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Dancing with the Stars – week 6

I just love this show. I never would have thought that I would sit and watch dancing on t.v., but I do. I was sorry to see Heather and Jonathan leave. I didn’t like Heather at all prior to her appearances on DWTS. I guess I believe the tabloids (arghghg) when I read them. She was delightful, and I truly give her a standing ovation for the effort and the humor she gave to the show. She was amazing. Pink Bear Magnet
I didn’t really want to see her go, but for me, I was hoping it was her or Ian and Cheryl. Ian does dance well – the first week, I would have chosen him as the winner, but there’s just something there (or not there) that I just don’t get really excited about. But, he’s got Cheryl as his partner and she hasn’t won the past two times for no reason. I think that we’ll start seeing something different the next few weeks. She doesn’t want to leave now and she’s a quiet shark.

John and Etyta and Billy Ray and Karina are underdogs but they add so much to do the show. John has amazed me and Etyta is one of my top professional favorites. She’s gorgeous and has such a sweet personality. I had Billy Ray as the first to leave when I saw his first performance. He was awful and he wasn’t trying. Karina gets points for shaping him up as much as she has. He’s really having a good time – or it comes across that way.

Kym and Joey are great. Both have good personalities and their dancing is really good. But my faves are still Apolo and Julianne. They just amaze me. When I had seen Apolo skating and nothing else, he seemed aloof and extremely shy. Definitely not a people person. But he’s now showing his real self and he’s nothing short of absolutely adorable, sexy, charming, captivating, funny …. Guess you can tell I like him. He and Julianne together work beautifully together and there personalities meld fantastically.

It seems whenever I’m going on and on about the dancers, for some reason, I never think of Leila? She’s gorgeous – she’s lost a lot of weight and looks incredible – but she’s not outstanding to me. I know she is to the judges and others. Max – I like him so much better this season.

I was so impressed with the group dance this week – so much fun. We watch for the dancing for as each week goes by, we get to know the participants better and the camaraderie is much fun. And, as we get to know the contestants better and better, it makes it harder when one couple has to leave each week.

I can see why people are hooked on shows like “Survivor”. It’s sort of the same thing except we get sequins, feathers, music and dancing instead of bugs and sunburn. It’s basically the same concept.

And I have to end this with Tom Bergeron. Again, that show wouldn’t be that show without him. He’s so cute – physically and personality. Hate to use “cute”, but that’s just what he is.

Only five more days till it’s on again.

You can tell what was on my mind when I was creating the teddy bear design!


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Happy Earth Day 2007!

EarthEarth Day 2007 is April 22, 2007. I think it’s special to have a special day for it, but also think that every day should be earth day.
I’ve been watching the Discovery channel’s “Planet Earth”. It consists of eleven segments dedicated to our planet Earth. I have to admit, I’m more of a “Desperate Housewives” tv viewer than the Discovery channel. But I’m fascinated with this entire series and it made me want to learn more and more our planet (finally).Earth Day
I’ve even sent emails to friends telling them to watch. The first run is on Sunday nights. I watch in HD – and it’s so beautiful.
You can get more information and the schedule at And, you can get a glimpse of what’s been shown in a photo album.
You can also buy all eleven segments on dvd. That information is also at the Discovery site. I sound like a Discovery channel salesperson. No. Just bowled over at the whole series. This Sunday, the 22nd (Earth Day), is the segment on “Caves”. Really a good one. Also at the end of each segment, they show how they filmed some of the incredible things shown – animals, mountains, things that have never been filmed before.
I did get inspired and thus the two new designs that I have in my cafepress shop bySandra. Items available on tees, totes, hats, calendars, tiles, LOTS of stuff.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 5

Clyde left last night. I was so glad. Not so much that he had to leave, but that those I liked better got to stay. I loved how John hugged Edyta while being totally surprised that they weren’t in the bottom two and that they would be staying. It’s moments like those that keep me hooked to this show.

Apolo and Julianne are totally amazing. They deserved their 30 points – they’d worked hard to get them. I was surprised that Heather and Jonathon were in the bottom two couples. I enjoy watching Heather, she’s truly an amazing person. Her ability to laugh at the situations she has to endure is refreshing.

Billy Ray is at least trying. He’s not very good – he struggles, but he’s cute. I wanted him off of there the first week but he’s redeemed himself with me, and evidently a whole lot of others since he’s still there. Karina basically had it so easy last season with Mario – that this is a whole different thing.

I’m surprised Ian isn’t doing better. His dancing seems quite good to me. I think he and Cheryl are also surprised that their scores aren’t higher.

Joey and Kym are really cute. One thing Joey isn’t lacking is personality. He laughed off Len’s “feminine” comment while some homophobic guys may not have.

I’ll see everyone next week.

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Sadness for Virginia Tech

I had lots to blog about today – but it’s hard to write a silly blog when I feel so sad for everyone … I was going to say that I felt sad for everyone who was involved in the Virginia Tech shootings. But we’re all involved. We were hoping that this country had – had the worst rampage shooting in history already. That it had occurred and that nothing as bad would ever happen again. That our students and teachers were safer than ever before. We have tears and sadness for those who experienced this tragedy – and for those who have lost their lives and have had loved ones die.

It’s all so totally senseless.

Last week an armed robbery occurred at the office of a dear friend of mine in Florida. Two black men wearing ski masks held guns on the two women who were in the office at the time and demanded the women turn over all the money in the office – business and personal. Each man cocked this gun while pointing it at each woman.

All turned out okay. The crooks left with the money and left the woman with a cold fear that will probably pop its ugly head up for the rest of their lives.

This Virginia Tech massacre won’t be over … ever. It’s left a nation in mourning. Time will heal. It won’t be something we think of every second, but it will never completely go away. The scar is for always.

My thoughts and prayers are with the students and teachers at Virginia Tech and the family and friends of those who were killed and injured.

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DWTS – Week 4

I’ve never been hooked on any of these reality shows, but Dancing with the Stars caught my attention last year and now I’m hooked.

Last night was the results night which meant one couple would be eliminated (that sounds scary). My favorites for the week were Apolo and Julianne, Heather and Jonathon, Billy Ray and Karina. I enjoyed the others a lot – these were just the faves, not always for their dancing ability. Clyde was my very least favorite.

I don’t enjoy watching his dancing at all. I had never seen him before he was on DWTS so I have no idea how great a player of whatever he plays – he was, with who or why. But he’s the one contestant who doesn’t seem to be as involved as the others. I see no charisma and he seems to whine about everything.

His attitude is awful. So why in the world did Leeza Gibbons get bumped last night? She was trying so hard and cared. Clyde could care less. Everyone else talks about the hard work and while Clyde says it’s not that hard. Only because he’s not giving it 100% and there isn’t the same commitment.

Anyway – I moaned out loud when they read his name that he’s staying. I was so disappointed as I kept telling myself – “it’s only a TV show”.

I’m thankful for dv-r so at least I can fast forward Clyde – hopefully for the last time.

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Twelve things that truly irritate me

This began as ten things that make me grumpy, but I kept adding to it. I thougt if I wrote them down, it’d make me feel better.

When I forget to put the coffee into the coffeemaker.
This is my fault, totally. I make my coffee before I go to bed so I can just turn it on in the morning. Then I let my dogs out and the coffee is ready by the time they’re all done with tinkle-time. Unless … I’ve forgotten to put the coffee into the filter. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s truly irritating and there is only one person I can be irritated with myself. I really prefer being irritated with someone else. :o)

People who honk their car horn early in the morning in a neighborhood.
Have a little consideration for your neighbors. I get up early so they’re not going to wake me up but it’s such a lack of consideration for others. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone so call the person you’re going to pick up and let them know you’re in front of their house. Or, get your lazy ass out of the car and go up and knock on the door.

And, for those who are expecting someone to pick them up, be ready on-time so you can run out the door and there’s no honking needed.

People who do yard work with noisy equipment too early in the morning.
I do understand that it gets very hot later in the mornings and in the afternoons. But, you can mow and edge your lawn later than 6 a.m.

Again, I’m up early, they don’t wake me up but I do groan thinking about how thoughtless and inconsiderate they are.

Is that expression still used? The other day I was driving along a beautiful stretch of desert road. Messing up the view and the beauty was someone’s old sofa and love seat tossed out on the shoulder of the road.

What are they thinking?

It’s required that everyone in my area have trash service. There isn’t a way to cheat it. You can call them a day or so ahead of your regularly scheduled trash day to request a pick-up on your trash day. I wish there were a way to find these people and make them have to live with the trash they’ve thrown out forever. Harsh – yes. Impossible – yes.

People who drive too fast.
Why does everyone have to drive 90 mph? It seems that way.

What’s really pathetic is that these are the same people who scream that they have to pay too much for gas. Yes, gas prices are high – but take your lead foot off the gas and you’ll save a bundle. Plus you’ll be safer and so will others.

People who ride on the tail of the car in front of them.
This probably doesn’t make a Hummer or huge SUV driver grumpy. But it surely does when you drive a very small car. Seeing your bumper practically over my back window – does have a tendency to really rile me. Back off. Again … does the word “considerate” mean anything?

T.V. shows that have someone’s “statement” written into the script.
I watch TV. programs primarily for entertainment purposes.

If I want to know the news of the day or listen to “experts” discuss the world, then I turn on a news program. I do NOT want to watch a show like Boston Legal only to have someone’s ideas and views thrown in as a speech given by one of the show’s lawyers. James Spader has had several scripts that have done this. One program had him telling everyone in a jury summation that if the word “mart” is in a place where you shop, then you need to stop going there. Huh?

Kids screaming in stores and restaurants.
Just walk outside with them until they’ve calmed down. That’s a pretty easy solution.

Buying food that isn’t good.
Yes, this is my responsibility also. But it surely annoys me when I’m ready to prepare a meal and realize I’ve purchased something that has an expired date on it. With some items, it doesn’t really matter, but with meat, milk – dairy products – it does. I think the markets should try a little harder to be sure they’re not stocking the shelves with bad foods. I was going to fix something the other night and discovered that the potatoes I bought were rotten inside, the cheese was turning green and the onions and pineapple were also rotten. This all happened in one day. I had been in a hurry going through the market.

I decided to take the foods back – and was told Ineeded a receipt. I hadn’t bothered saving receipts from the market before.

I did come to the conclusion that too many items being bad from one shopping trip was an inconvenience and also a way of telling me that I needed to change markets.

Playing music too loud and car stereos
That word “inconsiderate” pops up again on this one. If your music is making my walls vibrate and it’s almost hurting my chest with the ‘thumping’, then I’d say it’s too loud. I live in a single, unattached dwelling – no connecting walls, and I don’t hear anything but the bass.

One example – the neighbors are getting ready to take their boat out for the day – and have wrongly assumed that everyone else in the neighborhood has gotten up at 5am on a Sunday morning.

These people with humongous speaker systems in their cars must have an idea that perhaps they’re annoying all around them with their loud music? It’s as irritating at a traffic signal as it is when they’re stopped in front of a residence. Can they hear emergency vehicle sirens over the loud music? I’m curious. And will this mean that many in this generation will be deaf later in life?

Anyone who lives in the United States but doesn’t try to learn English
I’ve lived in the U.S. most of my life. I speak English. I was always under the impression that English was the primary language here.

I think that if someone wants to stay in the U.S., they learn English. If they think it’s a real struggle to learn the language, I go through a similar struggle trying to communicate with someone who can’t speak English. Why should I be the responsible one?

I really admire those who do try to learn to speak English. I was in the bank the other day and noticed that two guys behind me were speaking Spanish, the guy in front of me was speaking Spanish, the teller and a customer were speaking Spanish, and a little boy was speaking to his mother — in Spanish. Here I was in a foreign land without leaving the country. I was 3 miles from home, and I couldn’t understand one person around me. Scary.

Pant crotches down below the knees
I know it’s the style, but I like my men to walk like a man, not a penguin. I think this is a young person thing. I know when I was a teenager with ratted hair that took a can of hair spray to give it that “cotton candy” look, darkly-lined eyes and white lipstick, my parents and their friends would criticize me and tell me how ridiculous I looked. I knew I looked just like everyone else I knew so they were the ones with the problem, not I. At least I could walk without it looking like my pants were full of something.

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