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Those dreaded season finales.

I have been preparing myself for watching all the season and series finales. It seems that each one is a little more shocking (and frustrating) than the last. I don’t watch all shows – just some – so can’t comment on the ones I haven’t seen. Definitely makes sense, doesn’t it?

CSI – this season’s show, Living Doll, ends with Sara underneat a car. She’s alive, it’s raining and the water is getting deeper. Will Sara survive?

Close to Home – I don’t think this show is going to be on next year but for a while I thought it was going to go out with everyone on the show getting killed except for the head of the department, David James Elliott as D.A. James Conlon, who would turn out to be crooked. Last year, Annabeth’s husband was killed. I just looked at their website and it has information about their May 25th show, Legacy. D’oh. I thought I saw the season finale when Maureen (Kimberly Elise) got killed.

And the big shocker for me was seeing the end of Desperate Housewives. Good grief. But, as we all know, when the season starts up again, Edie’s scarf could have ripped or Carlos or someone may have rescued her. We now have the long summer to think about it. I kept wondering though how she could have tossed that scarf so easily – and what did she throw it over to hang herself? At least Susan and Mike got married and we don’t have to wait for that. And what about Gaby’s discovery?

And Polly Bergen is one of my favorites and perfect to play Lynette’s mother. Evidently Lynette must be the sister of our first woman President. No, not Hillary, Geena Davis in Commander in Chief. Polly Bergen was her mother and went to the White House to help with the kids. She’s great. It’s hard to believe she’s close to 80 yrs. old. She’s still so pretty.

I did watch The Office. I was so glad that the ending with Pam and Jim was so sweet. Especially after going through the hour with that Michael and Dwight. The shocking finale here was real life with Pam (Jenna Fisher) falling and breaking her back a few days before.

I still have several shows on my dv-r so I haven’t seen all. I couldn’t leave it without mentioning Desperate Housewives.


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Bon Voyage Gilmore Girls!

Somehow I became hooked to the show Gilmore Girls from the very first episode seven years ago. During the summer month rerun period, I could make plans on a Tuesday night – during the new episode time, it took a lot for me not to stay home to watch Rory and Lorelei do their thing in the wonderful town of Stars Hollow with its abundance of weird residents – each I loved as though they were my neighbors. It’s the only non-high def program that I watch. This says a lot about how much I enjoy this show.

I cried tonight when it was over for the last time. Actually the tears began before it was over. The ending was perfect except that it was the ending. I’ll miss my friends but know that Lorelei and Luke end up together and Rory will be home as often as she can.

I could never understand why this show wasn’t nominated for all the awards – except perhaps that it was on the WB and then the CW. Gilmore Girls appealed to the young mothers and girls Rory’s age. Maybe I identified with the wonderful grandparents- played by Kelly Bishop and Edwaard Hermann.

I wasn’t going to write this because I feel a little corny that I’m feeling so sad about losing a favorite t.v. show – but hey – it happens.

Thank goodness for DV-R since I’ve been able to do things on Tuesday night without missing my show so it won’t be a major shock to my system.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a bittersweet time if you’ve lost your mother. We can say that it’s a good time to remember the person who brought you life. But, I think of my mom all the time – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a day set aside for her or not. Her birthday sometimes fell on Mother’s Day so then it’s a double whammy. But today I’m not writing about my mother, but about my daughter-in-law. It’s not always easy being the mother of the son. I never had daughters so I don’t have the mother/daughter thing with anyone.

I was so excited when my first son got married. I was finally going to have a daughter. Sadly, my daughter-in-law didn’t need to be anyone else’s daughter. That’s okay. It hurt at first, but then I realized that this girl was giving my son what I had wanted for him the entire time he was growing up – a good life, happiness, love, beautiful children – a nice home. This wasn’t about me – it was about my child.

Then there is my other daughter-in-law. She also has come from a very loving family. And she also has given my son the good life that we so much want for our kids. She’s a good wife (sometimes spoils my son a bit too much), fantastic mother, and a great daughter-in-law. I have a good relationship with my grandsons – whom I absolutely adore (I didn’t even need to write that – right?) She always includes me in on the holidays, I’ve even vacationed with them, she makes sure I see the boys often and is such a great daughter-in-law, mother and wife.

So, this Mother’s Day I pay tribute to my daughters-in-law who have given me five gorgeous grandchildren and who are wonderful wives to my sons. There’s no gift a Mother can receive as special as knowing your children are in good hands.

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Paris wants a pardon from Arnold?

Do the crimeWhat next? Sometimes life is weird and then it just gets weirder. Has anyone ever done an iq test on Paris Hilton? She’s famous for what? Did her parents never discipline her when she was a child? Did they rush to the school if someone there disciplined her? This girl was picked up and charged with a DUI on Sept. 7, 2006. Has she stopped to consider what would have happened had she killed or maimed innocent people because of her disregard for the law? Her publicist Elliot Mintz said that Paris only had one drink and hadn’t eaten all day. Isn’t he paid to make her look good? Her breath test was .08% – the very lowest you can score. But it doesn’t matter – she failed the test. But to her, she was “almost drunk”. So, I guess she was “almost correct” on that one.

Her license was taken away from her but she’s now blaming Mintz for not telling her. HUH?? Doesn’t she have to take some responsibility? Was she listening when she was in court or was she posing in case someone captured a picture of her.

She was stopped three times after having her license suspended which was a violation of her probation. And then to make a great (not) impression on the court and to show how concerned she was, she was ten minutes late going to court.

Paris, I want you to pay attention for a minute and take a little helpful hint – you’re not 14 yrs. old. You should be sending thank you notes to the court and to the judge because they seem to care about you and they’re not teaching you this lesson to be unfair to you. This is all happening because you don’t know how to live in the real world.

It scares me but somehow you’ve become a role model to many many young people. Show them that it’s not a good idea to disobey the laws. Try to understand that this isn’t a punishment to be mean to you. it’s to help you understand what life is all about. You’re 26 yrs. old. You’re not a child anymore. I honestly feel so sorry for you because you seem to have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the world – or even in your own little world.

Paris, you could really make a positive difference in many lives. You deserve to go to jail. You can’t pass GO and you can’t collect $200. And life isn’t a game.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 8

I am definitely hooked on this show. Normally I use DVR so I can fast forward through the stuff I don’t care to see (commercials), but last night I actually watched Dancing with the Stars as it was showing. That’s a very big deal. It’s hard to see a couple bumped each week, but that’s what the show is all about. I can’t imagine standing there in front of the in-house crowd and millions of viewers waiting to find out your fate.

I was pretty sure that Billy Ray and Karina would be the couple to leave last night. He gets my award for impressing me a lot! When I saw him the first week, I couldn’t believe his lack of trying. And from the 2nd week on, you could surely tell that he had put so much into it. Bruno calling his dancing “crap” wasn’t a good thing. Karina told Billy they should take what the judges said and use it in a positive way in their dancing. There isn’t much you can do with “crap”. Bad boy Bruno. Billy Ray expressed his disappointment and moved on.

He basically brought the spotlight on himself so that Ian’s being upset seemed to go without notice. You could tell he was totally disappointed in what the judges had to say. He seems to get criticized every week yet he’s a good dancer. And what a shock that he wasn’t in the bottom two and that Joey Fatone was. Wow. I will say I have a feeling that Joey was as – if not more – surprised as I was.

My fave is still Apolo. I think he and Julianne dance almost as one. The routines are always so good. I have a feeling that all the dancers learned last night that anything can happen to anyone. Mohammad Ali there. That helped get her bunches of votes.

And, as I seem to say each week – I think Tom Bergeron is fantastic to host that show. He’s so funny.

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