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“You wouldn’t leave your ice cream in the car . . . “

Ice Cream Design - 4 R Kid's SakeYesterday I was spending time online reading various ‘newspapers”. One article in particular captured my attention. It was about getting carmakers to install safety features in cars to prevent children from being left in cars unintentionally – to remind whoever is the child’s caregiver, to take the baby out of the car. I actually thought as I read on that the whole thing seemed absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never thought about it much except to think when I’ve heard of a child dying in a hot car that the parents were responsible and how stupid and lazy of them to just leave a child in a hot car. Being an animal lover – this also applied to those who leave pets in the car.

As I kept reading, I began learning so much. I read Mikey’s story about a beautiful, much loved baby whose daddy forgot he was in the car and left him to die there while he went to work. I’m sure if Mark Warschaur had read about the same situation happening the day before Mikey died, he would have thought it wasn’t possible that a parent could forget their baby in the car. As I read I could feel the tears well up and actually hurt my face as I read the pain that Mark went through and what he’ll go through until he takes his last breath. I got to know Mikey by going through his website watching him from his birth until he was called upon by angels.

I went to the site, 4 R Kid’s Sake, I read more and more stories. Some people would have told me not to torture myself and to go on to something else, but I was seeing what goes on from the family’s side. I realized that leaving a baby/child in the car can happen to anyone. It opened my eyes wide so that I wanted to do my little part to help others be aware that this can happen. And to remind those who think they’re going to leave their baby for just a few minutes that things can go wrong – fatally wrong.

This also isn’t just about kids left in cars to die in the heat but also to remind people of how dangerous it is to children and others to leave a child in a car with the keys in it and/or running. I read the stories of MacKenzee and Harrison. Tragic and preventable.

So far in 2007 Statistics show as of July 20, 2007

392 Incidents
Involving 503 Children
Resulting in 99 Fatalities

# Fatalities by Type:

52 – Back-overs
0 – Car Fires
0 – Carbon Monoxide
16 – Hyperthermia
2 – Other
0 – Power Equipment
19 – Struck by Vehicle
0 – Trunk Entrapment – Suffocation
7 – Vehicle in Motion

Please check out this site. When you read these stories, you’ll understand that this truly can happen to anyone.

August is Purple Ribbon Month.

From the Palm Springs “The Desert Sun
by Darrell Smith

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has joined a children’s advocacy group in declaring August “Purple Ribbon Month” to promote child safety in and around vehicles.

The department is working with the organization 4 R Kids Sake to raise awareness of “Kaitlyn’s Law.”

The law is named for 6-month-old Kaitlyn Russell, who died in August 2000 from heat exposure after she was left unattended in a car by her babysitter.

In January 2002, “Kaitlyn’s Law” went into effect, making it a citable offense to leave a child 6 years of age or younger unattended in a motor vehicle without the supervision of someone at least 12 years old.

Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said he hoped that through the safety campaign other young lives might be saved.

“Kaitlyn’s death was preventable. Had she not been left in the vehicle, she would still be with us today,” Doyle said. “With the attention we are focusing on this issue, I hope we can prevent the senseless loss of life.”

Please check out this site to find out more so you can pass this information on. All proceeds from the sale of the “You wouldn’t leave your ice cream in the car . . . ” will be donated to 4 R Kid’s Sake.


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The Prince’s New Clothes

A couple of days ago, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s 9th husband, the Prince of nowhere, called 911 for help. He had been mugged by three beautiful women who were standing on the side of the road and flagged him down. He thought they wanted to be photographed with him so was obliging. Instead they stole his clothes, money, watch – everything – and then they handcuffed him to the steering wheel of his Rolls Royce. He called 9-1-1. The police arrived but didn’t find handcuffs in the car.

Now … I am an honest person, but if I were to commit this “crime”, I would leave the Prince his clothes which I’d have absolutely no use for. Seeing this guy naked is the last thing I’d have on my mind – but a joy ride in a pretty white Rolls Royce Phantom sounds like something I would be interested in. I’d also leave him his watch, but I’d leave him on the side of the road dressed and without his cell phone. I can’t imagine three women who would think his clothes were better to take than his car.

I kept thinking of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and wondered if Prince Fred could get by – by thinking he was dressed. I’m truly trying to write this without laughing. Yes, this is the same guy who added himself to the list, “Who’s Your Daddy?” in the Dannielynn paternity case – saying he had – had a long affair with Anna Nicole Smith.

Fred (Frederic Von Anhalt) was adopted by a German Princess who bestowed the title of Prince on him.

You could not make up this stuff.

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Fine-line fading and wrinkle reducing

I recently received some junk mail (snail mail) that troubled me. It had my name and correct address. It was in an attractive foil with pink tones large wrapper. But printed Anti-aging snail mailon the outside of the wrapper was, “Congratulations! you qualify for a fine-line fading, wrinkle reducing free sample anti-aging moisturizer”. It made me a bit nervous. How did they know I have lots of fine lines that actually aren’t fine anymore and that my wrinkles need reducing as much as my body does? When I get spam that tells me I can have a larger penis, I can delete it and know that the sender evidently hasn’t figured out there is a difference between boys and girls, and they don’t know me.

I’d really like to know who qualified me for the free offer? Did the grocery clerk submit my name to someone as I went through the check-stand? Did the DMV see my latest license photo so they red tagged it as someone who could use their fine lines filled in? Does the Social Security office provide your age to these companies who then assume that if you’re approaching a certain age, you must be wrinkled?

Have I sent in the reply card for my free sample? I haven’t, and I won’t. It used to take me hours to get ready to go someplace. There was no “spontaneous” in my vocabulary. I didn’t try to do my makeup and hair faster. I wanted to look as hot as possible. I will never look like I did when I was 20, 30, 40 and more. I love that I can be ready in a matter of minutes. I like to look attractive but I’m not going to lose (much needed) sleep over it or invest my life savings in cosmetic surgery. I’m not a celebrity who’ll be missing millions if I don’t look absolutely fantastic. I’m not trying to tempt the gods of hagdom to curse me with more wrinkles – I do use moisturizers and look as good as my natural beauty allows me. :o) One way to look at it is that when we get older (some of us) – we’d rather use the time we have for much more exciting things to do. And that’s not so bad.

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My Dad Died

my dad and momMy dad died June 23, 2007. It wasn’t unexpected. He’d been ill for awhile. He was 86 yrs. old and had lived a good full life, basically free of horrible things happening to him. He basically had everything he wanted. Well, he never got his 300 game in bowling even though he surely bowled for most of his life. But, if that’s the worse thing you miss in life, you’re doing pretty good.

My dad and I didn’t get along. I loved him, but we butted heads often. I figured I wouldn’t care very much when he died. But, it’s been worse than I had anticipated — or can you really anticipate how you’ll feel when someone leaves this planet? He was my dad from day one. He’s always been there. He was very strict but he taught me an awfully lot. If I were to choose the best advice he ever gave me, it’d have to be that books are the key to life. Anything there is to learn can be found in book. Now of course we have the internet and that’s as good if you’re careful about what’s true and what isn’t. Anyone can create a website.

My Spanish teacher in high school, Mr. Barney, told us to practice the new words we learned each night – to go over and over them. But he said to be careful because “Practice doesn’t make perfect” – only “Perfect practice makes perfect”.

Back to my dad. We made peace in his last weeks. I’d go visit him at the hospital, and he’d seem so happy to see me. As one of my brothers said, “Dad said you went by to see him. It must have been okay because he didn’t sneer when he said it”. My dad actually did stop sneering at me when I was there. One morning he was just opening his eyes when I started singing, “Good morning to you …” My dad was not the kind you sing anything to especially if you lack any talent when it comes to singing”. But he got a little smile which coaxed me to sing the entire song. Perhaps I had been wrong and in addition to wanting that 300 game, he had also wanted someone to sing “good morning” to him.

It catches me occasionally during the day when I realize my dad is gone and the tears come. I’m totally caught off-guard by it. I’m glad that I didn’t hold grudges and that I could forgive him for the part he played in making my life miserable. He did a lot of very kind, loving things too. It’s going to be very different without him. I have a feeling I’m going to think of him often – for always. He was my dad.

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