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Whoopi says, “I’m a dinner jacket”

Tuesday, Sept 25, 2007 – Whoopi taught the group how tosay the name of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by remembering the phrase, “I’m a dinner jacket.” Ummmm …. I think it’d be better to forget his name but at least Whoopi did her homework. Remembering someone’s name and pronouncing it correctly has always been important to me. I appreciate it when someone remembers mine.

I do think the panel would have been better if there had been two conservatives and two liberals at the table. Barbara says she has to stay neutral because she’s a journalist. I hope she can. I read other blogs, and I see that there are those who don’t care for Elisabeth. I’m wondering if their views are because of Elisabeth’s politics or is it her personality? Then I read blogs from those who are conservative and they can’t stand Joy. Whoopi hasn’t created enough of a fuss yet and Sherri hasn’t figured out if the world is flat or round.

There were a lot of blogs about that. I think she was just nervous and thought it was a trick question. She truly is a great addition to The View because she’s so funny. I don’t care if she doesn’t know the world question – she makes me laugh and that makes up for it.

I’m always surprised when I read that people like Joy. I find her to be rude, sarcastic and not funny. She’s so loud that she usually gets the last word in because you can’t hear anyone else. I don’t base my feelings on her politics … that’s not influencing my view. She once said that Dick Cheney is scary and ever since her comment, I keep thinking that about her. Her voice is grating, and she seems to be the type of woman who would bitch through an orgasm.

The birthday segment for Barbara was fantastic. It made me want the DVD set (if and when there is one – if there isn’t already) of all of Barbara’s interviews and her life. What an amazing life she’s had. She also looks fantastic for her age. I wonder if she still has a list of things she wants to do or people she wants to meet.

That’s my view of The View … for today.the-view.jpg


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Grandma Reminisces and Tanner Likes Elvis!

The gap between my 7 year old grandson and I has been lessened. The other day while in Sam’s Club with my two grandsons, we mosied over to the dvd section. Tyler, the nine year old, picked up “High School Musical” saying he wanted it. Tanner picked up an Elvis dvd and said that it would be his choice. I looked at him skeptically and thought he was just fooling around. He wanted that dvd. I asked him why he wanted that particular dvd, and he said … ready for this? Because Elvis was the King of Rock ‘n Roll. Wow.

With all the Elvis 30th anniversary shows that were on – Elvis was introduced to an entirely new generation. I’m fascinated at the thought.

Now I’m going to sound like a real old-timey grandma, but I remember the first time I heard the name “Elvis Presley”. I hadn’t seen him perform yet. I had just heard the buzz about how disgusting this new singer was. And he had the ability to make girls faint. I was still in grade school so I wasn’t really interested. But, my friend Louise Babine came over one night with a fan magazine – Photoplay or one of those. It had pictures of Elvis and Louise was hugging that magazine as tightly as possible.

It annoyed my dad just to hear us giggling so we went outside where we could discuss it more. I thought he was a handsome guy but I was crazy about Frankie Avalon with no room to fit Elvis into my crazed mind. We did watch Elvis’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

It wasn’t until later after Elvis had returned home from Germany that I actually swooned when I heard him sing and watched him perform. I wasn’t crazy about his movies, but the older, more mature Elvis was my favorite.

During the early 70’s when Elvis was at the Hilton, I begged my husband to please let us go see The King. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been so excited. I wanted to cut loose and scream my head off, but I stifled it so I didn’t upset my husband. It was a dream come true. The feeling I had then watching Elvis perform and hearing him sing has never left. I still swoon when I hear him or see him. There are a few songs – usually the soundtracks from his movies, that I’m not crazy about – but there is no way I could choose a favorite.

And now my grandson knows who Elvis is and likes him too. That’s pretty cool.

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Hoping to bring smiles to Club Chemo!


I’ve been truly blessed that I’ve met several special friends on the internet. One group I’ve stayed in touch with for seventeen years. We all began with Prodigy back in the early 90’s. We’ve seen divorces, new grandbabies, new marriages, everything you would with close friends. There’s over twenty of us who are started together as we’ve had some stop writing or who just pop in occasionally.

Last year two of our D.O.L.’s (Dolls On-Line, we’re doll collectors) announced they had cancer. One had breast cancer and one had ovarian cancer. Both were going through chemo about the same time and shared their experiences with the rest of us in daily emails. We in turn offered prayers, words of encouragement and any cartoons or jokes we found. Laughter is the best medicine and can truly relieve some of the pressures when facing such difficulties. Their stories about their chemo experiences almost sounded like social club meetings with others who were going through it too. I came away with the conclusion that your chemo co-horts are an extremely important part of your wellness and positive thinking. They were there not only for their own treatments but to be support for others in their groups.

I decided to do a design or two that I’ll keep in my on-line shop to help raise money (25% of all Club Chemo design sales) for the American Cancer Society. My friend with ovarian cancer mentioned that so little is done for ovarian cancer in mind. So, I made a design for some other cancers as well as breast cancer. I also showed them to my two friends to ask their opinions on them. I didn’t want to design anything tacky or out of place. Both loved the designs and felt they’d be a little fun distraction for those facing chemotherapy and radiation.

My friend designer JGoode blogged this week about connections, and when reading it, I decided to do my blog on the connections we have with friends.

Life can be a bed of roses, but there are always going to be thorns. Good friends are there to try to help pick the thorns out.

Having a chuckle can surely lift your spirits and make difficult days a bit better.

I hope this new design of mine will bring a chuckle or two and perhaps make someone’s chemo session a little easier.

Many items with the Club Chemo logo on them are available at: Art and Design by Sandra.

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Do Good – Bee Happy!

I read an article this morning about doing good by making eye contact and smiling at strangers. I had been thinking about that a few days ago also. I do that always. Sometimes someone will ignore you but most of the time, people smile back and say “hello” also. It’s especially fun when someone is avoiding all eye contact yet they look up and when they see that someone is smiling and saying ‘hello’ to them, they beam and seem so surprised.

We see people rally to help each other during crisis. They open their wallets or send supplies, but it’s really people helping people. 9-1-1 brought out a united people who were sad, frightened, grieving, confused – you name the emotion, chances are it was there.

But on a regular ole day (which 9-1-1 started off to be), it seems we’re all busy and caught up in our own little worlds – never thinking that the strangers we pass may someday be someone who can save our life or the lives of those we love and hold dear.

Saying “hi” to everyone I come across is truly an uplifting experience. How can you ever feel down when you’ve made someone smile? It’s not even something that takes up time, money or resources. It’s simple.

It’s funny too that I’m so blessed that I’m one of those people who attracts children. I don’t mean to pat myself on the back. I don’t think it’s anything I do, it just happens. Like they say that if your dog likes someone then that person is okay, it seems to work with kids too. Kids seem to want me to pay attention to them and they smile for me so beautifully. I can make a baby stop crying. I’m probably sounding so corny right now – but again, how you have a lousy day when the toddler in the grocery cart in front of you is smiling and laughing and playing peek a boo with you? It’s truly a gift from God.

These are the joys in life. They require nothing but give so much.
This topic was the suggestion of Jen Goode of J Goode Designs. It’s truly a good one for today, and when I saw what it was, I was eager to participate.

So today as we reflect on what happened on September 11th six years ago today, and think of how it all changed our lives, take a little time to smile at those you meet and say, “hello”. It seems to lift some of the pressures of our days.

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Britney – oops she didn’t do it again!

43.jpgI haven’t heard anything good about Britney’s performance last night at the MTV VMA Awards show which was held in Las Vegas. Evidently what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay in Las Vegas.

The critics are cruel. Personally I haven’t figured out why female singers have to have sexy dominate their singing careers. Years ago singers were famous for … well … their singing. Of course they didn’t have videos and the competition wasn’t what it is today.

You’d think the best wouldn’t have to concentrate so much on their moves and lack of clothing.

Who manages Britney and did anyone tell her ahead of time that she was headed for trouble?

I keep reading the word “fat” when describing her performance. She definitely isn’t fat. But, if you’re not in the flat abs condition, then a jeweled bikini isn’t what your wardrobe should be. She has money and designers. Someone could have come up with a much more appealing costume – one where her butt didn’t hang out.

The public builds them up, pays them well and then can tear them down just as fast. Those celebrities who believe all the hype are the ones who get knocked down the hardest.

I don’t remember ever seeing Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Della Reese or the like ever appearing onstage basically naked, slithering across stage, gyrating like a monkey in heat or having to kiss each other. Bette was probably the most flamboyant but never disgusting. None of them had to worry whether their abs were flat or that their boobs were hanging out of their clothes. They all had a lot more flesh on them than Britney has but because they based their careers on their singing, no one said much about how fat they were and some of those women got very fat. But they were still respected and loved and made a lot of money.

Britney was successful because of her body and her sexiness, which frankly I never did understand, but perhaps she still has a chance if she really works on reinventing herself. I don’t like to see anyone fall. I hope someone is there to catch her.

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Kanye West invites you to his pity party!

Every day we all hear or see something that just makes us do a double take and wonder what in the world is going on. One of those I heard lately was Whoopi saying that Michael Vick did what he did because basically everyone in the south was brought up to think that was okay. We all know that’s not right and the next day she did scold us for not knowing what she meant.
A little while ago I was reading the latest on the MTV Awards that will be on tonight. Confession: I”m a grandma who doesn’t even know if she gets MTV on her t.v. I did hear that Britney Spears is supposed to open the show. That didn’t surprise me at all because that girl has been in the news so much lately that it seemed like a great marketing move. There are those who will cheer her on and there are those who will watch to see her fall. It’s very obvious . . . to me.

Evidently it’s not that obvious to Kanye West who is performing. CNN says, “The ever-outspoken West had some less-than-kind words for Spears and MTV.

“I can’t believe she would perform. She hasn’t had a hit record in years,” he said, apparently miffed that MTV didn’t invite him to open the show. “Maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right.””

I don’t get what he means when he says his money’s not right? But, and you’re going to have to help me here – is he saying that his skin is not right because he’s a man of color? This bugs me. Why in the world would he think that? Of all the places where I wouldn’t think the NAACP would ever have to bust would be the MTV Awards. And – here’s my disclaimer before anyone reads this the way it isn’t meant to be – these are not racist statements – I truly am a bit puzzled. Why would there be approx. twelve acts that feature black performers and five or six that feature white entertainers at this show if there was any skin differentiating? (Number is approx.)

I will definitely put it on my list of things to do this week – listen to Kanye West’s music. I figure he must be really, really good to get away with his “woe is me” pity party. I think he’s very successful and does very well so can’t understand why he thinks he’s being discriminated against.

Yes, Britney IS the big money draw, but it’s not because she’s a better performer.

My note: Sometimes I get inspired by just reading something like this in the news. Thus, I did a new design (featured above) which sort of says it all for me.

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Did you sign up for the Do Not Call Registry?

I just found out that the Do Not Call Registry sign up is only good for five years at a time. After that you’re prey for those pesky telemarketers. You can go to the Do Not Call website to check to see when your phone number will be taken off the list.

You need to have your phone number (d’oh, of course) and the email address you used when registering. I did mine and was surprised that I only have a year left with my number.

I get annoyed at those out there who disregard the list and make up scripts to use that tap dances around the law. Just as I would never buy from someone who sends me SPAM, I also wouldn’t buy from someone who has tricked me into listening to their sales pitch. If they’re dishonest with that, what would make me think that any transaction with them would be honest.

I feel that way about illegal aliens too. If they sneak into this country knowing they’re doing something against the law, what says that they will obey all the laws of this country when they’ve been here? What has that got to do with telemarketers? Absolutely nothing – I just thought of it as I was trying to think of other examples where someone breaks the law and then we’re supposed to trust them.

Anyway – back to topic. Be sure to check that your number isn’t ready to expire.

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Day 2 on The View, Whoopi and a naked Holly Hunter


I didn’t understand Miss Teen South Carolina last week, and I didn’t understand Whoopi yesterday on The View. She let us all know that she was misunderstood on Tuesday’s discussion of Michael Vick. Excuse me Whoopi – we definitely understood what you said. Perhaps you didn’t discuss it the way you wanted us to hear it. Or, the pressure was too great so you wanted to soften it. No misunderstanding. But thanks for changing your point of view. It was sort of like the dream sequence on Dallas. Whoopi seemed incredulous that we had misunderstood her. It’s good though that when she causes the viewers to bristle at what she’s said and the media to be a bit put out by her, that she has a second day to come on and basically try to erase most of what she said the first day.

Of course she loves animals. Well, I didn’t hear any of that on Tuesday. I basically heard that Michael Vick is a product of his environment, and that if we try to make him seem like a bad boy, Whoopi is there to support him. It sort of bugged me that she didn’t say she was sorry for not explaining it properly. She feels we misunderstood her.

Barbara seemed a bit out of it yesterday. I’m sure she’ll be able to relax more when Sheri Shepherd comes along to fill the seat that’s been vacant for a while. 53m.jpg

I’m glad Sheri will be the replacement. I do think she’s really funny. To me – much funnier than Joy Behar. Oh – loved Joy yesterday when Larry David came on and Joy was answering all his questions for him.

Off The View now. On to Saving Grace.There was just 5 minutes left on last night’s SG. I honestly thought we’d gone an entire hour without Holly Hunter taking off her clothes. I know, I know – she wants us to think it’s her character Grace who is doing the stripping and then licking her victims . . . er . . lovers to ectasy. Ms. Hunter is really buff, not one iota of flab on her. She evidently eats properly and exercises routinely, but I’m curious whether the nudity is a must to show who Grace is or just another opportunity for Holly to show off the muscles and how good she thinks she looks naked.

I’ve had friends who have lost cats or dogs, but I never realized that performing wild sex on my grieving friends would help them get through their loss. That Grace. At least she hasn’t slept with Earl . . . yet.

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Day one of the new season on The View

Several weeks ago, I decided to use this blog to participate in “The View”. Since I can’t actually be on the panel, I thought I could play along and use this to be able to discuss the hot topics, guests, whatever. I wrote one blog and then there were no new shows until the season began yesterday. My timing was off.

But here I am today with my view of The View for Sept. 4, 2007.

First of all, welcome Whoopi. I’m not the biggest Whoopi fan, but this might be interesting. Her first day as moderator and she’s explaining why Michael Vick isn’t a bad person because in the culture he was raised in, dog fighting and dog murdering were just the way of life he was used to. Okay – hot topic is very hot. She sounds like she’s the attorney preparing his case and this is the best she can come up with. Next to the head of the NAACP saying that people are persecuting Vick because he’s black and we’re being too hard on him, Whoopi’s excuse for him was the dumbest thing yet.

Perhaps Jeffrey Dahmer’s attorney could have gotten him off if he’d just mentioned that Dahmer had watched a lot of movies about cannibal’s, and he didn’t realize that there was a difference in the cultures. Michael Vick tortured animals. I don’t care how well he plays football or how charismatic he is, he brutally killed dogs. This is also the first time I’ve heard that this is typical southern behavior. Ya gotta come up with a better one than that Whoopi. Why can’t you just say – “he’s a nice guy, but he blew it and killed dogs and you can understand why some big advertisers dropped him”.

Great first day Whoopi. The subject of keeping a diary came up but no one on the panel or in the audience said they’d ever kept one. I did for 10 years. I still have them and it’s fun to go back and read them. My mother kept diaries for about 10 years also. They begin with 1938. I love to go through them and read them. She was Australian and life was different there than it was in the U.S. One year, I thought it’d be fun to look up to see what she wrote when she had her first baby (which coincidently was 64 years ago today) and copy it to give to my brother my mother’s description of that day. I was a little floored when I noticed that she never said a word about a first baby or any baby for that matter. I then got the diary for the year I was born and looked up my day. Again, no mention of a baby. There were lines going through a couple of the days with the word, “hospital”, on it.

I thumbed through the diaries to see if she ever mentioned us. She did. Five years later when she was having her third baby, she did mention that my dad was caring for us. She didn’t say why because she didn’t mention the third baby. Evidently she made a decision that these were her diaries and kids weren’t included. My mother adored us but it is strange. Don’t you think that blogging is basically like keeping a diary or journal? I think so.

Danny DiVito was the guest. I was wondering how Barbara was keeping such a gracious smile on her face when Danny was slapping and grabbing at her leg every few minutes. I think some wouldn’t mind, but I just have a feeling that Barbara was not too happy about it.

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The rich get richer and the swag keeps coming!

I have long been amazed at the celebrities and the swag (from Wikipedia: in popular culture, the term swag now usually refers to samples, wearables and gifts that are distributed by companies or organizations. It can also simply be used as a slang term for inexpensive gifts in general.) they’ve been able to scarf up at any function they go to.

Magazines show off celebrities wearing designer apparel and shoes, carrying expensive purses and which toiletries the celebrity is using. We, the public, see how great these items are and if a celeb is using them – we need them too. Chances are though that the celebrity didn’t have to fork over $1400 for that purse or $10,000 for that dress that we would have to. But, I always wonder how much these items would be if the designer or manufacturer hadn’t given many away as swag.

It used to irritate me that celebs were so anxious to sign up to present at an awards show so they could get a free gift bag – worth sometimes as much as $100,000. It should have been an honor to be able to attend an awards show – let alone present an award. Don’t forget too that most are wearing designer clothes and jewelry which they’ve either gotten free or on loan. Some probably spend a lot less to attend an awards show than you and I would if we went to the movies to see these big time celebs on the screen. And, if you had any popcorn, candy or drinks, you know for sure you’ve just spent more than a celeb.

Then the IRS decided to have a “booty tax” for these gift baskets because they were becoming too and too expensive. We hear less about swag now – not because it’s not there, but because now it’s being called by other names including gifties.

I have also noticed that there are swag tents and tables at just about any function there is that involves very, highly-paid celebrities.

Don’t forget too that if a celeb goes on a talk show and mentions a product, chances are they’ll receive a large supply of whatever it is. You’ve heard the expression – the rich get richer?

We have to take some responsibility for the attitudes of those who are making millions to star in a movie. Or take those on tv who make a million an episode. We have created these monsters by putting them on pedestals and making them feel so important. It’s truly pathetic.

I read in People this week a quote from Ryan Reynolds about swag:

I have very little patience with all that stuff. It’s pretty crazy. It’s like, ‘Why don’t you go to the Prada tent or the Adidas tent?’ And you’re like, ‘Is this the free shoes for the rich program?’ “I don’t understand. Why are all these people lining up? You made $20 million last year!

– Ryan Reynolds on celebrities getting free goodsryan_reynolds1.jpg

Big applause for Ryan. Another celeb I’ve heard say he doesn’t approve of swag is Jerry O’Donnell. Applause for him also please. These people I’m impressed with.

New idea for a realty show – put cameras in some of the swag tents so that we can watch to see which celebs grab stuff like there’s no tomorrow – those who say thank you – or those who get angry because they can’t have more.

And maybe we’ll even see those quietly take their booty so that they don’t have to report it to the IRS as “gifting” especially when it’s tied to more sophisticated marketing efforts.

No matter what it’s called, It can’t disguise that those who can afford cosmetics, electronics and clothing are getting freebies.

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