seem to bother her. She still looks good for her age. Very good.
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Save the Earth – Save Money $$$

I was going to start this off with mentioning Earth Day. I googled it and came up with different dates on different sites. It’s one of the days from April 19th – April 22, 2008. But every day should be Earth Day. We’re all trying to do our part to keep the Earth here for future generations. Or, we should be.

I’ve made some changes. Some actually save me money while they’re helping our planet.

One of the main topics on the news every day – and one of the first topics brought up in a conversation is the price of gas. We don’t see less huge SUV’s on the road, we don’t see more people driving hybrids and we still see that the traffic is going between 75 and 90 on the freeways.

So how can we keep griping about the amount we have to spend on gas when we’re not trying to do something about it? Emails have circulated in the past that we should boycott by not buying gas on a certain day. That only inconveniences us because we still have to fill up.

If everyone tried to do some gas conservation it would make a bigger impact on gas companies without inconveniencing us as much. There are many ways to conserve with the biggest one being that you slow down. Do you realize how much money you’d save a year? Just by changing your driving habits, you can improve fuel economy by 37%. Leave earlier to go where you need to go and then relax – get there in one piece and have some extra money in your pocket.

In trying to save money, someone will stop getting their mocha latte each morning, cut back on lunch or skip buying that great pair of shoes. I would never sacrifice that. I’d prefer to drive 5 mph slower and save it in my gas tank.

The next time you want to gripe about the cost of gas – stop and ask yourself if you HAVE to spend as much as you do. The more money you save for yourself – the more you save the planet and screw the gas companies.

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We can do something about this.

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