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I really don’t need to hear how Owen Wilson is doing!

owenOwen Wilson released a statement when it was found out he was in Cedars of Lebonon saying, “I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.”

Media – are you paying attention? I don’t think so. Why do we think we have the right to hear everything that happens to someone? If they’re out on a publicitiy jaunt, then they’re looking for publicity. But with something like this, the man has asked for privacy. I think it’d be nice to give it to him. I haven’t always felt that way. Green with envy, I thought that anyone who makes as much as some of these celebrities do, should stop complaining and smile for the camera.

It’s getting out of hand though and things and people are news even if we’d prefer they not be. The Paris Hilton fiasco was unreal. And when she was released, to see her basically modeling her new jeans for the world (sad, but true) to see. How many people really wanted to see it? Was it thrust on us so that we had no choice or was there a big following?

Owen isn’t out for publicity this time. He, evidently, is in a fight for his life. Depression isn’t funny. He’s an extremely talented man, and I hope he does whatever he needs to, with as little voyeurism as possible to get well and strong.

The front of People magazine said, “After the lovable star’s shocking suicide attempt, friends open up about the dark side of a funny man who had it all”. Excuse me, he probably does still have it all. No past tense here.

Then I read that he had cancelled some of his upcoming work and the ‘experts’ (ha ha) wondered if the public would be forgiving and would he still be bankable? Oh my gosh. Who cares? Number one for this guy – his health. Take some of the pressure off him. Get a daily report – read it be done with it.

Next we’re going to be hearing it discussed on the cable channels with more ‘experts’ telling what has probably caused Owen’s problems and blah, blah, blah. They don’t know. They’re all surmising. The front lawn of the hospital he’s in must be overrun with photographers and news people. And they’re probably in front of his house – irritating the neighbors and clogging up traffic.

And on top of this, what are Britney, Nicole, Paris and Lindsey doing without the spotlight being on them this weekend? They seem at times to truly enjoy the paparazzi.

Finally and simply, get well soon Owen!


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Emila Yusof from Emila’s Illustrated Blog tagged me with the Scattergories meme.

The rules
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things . . . nothing made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can’t use my answers!

My Answers
Famous Singer: Shania Twain
Four letter word: Ship
Street: Sandy Hook
Color: Strawberry Red
Gifts/Presents: Shirt
Vehicle: Suburba
Things in a Souvenir Shop: Serapes
Boy’s Name: Scott
Girl’s Name: Samantha
Movie Title: Shawshank Redemption
Drink: Sanka
Occupation: Sanitation Worker
Celebrity: Swoozie Kurtz
Magazine: Star
US City: San Diego
Pro Sports: Soccer
Fruit: Strawberry
Reason for Being Late for Work: Slept in
Something You Throw Away: Scraps
Things You Shout: Shucks!
Cartoon Character: Snoopy

I’m tagging Cyndi to this Scattergories meme. Cyndi, I now pass to you.

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Bravo for Miss Teen South Carolina!

I shudder when I think of the most embarrassing thing I could do. Just tripping in front of a group of people is humiliating. Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, “tripped” (so to speak) in front of the world – over and over and over again on YouTube. Humiliation with a capital “H”. This could have ruined her life. But remember that saying, “Make lemonade out of lemons”? That’s exactly what she did.

She went on the Today with Ann Curry and Matt Lauer. She’s just a young girl, but that truly did take some courage – a lot of courage. I give her so much credit for that and, as I did yesterday, I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope her next 15 minutes is much more positive one.

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Another Blog about Miss Teen South Carolina

When I was growing up, beauty contests were all about beauty. Brains weren’t needed or required. Even good personalities weren’t that high on the list so to make up for those with fantastic personalities, awards were given for Miss Congeniality (and you thought it was just a movie).

I was almost disappointed when it became a big deal that the public know that these contests weren’t just for the beauties, but also for those who were smart and had high ambitions. I sort of stopped watching at that point because I could pick the one who was the prettiest and it was harder to figure out who had it all.

Well, the Teen Miss U.S.A. the other night made me realize why the intelligence and how one presents themselves is so important. I had the t.v. on the channel but was in the middle of changing dvd’s to watch. I started watching at exactly the same time that Miss South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton, was beginning to answer her question given to her by one of the judges. I admit, I wasn’t really paying much attention, but the more she spoke, the more I sat there in total disbelief. I figured it was me so I rewound it to see and hear it again. Did Mario almost seem to be wanting to laugh but couldn’t?

I watched it again but I was still wondering what was going on. Was it my t.v.? I went ahead and watched the other girls answer their questions. I wasn’t going to leave the t.v. at this point. The others seemed okay. Then I watched each of the five take their final pose. Miss South Carolina was definitely the most attractive (to me), but I couldn’t get that answer out of my mind … such as. I needed to know if she was going to win.

She didn’t – as we know now. But thanks to YouTube, she’s now having her 15 minutes of fame – and not for the right reason. I feel so badly for her. It’s so easy for others to laugh at the perils of others. And it’s not just a few people who see it – it’s the world. I hope she gets through it easily even though I don’t see how. There are those who will say that she doesn’t have to be smart – she’s pretty. She will succeed in life probably – no matter what she does.

Another important point – I’ve gone totally blank sometimes when someone has asked me a question. It’s not easy being in front of such a huge audience, at home and in person. Also this was very important to her so she struggled to give a brilliant answer. Perhaps asking to have the question repeated would have been better.

I hope this blows over quickly (not easy with YouTube and the internet) and that she can laugh at too . . . someday. From the other commentaries I’ve been reading, this may be spotlighting education and whether our children are learning all they need to learn.

Good luck Lauren Caitlin Upton!

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I Should be a Joke Writer

I didn’t say that. I did one of those little tests and it said I should be. Sadly as I get older, I think I’m losing my sense of humor. When I was in school, from kindergarten through my two years of college, I honestly used to ask God if there was any way He could perhaps reduce the humor that flipped out of my mouth constantly. I guess I’m what you’d call ‘quick witted’ – I would call it nit-witted. I would find the humor in things and then blurt it out when I heard them in my own mind.

Fantastic if you have the discipline to know when to do it and when not to. I did it in front of boys (eek), in the middle of class, with my parents (who never understood it and who were legally allowed to make me stay in my room for a very long time), any time. Not always good. Other girls didn’t sit in the principal’s office. I have no idea what it was like to spend a break time with friends. I was in the office. I would have loved to be voted on to be a class officer. I wasn’t nominated. I wasn’t the type the boys wanted to date. Stop on that one. I was the one that very, very, very shy boys wanted to date because they figured with me around, they’d never have to think of something to say. I know now that those shy boys were the ones we all should have been going out with. What was a hot guy in 7th grade didn’t necessarily mean he was going to grow up and be anything special. And vice versa.

And now when I could really appreciate being funny and with a darling sense of humor, I think it’s gone. Old age tossed it out the window. I think.

But, I’ve just been told I should be a joke writer, so I think I’m going to go figure out how I can get my humor back.

You Should Be a Joke Writer

You’re totally hilarious, and you can find the humor in any situation.
Whether you’re spouting off zingers, comebacks, or jokes about life…
You usually can keep a crowd laughing, and you have plenty of material.
You have the makings of a great comedian – or comedic writer.
What Type of Writer Should You Be?

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Unearthing Kindness – helping thousands in Peru

There is something wonderful to be said about those who hear of others in need and set out to do something about it. I’m not always that person. I think about it. I don’t totally ignore causes,I believe in Peru but I’m more the type of person who jumps on the bandwagon rather than the one who builds the bandwagon.

Unearthing KindnessThe people of Peru have really suffered after the August 15 – 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit their country. Jean Roth of Rotem Gear
is one of those who hears a cry for help and charges in to help. Thank goodness for people like her. She’s organized a group of artists and designers to donate their designs with various percentages of all sales going to Oxfam America.

It’s appropriately called Unearthing Kindness. A press release with all the information is available here.

If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, either to purchase an item, donate a design or to just get information so you can send money directly to Oxfam America, please go to: Unearthing Kindness. Everything helps.

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70+ Places I’ve Visited!

101_large.jpgRecently I picked up a great little book for my grandsons. It’s called “101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12!” by Joanne O’Sullivan. It’s 144 pages and comes with stickers for the kids to use with the book. The stickers come with sayings such as – Wish List – – No Way! – Top 20 – Absolute Favorite, Loved it! – Yawn Fest! – This Rocks – Awesome Adventure! – Been There! and Way Strange. I looked through the book and found myself saying “I’ve done that”, “I’ve been there”, “I’d love to go there”, etc.

I started making notes of places I’d been and things I’d done.And then I had a wonderful time going on the internet finding the web sites of these places. It was a fun and fulfilling afternoon. I saw photos of familiar sights, and it was very much like going down memory lane. I’m sharing my links, which I’m sure I’ll be adding to often.

I thought it’d be a wonderful way for the children to follow up after they’d been to visit some of the places where they go. They can take pictures and include them with their souvenirs and their thoughts. It’d be great for them to do a scrapbook or even a web site or a document that they keep for the rest of their lives.

When my middle son was seven, I decided we needed an adventure. My grandmother lived in Florida and had just been diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t like flying so I decided to take my son and drive there from California. I made sure that we stopped at all the fun things there are to stop and look at since my dad had always just driven by the largest ball of string or a huge dinosaur.We visited with my aunt and grandmother for a few days and then decided we didn’t want to go back the way we came.

We went to AAA for new maps and headed off to Washington D.C. – then on to Milwaukee, Las Vegas and then home. Recently I asked my now grown son something about his memories from the trip, and he said he didn’t remember any of it. I thought that was sad and even though we’d collected brochures, souvenirs and maps on the way home – we didn’t discuss it enough over the years so he could keep those memories close.

This book lists lots for kids to do that aren’t really far from home. Little trips around your area will be a wonderful learning experience for your child. And check my list to see if you and I have been to the same places! Make your own list and when you go to find the link for different places, it’ll be like revisiting a special place.These are some of the places I’ve visited. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but the internet is truly a wonderful way to revisit some of the places where you’ve been.

Have you been to some of the same ones that I have?

Where have you been that you think I may want to go?

Akaka Falls – Oahu

The Alamo

Angel Stadium

Arlington Cemetery

Atlantic City

Carlsbad Caverns (NM)

Catalina Island


Davis Dam


Dodger Stadium

Edwards AFB


Featherdale Park

Geneva, IL

Golden Gate Bridge


Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Park

Hoover Dam


Jeopardy Studio to take the test

Knott’s Berry Farm

Las Vegas, NV

Laughlin, NV

Let’s Make a Deal

Lincoln’s birthplace (KY)

Lincoln Memorial

Los Angeles/Hollywood

Los Angeles Restaurant History

Los Angeles Zoo

Magic Mountain




Mt. Fuji

Mt. Vernon

New Orleans

New York City


Olvera Street – L.A.

Pearl Harbor

Pioneer Village (NE)

Port Phillip Bay

Puerto Vallarta

Regis & Kathie Lee

Route 66

San Francisco

Santa Barbara Courthouse

Santa Monica



Space Shuttle Landing Edwards AFB – sts-4 Columbia 7/04/82

St. Charles, IL

S.S. Lurline

Statue of Liberty


Sydney Opera House

Tampa, FL

The Joey Bishop Show

The Tonight Show (Johnny Carson)

The Woody Woodbury Show

Tokyo Zoo

Trees of Mystery – Klamath, CA


Union Station – L.A.

Universal Studios

Washington D.C.

Watsons Bay

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Who Wants to Run the Country? – Realty Show!


Realty shows. That seems to be all that’s on TV these days. Every time I think I’ve seen the last new idea for one, another is advertised – some sillier than the previous one.

I’m not saying I haven’t gotten hooked on a couple. I missed the first season of Dancing with the Stars, but got so hooked when I did start watching – in the middle of the second season – that I was calling in to cast my votes for my favorites and then was almost jumping out of my chair when my choice won. By the 3rd and 4th, I was even worse.

I watched The Surreal Life and Big Brother for a couple of episodes each, but I tried to not land on any channel featuring a realty show – even for a second – knowing how addictive they can be. Okay, I have a confession, I did watch Torie and Dean Inn Love last night. Corny, and I surely wouldn’t want cameras following me around constantly, but I was entertained. I’m sure these people don’t really act like they do on the show — in real life?

I started thinking about what could be left in the reality world. I came up with a few.

Kid Nation has been taken. I haven’t seen it, and without facts, I have to say that one sounds very scary. Perhaps it’s been built up much more than it should be.

I came up with another one that might be fun – “Who wants to run the country?”

The way it works:

there are two sides. We’ll call one the Blues and we’ll call the other the Reds. On the Blue side we start off with a huge number of contestants. To make it more entertaining, we include a female contestant, a black contestant and we have a “richer than most” contestant who enters the contest by getting points against him because of his $400 haircut.

The contestants line up and … well, we could have them debate and just watch them pick each other apart while they brag about themselves and everything wonderful they’ve done. In between the debating and boasting and nit-picking, we send them out to various states to meet the … let’s call them ‘citizens’ who will decide which contestant they prefer.

The Blue’s all try to get each other eliminated so they can win for the Blue side. And – the Reds do the same thing. Similar strength trials, debates, and touring the states are also happening with the Red team. Perhaps a Mormon, a former POW and a divorced guy could be interesting Reds contestants. It would make it more colorful. In the rules it also says that contestants would be allowed to join in even after the game has begun. Perhaps having an actor join the Red team would make it more fun and tilt the boards a bit.

Everyone gets in on this – the networks and cable news programs could have discussion groups trying to pick each contestant apart so they’ll get eliminated. They could have contestants create ads that they pay for and that would make the networks and cables some big money to keep them interested.

Contestants could be lied about, everything from their pasts brought out to seem as though it were important, and mudslinging could earn points or it could eliminate the contestant from the show. After the citizens have declared a winner for the Red side and one for the Blues, then each of the victors would be able to choose a contestant either from those who they ripped apart in the first part of the game or a new contestant. Then there would be another season of pulling out all punches for the citizens to find a winner from the two final contestants and their buddies. The theme for this part would be “anything goes”. It could be as dirty as possible, the contestants can use their own money and also get donations to try to convince the citizens that they should be the final choice.

Drugs, having gay children, jail terms, religion, employees, racist remarks, criminal activity, childhood activities, ex-lovers, fraudulent business schemes, family and friends – no subject is off limits.

This show could run for several seasons. And if one side seems to be falling behind or some horrible fact is found about a contestant – no matter what – the other side could be blamed for all of it and points could be taken away.

This is great. I’ll have to figure out some catchy name for it and also a great catch phrase – something that will resonate as well as Trump’s “You’re Fired” or Paris’ “That’s Hot”. And then I’ll have to figure out how all the points can be counted without any problems … That might be the hard part.

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Elvis did NOT leave a widow.

As August 16th approaches, the 30th anniversary of Elvis leaving this planet, there are more and more interviews and articles about him, Lisa Marie, Priscilla – basically anyone who had anything to do with him. I can’t believe how many times Priscilla is referred to as Elvis’ widow – even on t.v. last night when something was mentioned about Elvis.

I would love to be called my first husband’s “widow”, but he’s still living. That was mean-spirited. I’m just kidding, he’s a nice guy.

This is Elvis Week. The website Elvis Week touts this as being the biggest celebration of Elvis ever. There’s a lot going on. I’ve never been to Graceland but would love to go someday. I loved Elvis. I still love Elvis.

In August of 1977, I took my 7 year old son on a trip, driving from California to Florida. My grandmother was ill, I was afraid to fly so we drove – actually I drove. We stayed in Florida for a few days and then I decided to take the scenic route home, up to Washington D.C., across to Milwaukee, across the Rocky Mountains and then home to California.

On August 16th, we were going through Nebraska. It seems like a long drive through the state because they scenery looks the same the whole time – corn fields. I don’t know how it is now, but of all the 28 states we drove through, Nebraska enforced the 55 mph speed limit more than any other state did. Because of a few problems during the trip, we installed a CB radio on our car. We listened and occasionally would get on to chat. All of a sudden it became chaos. Someone announced that they had just heard that Elvis had died. I had to pull over because I was so shocked. I’m sure you know the feeling when a famous person passes on, and you feel as though you’ve lost a close friend. It hurts and you grieve. Sandra Dee and Natalie Wood were like that to me also. I was glad I had the CB because I didn’t feel as alone in the middle of Nebraska. We couldn’t think of anything else that day. I’ve always thought that the drive through Nebraska was like those dreams where you’re running down the hallway and it’s getting longer and longer so you feel you’ll never reach the end.

I had seen one of Elvis’ shows at the Hilton in Las Vegas a few years before, and I’m so glad. I still get shivers up and down my spine when I’m watching one of his videos or when I hear him sing. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years.

So, when you hear Priscilla called Elvis’ widow, know that she isn’t, wasn’t and won’t be. She’s his former wife.

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Color Me Green!

I’ve decided to share my whole small attempt to go green. I haven’t been swayed by the celebs – this is being done by me to do my part in saving the planet. The fun thing is that the more you do, the more money you save for yourself. My dad used to nag about turning the lights off when you leave a room. He was from the depression era. I wasn’t. I decided that when I grew up and was on my own, I’d leave every darn light on if I wanted. Well wouldn’t that just show my dad something as I paid my “over what it should be” electric bill. Ouch.

Basically I’ve been green since before Al Gore said a word about it. Yea me! But I started trying to save money. I try each month to save a little more. It’s working, and I’m doing fantastically. Of course what I pay each month for utilities is probably less than the celebs pay for one lunch at a posh restaurant.

I’ve stopped using central air. I live on the Mojave Desert so a swamp cooler works great. Takes a little water, but not very much.

I’ve cut back on the water time for my lawn. I notice my lawn isn’t as plush or green as the neighbors’ yards. I don’t care.

I did switch to the energy efficient lightbulbs. They can really make a difference.

I don’t use the dry cycle on my dishwasher. The dishes come out clean – no problem with water spots, and I never run it without a full load.

I have a clothesline in my garage. During the summer everything dries within a few minutes. I wash all clothes in cold water, except for towels, and I do try towels and sheets in the dryer. My gas bill is next to nothing.

I’ve washed my car twice since I got it October 2006. Is it dirty? Nope. I bought one of those $7 California Cardusters at Walmart. I keep the car in the garage and dust it off before I go someplace. It looks like it was just washed yesterday. I also waxed it on the first wash.

I carry a large thermal bag with me into the market. All of my cold items go in it. I can then run errands without worrying about everything going bad and I tote bags for the rest. The big thermal bags are only about $8 at Sam’s Club. They’re huge, easy to carry and also work for hot foods.

I did read that in exerpts from The Green Book, a how-to guide filled with celebrities’ advice for would-be environmentalists by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen that Jennifer Aniston takes a 3 minute shower to conserve water. She brushes her teeth with a brush wash technique. Okay – that’s saving water and she’s doing her part, but I also wonder what other ways she saves in her new 9,000 sq. ft. home.

I am always slightly amused when celebrities give advice. Years ago Cindy Crawford had her first baby and wrote a book. In an interview she was asked why she wrote the book. She answered that she wanted to let mothers everywhere know that it was okay to play with their babies. And she explained how they could go about doing it. Whoa! If Cindy Crawford wants to give out some makeup tips, that’s great. But c’mon – please don’t tell me that mothers didn’t play with their babies until she came along. I think too many of these people forget they’re just that – people. I think so many think they’re the characters they play on screen.

There are some who truly do practice what they preach – Leo DiCaprio and Ed Begley Jr. come to mind. I still have a lot I could be doing. If you have any good ideas of things you’re doing, please share them with us.

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