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Dancing with the Stars – The finale! Helio and Julianne!


I was a bit nervous about watching DWTS last night. I can’t believe I’ve allowed myself to get so hooked on this show. Perhaps it’s not that I’ve “allowed” myself but that it’s such a good show. It doesn’t seem like it was a little over ten weeks ago that the new stars who would compete in Season 5 were announced. I was so disappointed. I had gotten to know those who competed the year before and “my” couple had won (Apollo Ono and Julianne Hough). I didn’t really know anyone in the new group, and if I did know them, they weren’t anyone I’d like to cheer for. And then when the first week begins – everyone is a little stiff – they haven’t really bonded with their partners – just as I haven’t really bonded with them.

Jennie Garth was one of the kids who had been in the t.v. series, 90210. I thought she was a rather plain girl, perhaps that’s not the right description. She just wasn’t a standout. Sweet, wholesome and ordinary. But she has really blossomed into a beautiful, young woman. I chose her from week one. I split my votes between Jennie and also Helio. How could anyone not adore Helio with that gorgeous smile and big dimples? l did think Mel B and Sabrina were both great. Extremley talented. I was shocked when Sabrina was voted off. I think everyone was. I thought Mel B had such a good sense of humor and was really cute, it was hard to want someone else to win. Evidently many thought the same thing.

I was so relieved that Marie was the one first chosen to leave last night. I think the show would have been lop-sided, and wouldn’t have had the same feeling at the end. It worked out perfectly with two very talented people ending the show. Either could have won and those watching would have agreed with the results.

I don’t know when I’ve ever had so much fun watching a t.v. show before. It was absolutely perfect. Tom Bergeron is so funny and a perfect host. He makes me laugh outloud and that’s not easy. All of the contestents were fun and entertaining. The evening reminded me of those times you remember so well throughout life – the last day of school, the prom, occasions while raising your kids – all those special times.

Stay tuned – I’ll bring you more of Dancing with the Stars in March!


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Helio and Julianne and Mel B and Maksim get my vote on Dancing with the Stars

I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I was when Jennie Garth and Derek Hough were voted off Dancing with the Stars. I’d been voting for them each week. Jennie really blossomed into a great dancer and brought so much class to the routines. Derek is so talented and such a great choreographer. Then there’s Marie Osmond. It didn’t make me happy that she zz24ed1b07.jpgwas going to be with the top three. I know there are some who think her smiling and clowning around are as much entertainment as actually knowing how to dance. I don’t watch the show for that. I got tired of her mentioning her age each show and laughing constantly at her own jokes. She did surprise me that she did as well as she did, but she wasn’t even close to the level of many of the dancers. I think what she did was sell herself and do one heck of a good PR campaign. She was on tribute shows with two of the biggest interviewers – Oprah and Larry King. On Oprah there wasn’t as much tribute as there was watching Donny and Marie perform. I suppose that was their tribute. Donny went on Entertainment Tonight and the Insider plugging Marie every chance he got. They gave him lots of air time. Marie had seemed so surprised that her son’s rehab was being mentioned. Let me tell you, with Marie’s knowledge of the business, and the businesswoman she is, there is no way that would have been brought up without her permission.

Marie does know how to work the crowd. There are actually a lot of doll collectors out there who really think that Marie creates the dolls sold by her company. Marie calls herself a “doll designer”. What she has is a $100 million doll company. Because the doll market got a little crazy, the really talented doll artists ended up creating dolls for big companies, like Marie’s. Marie signs the back of the doll’s head, but she didn’t sculpt it. She has sculpted a few perhaps, but they only sell because she did not. The artistry isn’t that of a Ping Lau or a Karen Scott. The very talented Karen Scott sculpted the Oprah doll in less than two weeks. I wish credit would have been given to her on the Oprah show.

I guess I bring her doll background up because of her now selling her Dancing with the Stars dolls. They are cute, but I think they’re overpriced. Just my opinion. Because Marie is in the doll business, I thought that was a great move to offer the dolls for sale. But when I saw that next being “hawked” were replicas of Marie’s earrings worn on the show which were designed by Nolan Miller and offered on QVC, I really thought a new low in tackiness has surfaced. Those who do compete on the show do experience a great publicity move (not always, but often), sell cd’s and dvd’s, do the Star’s Tour – but nothing as blatant as the earrings. I worried what was next.

Tonight I hope the two last competitors are Helio and Julianne and Mel B and Maksim. Otherwise, to me – the show is taking a direction that isn’t what I enjoy watching. I guess it seems I’ve been “Marie bashing” when basically I just wanted to say that I wasn’t crazy about what’s been happening this season on DWTS. It has a different feel.

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Top Ten Passwords

An article on the site lists the top ten passwords used. They are:

1. password
2. 123456
3. qwerty
4. abc123
5. letmein
6. monkey
7. myspace1
8. password1
9. blink182
10. “your” name

None of the above are passwords I’ve used in the past or present. And, I might as well add “future” since I now know not to use any of the top ten.

I admit trying to remember my passwords practically drives me to tears at times. And then try to find out what your password is if you’ve lost or forgotten it. Love the sites that give you the hint question and then you have to give an answer. I get really nervous with those because most of the time I can’t remember what the hint question was. And, there are actually people out there who may know the name of my first pet or my mother’s maiden name or my place of birth. So how secure are those – except to keep me out of my own accounts on various sites. Extremely frustrating.

Then there’s the scrambled letter security system when you have to copy what letters and numbers are in a little box. The numbers and letters are flying through the air, different colors, weird squiggles, backwards, upside down and downright confusing. Sometimes I go through ten boxes before I finally get it right. I know there must be a reason for all of this – and I do try.

I read an article on what to do to keep your password safe. One suggestion was to NEVER tell anyone – even techies who are trying to help you – your password. Geeze. And it also said that if you do have to tell someone, don’t say it outloud. Write it on a piece of paper and after the person looks at it immediately eat the paper, burn it or chemically dispose of it. Okay – it just said to throw the paper away. But that’s silly – what if you have someone going through your trash bin trying to find your passwords? Again, just kidding. But, I do have to be honest with you, I work at home. And there’s no one in my office with me except for a Rottweiler and a Bullmastiff, but when I’m entering passwords or other important information, I won’t say it out loud. I have NO idea who I’m trying to keep the secrets from. – I guess you just can’t be too careful!

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Joy Becomes Joyless on The View


I created this blog to be able to ‘participate’ in the “hot topics” portion of the The View – via blog. It seemed like a fun thing to do. If you notice, I very rarely say a word about the show. I originally thought it was a casual, over coffee discussion show with helpful tips, some politics, fun guests and some entertainment. When Sherri Shepherd came aboard, I thought it would be even more fun because of her sense of humor. And Sherri still is fun. It’s just that if I want something heavier, I’ll go to CNN, FOX, and MSNBC to watch those who know a lot more about what they’re talking about than Joy Behar.

Joy Behar is known, among other things, as a comedienne. I don’t think she’s very funny. I’m not a terribly political person. I’m registered as neither a Democrat or a Republican. I want to vote on issues and candidates rather than party.

I do find that when the “girls” (cough) of The View discuss politics, it’s terribly lop-sided. I would prefer to have a good, fair discussion. I did laugh the other day when Bill O’Reilly was on and after an exchange with Joy Behar, she mumbled something to the effect of “I guess whoever is loudest wins”. I thought that so amusing because that seems to be her way of trying to win.

Joy is evidently for Hillary. Great, that’s her choice. But she appears to be using The View as a showcase for Hillary. Everyone else gets acid remarks from Joy, including the other Democratic candidates. Joy snarls, rolls her eyes, gasps and tsk tsks constantly throughout the show. She’s rude to the guests who she doesn’t agree with. It’s as though she’s trying to create problems rather than honestly discussing them. She doesn’t seem to want to find the answers.

She has basically called the Republican candidates, “the Klan” and she says that Dick Cheney is scary. I’ll tell you who is scary – Joy Behar. Yesterday she came up with her theory that prayer can distract medical discoveries. People have cancer, they pray, nothing happens. I think those who do pray and who believe in the power of prayer, find her insulting and . . . scary. I feel she would prefer to pray to Al Gore, not God. She doesn’t really make sense. She comes across as biased, not very funny, rude and arrogant. I read someplace where she has a Master’s degree and as someone said, a good example of why a college education isn’t everything.

When Joy speaks, she seems to think she’s right and all should believe it. I’d like to see the show toned down more and have it be more fun. I get embarrassed for them when Joy is outwardly rude to those who come on as guests. I just thought of what she reminds me of … a bully. A foul-mouthed bully with no manners.

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DWTS – Week 8 – Bye Cameron and Edyta

c_e.jpgCameron will never be able to say he had regrets about not giving his best on DWTS. He surely did. And he was working in New York on his soap at the same time. Applause for Cameron and Edyta. It’s not that anyone is losing. It’s that someone has to go each week. What an experience appearing on this show is for even those who are there one week. They all seem to really care about the others who are still left. Sure I think they’re glad they’re the ones not leaving, but they still seem to feel a bit sad when they find out who’s leaving for that week. Anyone at this point should just feel great that they’ve made it this long.

I hate to say it but I basically fast forwarded through tonight’s show. I do like seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

On to a little gossip. Well, I guess it’s not gossip since it was on one of those magazine shows with Karina Smirnoff having surgery that was filmed. She had a nose job and the results were stunning. I think she was very attractive before but this slight change really becomes her. She had broken her nose twice and was having difficulty breathing. She’ll be on DWTS soon so we can all see!

Until next week.

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Dancing with the Stars – Week 8

j_h.jpgI have no idea what happened but Monday night I fell asleep in front of the t.v. at 7:30pm. I was tired, but I love my Dancing with the Stars each week. I love to vote for my favorites, and then there is the anticipation to find out on Tuesday night who goes home. I have to say that I’m absolutely hooked. I woke up at my usual time on Tuesday morning totally panicked that I wouldn’t have time to watch DWTS before the results show. Thank goodness for my DV-R that I could still watch it. Can’t imagine the panic if I didn’t know it was being saved.

I quit work early to give myself plenty of time to watch the entire show. I’m so glad I did. I did worry a bit that those I would have voted for would have to go home because they didn’t get my votes. I surely place a lot of importance on myself.

Jenny and Derek – Jive – 24
Fox Trot – 26
I wasn’t impressed with Jenny’s costume for the Jive. Tom Bergeron made a comment about craving vegetables after seeing her – and I would have to agree on that. I think she usually performs much better than the judges give her credit for. Her movements were a little wild at times but the 24 points was better than 21 points.

The fox trot – beautiful. I’m so impressed with Derek also. The first week I saw him, he seemed to be a kid. But he really has great confidence and talent that you soon forget how old he must be. The same with Julianne. I thought Jenny’s dress was really pretty.

Cameron and Edyta – Viennese Waltz – 27
Cha Cha – 24
I’m just not a Cameron fan. He is a very good looking man, he’s trying so hard and puts so much into it, but he just doesn’t ring any bells for me. Not that I still have any bells left – but there is nothing. I had to agree with Len about the open shirt on the Waltz. He looked so handsome – their costumes beautiful, but he looked sloppy. A bow tie would have been a nice touch.

Confession – I fast forwarded through the Cha Cha so that should tell all on that.

Marie and Jonathan – Rumba – 24
Jive – 25
Another unmemorable dance. I didn’t like their costumes. All I could think of was the line of DWTS dolls Marie is selling and how the dress wouldn’t look that good on a doll.
Len mentioned it and I did think of it when I saw the routine that it seemed very similar to the Sara Evans cowgirl costume and routine. Marie isn’t a great dancer, but I truly give her credit for doing as well as she is. I think she would have been voted off long ago if she didn’t have such a huge fan base. I do like her so much more than I did before DWTS. And, I send my condolences on the loss of her father. That family is amazing.

Helio and Julianne – Paso Dobles – 27
Quick Step – 30
These two are great. I thought there was too much cape and worried the entire dance that someone was going to trip on it. Helio is adorable. What a smile. And I am so impressed with Julianne. She’s absolutely wonderful.

Helio shined! I think this is my favorite dance of the season. The costumes were great – Helio looked so great in his banana-yellow zoot suit even though I kept thinking of Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy! They really deserved perfect 10’s on that one.

Mel and Maksim – Tango – 26
Mambo – 29
Mel is definitely the best celebrity dancer. She and Maksim really dance well together. He’s a great teacher – she has her Spice Girl background. There is just something though that doesn’t make me root for them. I admire their work, I think they’re fantastic – but that’s it. She’s funny – he’s adorable. I have no idea why I feel this way.

I missed writing my blog last week. I just wanted to mention that I was glad it was Jane who left.

I am in awe at the body changes that occur on that show. Marie looked very matronly in the beginning and now has knocked 15 years off and looks so great. If she does have to leave, she won’t leave a loser (except weight) because she gained a complete makeover. The same is true with many of the stars. But, when a pencil thin, spindly person like Jane goes around on shows telling all that she lost 22 lbs., that is NOT a good thing. She is a bit too thin and should have been drinking Ensure to keep her weight up. That was not a dig. The 15 years that Marie lost by losing weight, Jane gained by losing weight. Go figure.

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Thank you all Veterans!

memorial-plaza-c.jpgI’d like to thank all of those who have served this country. And a special thank you to those who have fought for my freedom.
I grew up as an Air Force brat. My dad and my aunt served during World War II. My dad volunteered when he was seventeen. My brother went to Vietnam. They both survived.

I used to think that Veterans Day was just a day off school or work. The older I get, the more I realize that this is a day of honoring all of those who have served this country and for those who gave their lives. And to those who lost loved ones and friends.

I have no idea what my Dad did during World War II. I know he met my mother in Australia, but other than that, I don’t know. It’s not because I didn’t ask. It’s because those who served didn’t come back to share their experiences. Most who have seen war and experienced death around them, don’t want to talk about it.

When I was young, I didn’t believe in war. I still wish there were no such thing. But, it’s been going on since Cain and Able had their disagreements and sadly will always be around in some way or another.

We should remember our Vets every day, but today is special because it’s a day put aside for us to thank those who served and to honor them. And to those who aren’t Veterans yet but who are serving our country now.

I wish so much that I was a great writer so I could put my thoughts eloquently in this blog. I am free. And it’s because of you.

Again, thank you.

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Buying babies from a department store.

I received my People magazine this week and inside on the “contents” page, it reads, “Jennifer Lopez goes baby shopping”. Why does she need to go shop for a baby when she’s reportedly having her own – perhaps twins? Isn’t baby shopping just that? I’ve always thought it so strange when a store is having a sale in their baby department, they call it a Baby Sale. I think that sounds like they’re selling babies. Why not a “Baby Item Sale? You don’t see Man Sale or Lady Sale? It’s usually Mens’ clothing or Ladies clothing, etc.

Or, what about a “White Elephant Sale?”

What about stretching the truth?

Jumping to conclusions? Or, running my mouth?

Then there are expressions or words that I’ve never heard of until recently – that fit in to everyone’s vocabulary so quickly. I had never heard of “went missing” until Laci Peterson “went missing”. Now it seems you hear it all the time when someone disappears.

A friend recently mentioned “troops” in her blog. When did a troop become one person? I thought a troop was a platoon – many soldiers. I’m sure this one is new also.

And, when did corporate identity become “branding?”. Maybe the practice has been around forever, but I don’t remember hearing it called “branding” until recently. Branding was for cows and horses.

Maybe I just haven’t heard some of these until recently. I do confuse easily. Do you have any new phrase or words that you’ve noticed?

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