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Dancing with the Stars – Who will you vote for?

Who would you like to win the trophy for this season’s Dancing with the Stars? Here are some cute items to help others know who your favorite is. Just click here!



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Dancing with the Stars – Week 6 Shocking Results Show!

mark_sabrina.jpgI’m still in shock at tonight’s Dancing with the Stars results show. OMG. I had it pegged that it would be Marie or Jane to leave tonight. But Jane was up in the top two. Both are pleasant people but they’re just not the best dancers. Sabrina was considered the best. Anytime you talked with someone else who watches DWTS, they immediately said that Sabrina and Mel were the best. I think in all of my years watching DWTS, this was the biggest shock of all. I think Sabrina and Mark were totally shocked also. It just goes to show that no one should get too confident.

Again . . . wow.

Can anyone honestly say they saw this coming? Tom Bergeron and the judges all appeared to be shocked by it. And Marie and Jonathon seemed shocked when they weren’t in the bottom two.

I personally think there were many who didn’t vote for Sabrina because they thought she was too professional and is a dancer on her Cheetah Girls show. Perhaps the voting public likes to see those who started slowly, worked hard and have improved immensely.

Oh yeah, and Barry Manilow was the guest performer.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 6. Marie doesn’t faint.

I am amazed this show gets better and better because the dancers get better and better. I am in awe of every person who even does one week of this show. And those who keep going … amazing!

Last night my favorites were Helio and Julianne (28). Helio is so cute, sexy and talented. It’s hard to believe he hasn’t been dancing most of his life. I’m so glad they got the judges’ positive reactions.

My second favorites were Jennie and Derek (27). Jennie isn’t a frontrunner but I think she tries hard and really performs well. I remember during the first few weeks, she was very stiff and awkward being with Derek. She kept her distance. But now she’s so relaxed and it’s really helping them perform their routines better. I’m glad they had good points.

Mel and Maxim (30) and Sabrina and Mark (25) are excellent. I never expect less. It’s amazing that Mel and Maxim were in the bottom two Week 4. I think it’s more difficult if you start at the top though and there’s nothing new or exciting. Both Mel and Sabrina are used to performing though so I expected them to do well.

Edyta and Cameron (25) are gorgeous together. Cameron has improved so much. I didn’t really care for the Pocahontas wear or the routine though.

Jane and Tony (22) weren’t as good as some weeks, but the judges were right, it just wasn’t for Jane. She is a better dancer with the more classical routines. Jane’s very competitive, and I’m sure being the low scorer wasn’t easy for her. And Marie and Jonathan (23), well, Marie’s just not a dancer. She does do some good moves that are impressive but she’s competing with some very talented dancers.

The group dance was fantastic. I don’t see how they all learned the routine from one day’s practice. They should all be proud of their part. Very entertaining. It gets more fun at this point when everyone gets to know each other and the camaraderie is strong.

Several people I’ve heard from are predicting either Jane or Marie will be leaving tonight. We shall see. week-6.jpg

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Those who save the animals — kudos!

The other day I was reading news stories on-line. I came across one about some boys in Milwaukee who had hung a cat from a tree. I had tears in my eyes as I was reading and also a horrible feeling of disappointment in fellow humans (which I think they’re classified as). Thankfully a passerby heard the cat and then saw it and removed it from it’s hanging position. The cat has survived . . . thankfully.

Before an hour had even passed since reading the article, I glanced up at the TV which was showing the Malibu fire when it first started. The camera panned to a couple of ladies standing beside a long horse trailer. They were there to find the horses that needed to evacuate the area just as their owners needed to also. The rescuers give up their time and energy to save animals. They love animals and they do whatever they can to help them and by helping them, they’re helping those who may lose their homes before the fire’s end. What a big difference between them and the Milwaukee creeps. I’m just amazed at how organized they are and how well the animals are cared for. People helping people by helping their animals.

So often in this day and age we hear complaints about minor annoyances and disagreements, but these are the stories that don’t seem to make the headlines. Kudos to all of those who help others during such a devastating time.

Photo credit: EVELYN KRISTO/Valley Press

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Dancing with the Stars – week 5, Marie faints

marieosmondfaints2.jpgDancing with the Stars Week 5 was definitely different than others. By now the Marie Osmond fainting spell is news and on many, many blogs. As I’ve said before, I’m not Marie’s fan but I started reading articles and comments from readers and was surprised at how hateful and mean people can get. If Marie didn’t want to hear the judges remarks, she picked a bad way to avoid hearing it. I’m not a fainter – never have been. But I’d be so scared, you wouldn’t see me at DWTS until I’d been examined by a physician. How scary it must be. I wondered right before she passed out what she was doing when she was jumping up and down and was sort of on the giddy side. I would be so exhausted after all the dancing that I’d stand still for a while to rest. I hope Marie’s all right. I’m sure she got medical attention as soon as the show was over.

Sometimes I just wonder what those judges are thinking. Helio and Julianne looked wonderful. But they really got criticized. I think they fantastic.

Jennie and Derek: Jennie definitely doesn’t know how to shake her booty, but she really tries. I like this little couple. Jennie is getting more personable with Derek. She was awkward in the beginning. She’s just beautiful.

Mark and Kym: very cute. Mark did very well. He can be admired for the time and energy he puts into learning the routines and performing – especially since he’s not a dancer. The Geek costume was good on him. I love checking out all the weight the celebs are losing and Mark seems to be the big loser. he looks so good. Kym’s costume was good on her.

Mel and Maxim: I’m not big on these two. I have no idea why. I think they dance okay, but they just do nothing for me. It’s hard to believe that last week Mel and Maxim were down in the bottom two. I guess the public voting does make a huge difference.

Sabrina and Mark: Sabrina is so good. Usually we watch as each couple gets better and better each week. Sabrina is the same each week because she started off on the top. She does know how to dance. So, I don’t vote for them because it just seems they’re okay.

Cameron and Edyta: They looked really good. Last week I made a comment about Edyta and how gorgeous she is and what a good dancer she is. I said I couldn’t imagine her doing anything else. Someone thought I was ragging on her and that I wasn’t giving her credit for her intelligence. Just as I would say I can’t imagine Elvis doing anything else meaning that he’s the greatest singer ever (to me) doesn’t mean I’m putting him down. I’m one of Edyta’s biggest fans. And because I watch her for her dance, I could care less if she’s intelligent. If she were on Jeopardy, then I would care.

I can’t think who else danced. Oh Jane and Tony. They were okay.

Who do you think will be leaving tonight? It’s hard to say. Judges scores don’t always make the difference. I think it could be Mark tonight. He’s a very likable guy though. For the bottom two – Mel and Mark.

hillarybacheloreliminated.jpgTHE BACHELOR

I don’t watch this show. Last night I was watching saved shows w/the dv-r and caught the last half hour of it. It must have a lot of viewers, but my gosh what is wrong with women who fall in love like that and expose their hearts to the world? I feel embarrassed for them. At least when I made a fool of myself, it wasn’t watched by a heck of a lot of people. That poor girl last night. Hillary? The first thing her makeup person should have told her was not to ever wipe your eyes and cry when you don’t have waterproof mascara on. That guy isn’t that hot. Or is it the way the program is that makes them seem so dorky (is that still a word?)

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Dancing with the Stars – Week 4

This week’s scores:
Sabrina and Mark – Paso Doble – 30
Jennie and Derek – Paso Doble – 27
Helio and Julianne – Viennese Waltz – 27
Cameron and Edyta – Paso Doble – 27
Melanie and Maksim – Viennese Waltz – 26
Marie and Jonathan – Viennese Waltz – 26
Jane and Tony – Viennese Waltz – 26
Floyd and Karina – Paso Doble – 23
Mark and Kym – Viennese Waltz – 22

Another week of Dancing with the Stars has passed and another celebrity has left. This week Floyd and Karina had the lowest scores by the judges and evidently couldn’t get enough viewers to vote also. Floyd was the one this year who didn’t seem to really be that interested. I think he was better than the judges scored him – especially the first night. I always wonder how the pros feel when they’re voted off early. Cheryl with Wayne was voted quite early which must be difficult after winning two times.

I’m in awe of the talent this season. Mark and Kym have really impressed me. Mark really takes it seriously and tries so hard. His weight loss has made him look so much better. I gave him some of my votes this time because he tries so hard.

Cameron and Edyta. I think Edyta is amazing. That body. She really wears the slinky outfits and looks fantastic in them. If she hadn’t ended up as a dancer, I can’t imagine what she would have done. Anyone remember Juliet Prowse. She was long-legged and giraffe-like. That is a huge compliment even though it didn’t sound like it. I was going to say “swan” and guess I should have. Cameron is absolutely beautiful also, but he’s not my type so I don’t get the thrill others get from him. I don’t watch soap operas so had never heard of him until DWTS.

Mel and Maxsim. What the heck? How did those two end up in the bottom two? I can tell they were as surprised as I was. And that surprised the judges too. Weren’t the Spice Girls really popular? I’m not that familiar with them and didn’t know who Mel was until she started appearing on the TV magazine shows and in tabloids because she had Eddie Murphy’s baby. Um-mm, maybe middle America isn’t voting for her because of that? You never know. She seems charming and Maxsim cracks me up. Someone doesn’t feel as I do.

Helio and Julianne:. Adorable. She’s so pretty. He’s charming. But I’m not as over the top about them as I was the first couple of weeks. Maybe some of those I wasn’t enthralled with have now captured my attention.

Jane and Tony. Tony is my least favorite professional. And Jane, I find irritating.

Marie and Jonathan. I’m not a fan of Marie’s at all. I think she has looked awful, been praised too much for not having done a good job, and her laugh just comes across as so phony. But, I have to concede that she’s toned down the brashness, the laugh and the wisecracking and seems to have gotten down to business. I was amazed at her head rolls or whatever they’re called. After someone mentioned “Exorcist”, I did think that funny. She’s trying, she’s lost weight so I think her real confidence is showing rather than her trying to hide behind her wisecracking and her silly laugh. I would rather that I stay catty but she’s doing very good. I have surprised myself as she has probably surprised herself.

Jennie and Derek. Hasn’t Jennie blossomed? She has really come a long way. She’s becoming more comfortable with Derek now. She was very awkward at first. I don’t think she realized that if it seems you’re a happy couple, it comes across better. Derek was trying to get her to do that but she was rebuffing him. It probably is a bit difficult to cozy up at first.

Sabrina and Mark. Great dancer – just doesn’t do much for me. Have no idea why.

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We are so thankful LuLu is 8 today!


Originally uploaded by bysandra

LuLu is 8 yrs. old today. Yesterday my grandson Grant was also eight. Grant’s parents don’t talk to me, so I don’t know him. So I’ll talk about LuLu instead.

LuLu is my best friend. She came to live with us when she was six months old. I had recently lost my Rottweiler Cinder to cancer, and I felt badly that her brother Roquee (Rocky) would be alone (dog-wise). So, I took him to a friend’s house who had pups and let him choose the one he wanted. He chose LuLu.

Rottweilers are very smart. We all say that about our kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, whatever – but she is. After so many years, our pets pick up on our signals even when we don’t realize we’ve given any.

LuLu was spunkier than the two dogs before her. These were my first real dogs as pets. But we got through the puppy stage and LuLu settled in beautifully.

In June of this year, my dad died. Going to his Memorial service was difficult. Difficult that I was saying goodbye to my dad and difficult because LuLu had awakened that morning and could barely walk. I hated to leave her but I had to. I left the after luncheon a little early so I could get home to take LuLu to the vet to see what was wrong. I got her into the car and off to the vet’s we went. The vet just looked at her and recommended a neurologist in L.A. I’m not a wealthy person and that was a bit out of my league. That in no way determines the love I have for my dog. I asked the vet if this were his dog, would he put her down. He sort of mumbled and looked at me as though treatment were not an option for her. I had already had a highly emotional day, and I felt that if I stood there one more second I was going to do that heavy sobbing thing that feels like you’ve been kicked in the chest and will never be able to stop. So I got out of there and brought LuLu home.

From what they did to her at the vet’s, she could walk even less by the time we got home. I put a towel under her tummy and would pull her up and guide her outside so she could do her business. I made sure her bed was really comfortable and brought her – her food and water. If I had thought LuLu was suffering, I would have made other decisions, but the front of her was okay. She was happy, she’d lay on her bed and would play with her toys and roll back and forth. So, I thought we’d just hang in there and see what the next day would bring.

Each day it seemed that LuLu would try one more thing. And each time she did added something to her routine, I was surprised and pleased. You get used to your pets doing their regular things. All of a sudden for them to stop and have to a new way of living – it’s tough. I have tile floors so I bought a bunch of runners and put them to make paths for her. It seemed to help that she had that stability rather than slipping on the floor. She’s always slept with me, so I didn’t want to leave her alone in the family room while I headed into the bedroom – so I bought one of those inflatable beds and slept beside her each night. I put it next to her bed and could pet her as we both dozed off to sleep. A non-dog person would read that and figure I was over the top – a dog love would immediately understand and would do the same thing.

LuLu is now about 85% back to normal. She had gotten up to 99% but she’s slipping a little. She got too spunky and while bouncing around the room she slipped. She’s back to just laying down all day and getting up only when she has to. And while petting her last night, I found a huge tumor on her chest. It’s higher than when I rub her tummy and more fleshy than hard. I’ll take her for a check up this week – to a new vet I’ve discovered – after Baby the Bullmastiff ate the junk out of the fly trap that the wind blew off the hook. She spent last weekend at a sleep over at the vets. The fly trap wasn’t poisonous – the flies weren’t a good thing to eat.

So, today we celebrate that LuLu is eight years old today. We celebrate her determination that allowed her to be here to celebrate. And we’ll be thankful for each new day that has LuLu in it.

Happy Birthday LiL LuLu!!!

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Ten of the TV Shows I’ve watched this Season!

1. CHUCK: my so far – very favorite. It’s almost been like watching a movie each week. I used to see Zachary Levi on Less than Perfect, and it’s so hard to tell that this is the same person. I had to look it up to be sure. Chuck is lovable and so is the show. What a great idea. Adam Baldwin as agent Casey is so funny. Yvonne Strzechowski (Sarah) is so cute. Of course I’m looking for a love match between Chuck and Sarah.

Favorite scene so far: Way too many to choose from. So I’ll just use – when Agent Casey shows up at the electronics store in uniform and Sarah is now at the pizza restaurant next door.

2. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES:desperate.jpg I looked forward to DH coming back. I love this show. Silly, but fun, and very cleverly written. Yea Mark Cherry for incredible writing.

Favorite scene so far – the fork in Bree’s fake pregnant belly.

3. SHARK: I like this show. It has some good twists and turns, it’s not a biggie so I don’t have to give it my 100% attention to figure out what’s going on. That’s a compliment, not an insult. I’ve never been a fan of James Wood and found him rather repulsive, but he’s such an excellent actor, he’s even hooked me.

Favorite scene so far – when Sebastian was getting on Danny’s (Kevin Alejandro) case and then turned around and laughed with Jessica (Jeri Ryan) that he was impressed with Danny. Cute. And, am so pleased that even though Santos died on Ugly Betty, it’s nice to see him reincarnated as Danny Reyes on Shark.

4. DANCING WITH THE STARS: I’m hooked. I even pick up the phone to vote. It’s a completely different show than before as those who can’t dance are basically being thrown off first no matter how famous or popular they are. I think at times the judges get a little star struck and gush over the oldies – sort of a sentimental thing. I don’t think Marie is very good nor was Wayne. I don’t see how Marie can get a better score than Helio. I know we all age, but Marie looked very old the other night. I wish they would have had Donny instead. I like so many of the dancers this year, it’s going to be tough. And I love Drew on there – shall miss him … again.

Jane Seymour is amazing for her age. I do wonder though in knowing her mother was so ill, why she didn’t choose being in England this season over DWTS. I wasn’t crazy about her costume this week. She looked like Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard and that was sad.

Favorite scene so far – being shocked at Sabrina’s ability on the first night. Sort of even wondered if she belonged there since she is a professional.

5. CSI: I really thought Sara was a goner and that’s how she’d be written out. So, was very surprised she survived, but have read that she’s still leaving. I always love it when nobody’s get a great part in a series or movie. They’re ecstatic, they write home about it, they live good and then they get the idea that they’re a lot better than they are and the contract negotiations begin. It’s happened often during the years. I never watched the show for Jorja-Ann Fox, and I probably won’t miss her much when she’s not there. I just looked her up and see that she was on 33 episodes of ER. I watched it faithfully when she was on there but I don’t remember her at all. My point exactly – she’s a good part of the ensemble, but she’s not outstanding.

Favorite scene so far – well, not my favorite scene, but the one that caught my attention – trying to figure out what was bouncing down the highway in episode two. Wish I hadn’t focused so much. But that’s CSI and why we love it?

6. DIRTY SEXY MONEY:dirtysexymoney.jpg I’m not impressed. I do like Peter Krause and that’s about it. Corny. I had heard Jill Clayburgh did a marvelous job, but I thought she was spacey and almost seemed drugged. I may keep watching it to see if it improves but if it’s not on a night – I won’t care.

Favorite scene so far – none really.

7. 30 ROCK – Just love it. Alec Baldwin is great. That guy seems to be able to do anything – except impress Kim Basinger. I love Jack. And Tina Fey is amazing AND that this is her "baby". She gets my "A" for all around talent. She’s one of those people you wished you could just call to go to lunch with. You know ahead of time it’s going to be a fun occasion.

Favorite scene so farLiz Lemon (love the name) buying the wedding dress.

8. UGLY BETTY – I think Mark Indelicato is so very talented and adorable. Great little actor. It’s really a fast moving funny show. Michael Urie is also a favorite of mine.

Favorite scene so far – it was so sad when it’s realized that Santos is dead and Hilda is up in the bedroom. It hurt.

These aren’t necessarily my favorite shows – but they’re shows I’ve watched already. Some new mixed in with the old. I’ll be back later to review some of the others – Pushing up Daisies, BigShots, Women’s Murder Club, and more!

Which is your favorite show and what is your favorite scene so far?

9. BROTHERS AND SISTERS:sally_field.jpg I really didn’t mind this show last year. Actually liked it. Not so, so far. It’s pretty close to being idiotic. Or, perhaps it’s the characters who are. I keep envisioning Robert McCallister as an actual candidate and Kitty Walker as his fiance. I don’t think it’d work for very long and he’d be out with her right behind him. This series has gotten really silly this year. Almost doesn’t seem as though it’s the same one as last year. Why is it that every show or soap opera has to have one actor/actress who has to the one who gets all the misery so after a while, you just don’t care what happens to them? I feel that way about Dave Annabel. Please note – my view of him is not to be confused with how I feel about our real troops – what they’re going through or about those who have sustained injuries and come home to major life changes stemming from those injuries. I know B&S’s is trying to show us a little insight into the plight of the American wounded soldier and the effect it has on their families. Maybe my skeptisim started with the ride to San Diego to pick up Justin, the radio show, the trio jumping out of the van to phone the radio station or the rudeness that Nora, Kitty and Kevin showed to the nurse at the front desk. Yes, they were upset and wanted to find out where Justin was but let’s hope that in real life, the dedicated nurses and doctors don’t really have to deal with people like that. I find that asking nicely can get great results too.

Sally Field was my favorite from the first time I saw her – in Gidget. And, it’s been a lifetime of respect for her and watching everything she’s done. I don’t care for Nora at all. She’s grating.

Favorite scene so far – the commercials.

10. CAVEMEN AND CARPOOLERS: I really like Laird/Jerry O’Donnell, but not on Carpoolers. Enough said.

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Britney, Britney, Britney

britney_spears2.jpgLots of Britney in the news . . . as usual. This poor girl can’t seem to stay out of it. Ummm … perhaps just staying home and taking care of her children would keep her out of the headlines. For some reason, this girl is just not figuring it out. I’ve always wondered why Britney was so popular. I’m old. What would I know? But I hate to see all of this happening to her. I especially hate it since most of it could have been prevented.

Ever since the time she was walking and carrying one of her babies and tripped, I truly realized something was wrong or missing with Britney. Paparazzi had swarmed her and thankfully her male “nanny” was walking close-by and grabbed the baby just in time – preventing his fall. Headlines (sadly) criticized Britney then. Fans said she was being picked on and that it wasn’t her fault – it was the paparazzi’s. Why did they have to pick on her? All I could think of is that she had that jumbo drink container in her right hand while the baby was slung on her hip – using her left arm. Normally in a large crowd situation with paparazzi swarming her and bumping each other to get a good shot – and with a mother’s instinct and protectiveness, the normal mother would let the nanny carry the drink (or toss it in the trash) and would wrap her arms around her child holding it as tight as she could to prevent anything fro≈m hurting that child. Watch mothers carry their children – both arms are used to balance and protect – their safety comes first.

I’m not picking on this girl, I’m wondering why the public needs to know every move she makes. Yes, her erratic behavior does make lots of publicity. But there’s something deeper with this girl that’s going on. If she’s doing drugs and alcohol then that explains some of the craziness. If she’s not, then she truly needs to get some mental health help. I think she’s crying out for it. She hasn’t lost permanent custody. An intelligent judge has picked up that something isn’t right. He’s doing what is best for the children. And perhaps at this point, the kids will be so important to her that she’ll get help. Photo credit: XXJ/Flynet

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