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Please relax your tongue!

Or – why I hate the dentist.

I had to go to the dentist today. I hate going to the dentist. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one. I truly admire people who go on a regular basis. I have a tendency to go only when I’m in pain and then – and only then – getting everything I need at that time.

Today’s visit was no different. Toothache – abscess – misery. Call the dentist. I was having a root canal done. I thought it would be a simple root canal, but it turned out that some of the tooth or whatever had calcified so there was a real struggle going on between dentist and tooth. I wasn’t afraid. I was fine. – for about 5 minutes. I think my behavior today was the worst I’ve ever had. I was the dentist’s nightmare.

I actually had tears streaming down my face during the work. I actually cried. The assistant was wiping my eyes – my chin was shaking – and I was making primal animal noises with every push, pull and noise. And, WHAT is with this “relax your tongue”? Who knows how to relax their tongue when half of their face is totally numb? I thought it was relaxed. Guess not. The assistant had to plop a tool on it to keep it out of the way. Later I asked if there were any exercises I could take that would help me understand what a relaxed tongue was. I even asked if they knew anything about tongue yoga? Evidently tongues are not a subject for amusement for a dentist who has to push them out of the way all day – everyday.

You know you must have been a real problem patient when your dentist comes back into the room when it’s all over and asks you if you hate him. Me, who hates to ever make anyone unhappy said, “no, of course not”. I may have been lying. I have to go again next week to have the job finished. I won’t be seeing that dentist again. He’s turned me over to someone else he calls “the specialist”. Doesn’t sound good to me.


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Dog Comedians?

Do you think dogs know when they’re being funny? Baby was on her couch napping this morning with her head resting on the arm – and her tongue hanging out. It made me laugh. The picture is exactly the face I looked up to see. She didn’t move – just stayed there, as if to let me enjoy the laugh. I went into another room to get my camera, thinking she’d move by the time I got back. She hadn’t. I realized I had the wrong lens on the camera so I had to go back to get another lens, take off the first lens, cap it and then attach the second lens.
I walked back to the room and there she was – still in the same position. It was as though she were waiting for more laughs.
But then I thought perhaps the real reason she was still there – she’s lazy. Cute dog. Funny dog. Hungry dog. And terribly lethargic dog. Nothing to worry about – it’s just Baby.

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Dancing with the Stars – week 1

I’m back to “Dancing with the Stars” again. I didn’t watch it the first season. Didn’t understand what the fuss was about. Did skip the first half of the second season – but really got into the second half.

I started watching the third season from the beginning and was totally hooked. I have a former high school friend in Colorado who also watches. It’s good to have someone to share all of this with. I don’t know her husband that well but when Sandy wasn’t home one day when I called to discuss results of the night before – Dave and I discussed them. I now also consider Dave to be a friend.

I never thought I’d sit and watch TV. with my phone next to me. There was no way my vote wasn’t going to be counted. HDTV and my DV R really add the joy.

It seemed a little strange last night with all new faces. The total commitment isn’t there yet. The dancers are mostly unpolished still. I missed Emmitt and Joey last night.

Some of the eleven, I had never really heard of. Some who I thought would wow me – didn’t so my favorites of the evening were basically a surprise.

Love this new Joey Fatone. Kym had a good season last year, but is in an entirely different competition this year. Laila is so charming, and I like the Maksim she’s with. It’s amazing how different people bring out different qualities in each other. He knows the importance of the “bond” that’s needed to impress the viewers to get their vote. This is going to be a fun couple to watch.

Karina shined last season with Mario. This isn’t a good season for her. Billy Ray surely won’t cut that shaggy, dirty-looking hair for this competition. He didn’t seem to care if he did a good job or not. He seemed to have sabotaged himself. And, the plug for his cd – not cool. Karina surely didn’t like the low scores.

Paulina is charming and her being so graceful and beautiful won’t hurt. She’s really special. Since I didn’t watch first season, I know nothing about Alec.

Bless John Ratzemberger. He definitely isn’t Cliff. Edyta is so impressive and radiates on camera. I hope they stay on a while. They certainly weren’t the worst.

Heather surprised me more than anyone. I was prepared to not like her, but I think she did quite well. No sympathy for her – she’s slept with Paul. I used to love him when I was 18 – and when he was the cute Beatle.

Apolo – what a cute guy! He and Julianne are a great match. I had seen a little of him during the Olympics, but didn’t realize how cute is he..

Clyde didn’t’ impress me. I’ll have to see more of him. I judge on personality as well as dance ability.

Ian, sexy with a cute smile. He’s got pressure this year. I hadn’t thought of it but if you’re with the two time champ, then you want to do really good. Cheryl really knows what she’s doing though and will work with him. He has what it takes – drive.

Shandi and Brian. I wasn’t impressed at all with either.

I used to think Leeza was the perfect woman – a true woman’s woman. I wasn’t crazy about her last night. I thought she was going to be one of my favorites, but that didn’t happen. I know Tony is an excellent dancer – but he’s never impressed me.

I did notice that most were a bit awkward and seemed afraid to touch their partner. That will change as they get to know each other. It’s amazing how the celebs get better and better each week. And, I’m so envious of the weight they lose during the season.

Finally, Tom Bergeron is one of the funniest guys. Love his ‘boy next door’ appeal and his fantastic sense of humor. He’s the best for MC.

I did phone my friend Sandy to chat about the first night of DWTS’s. She wasn’t home – Dave answered. He didn’t seem to want to discuss it. I think it was more of a “man” thing when Emmitt Smith was on it.

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Horrible thought …

shirtI forgot to eat breakfast yesterday. Since I wouldn’t be home for the rest of the day, I decided to drive through Jack-in-the-Box for a quick biscuit or something. I was at the pick up window counting my change to give the cashier. I don’t know what caused me to look up, but when I did, I could see that my car was rolling toward the building. Needless to say, I must have not been holding the brake pedal down as hard as I should have.

I put the car in reverse to back up to the window. The cashier had been watching the entire time and hadn’t said a word. She was laughing which ticked me off. I asked her why she hadn’t bothered saying anything when she saw what was happening.

She just gave me a blank stare.

I left the restaurant with my first thoughts about how lucky I was that I did look up in time and didn’t ram the building. Then in my mind – I pictured a photo of my car and I wedged into the wall of the restaurant with my face recognizable as it showed up on the front page of the newspaper. But then I almost froze when I realized that there was probably a video camera capturing it all – and the worst thought of all – that it’d show up on YouTube!

With cameras everyplace we turn and the internet, we’ve got to be more careful than ever before. The stage for appearing as an idiot has gotten huge!

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Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time again! I’ve bought mine. No kids come to the door anymore. It’s all done through family and friends and/or the Girl Scouts sell the cookies outside the market or Wal-mart or someplace locally.

They’re $4 a box now. When I sold them, they were 50 cents. Now that’s a hip hop person. Thought I’d throw that in even if it has nothing to do with cookies.

I loved being a Girl Scout. I lived on an Air Force base which was in the middle of nowhere. We got to escape occasionally by going on overnighters or to camp each summer. I’m still dear friends with many of my former troop. And, I still have my badge sash with the 24 badges I earned on it. There are four that are just pinned. I must have gotten them when my interest in scouting was waning, and I had probably discovered boys and could care less about badges. I was going to fix it but I think having the badges pinned instead of sewn was part of the history of the sash. I don’t even know if they have the sashes … or for that matter, the badges, anymore.

If you haven’t bought any Girl Scout cookies yet, don’t miss out. It’s a great organization.

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New masthead!

I think I’ve already written about this masthead I created using various drawings that I’d done with candies and ice cream. Today I created a mug to match.
Sweets ‘n Treats Mug
Well, basically it matches – except that I changed one of the ice cream cones to chocolate. That’s a good change right? If you want to see more, just click on the mug.
Remember when you were a kid and you’d color a page in your coloring book or you’d create something or you’d dive off a diving board … but you’d always want your mom to watch you? I never got any peace when my boys were all doing sports or crafts or whatever. “Mom, look at me!” “Hey Mom, watch this!” Well, having a blog here sort of reminds me of those days. When you get older and you’re sitting alone creating something – to fulfill that showing off urge, you hope others will stop by your blog. I feel as though I’m yelling, “look, look at what I’ve done!” Basically I guess I am. Please enjoy!

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Backyard drama . . .

squirrelThe players: the squirrel – Luke, the cat – unnamed and the dog –

Luke has been living under the old shed in the corner of my yard.He comes out often and just sits on the rotting wood deck in front of the old shed. LuLu sits and watches too but we’re inside – behind a sliding glass door.I’m now in the habit of peeking out throughout the day to see if Luke is out basking in the sun or shivering in the cold. dog

The other day I peeked out and saw a cat sitting outside the hole that Luke goes in and out of.Occasionally the cat would bend over to see if it could see Luke. LuLu doesn’t mind the squirrel sitting there, but goes into a frenzy when she sees the cat – or “kitty cat” as we call them. How can LuLu tell the difference?

The whole thing seems so sad (for Luke). I haven’t seen him in a few days. Haven’t seen the cat either. It just seems like a lot of drama going on in the back corner of my yard.


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Good mommies

I’m fairly new to this big, amazing world of blogging. I had no interest in it because I couldn’t imagine why others thought that their ideas and lives were so interesting that others would want to read about it. Well, I’m now hooked. Not as much as writing blogs because I struggle, but in reading what others are thinking.

It’s an interesting world where you can give thoughts, ideas, rants, views, recipes, tips for polishing tables (haven’t seen this one yet but thought I’d throw it in) – you name it.

One interesting one I read tonight was a mother writing about what could be perceived as over protectiveness or just simply being a good mother. Knowing where your kids are, that they’ve eaten the right foods, that they’re also fed intellectually as well and that you have kept them as safe as you possibly can.

I finished reading the blog and was left with an emptiness in my stomach and my heart. Can we really protect them 100%? Of course we can’t. A mother who has lost a child can understand that. A mother who hasn’t would prefer not to even think of it. I can’t tell a mother that if she does everything in her power to protect her child that it’ll all be okay.

I was an over protective mom. I didn’t let my son do a lot of things because I worried about his safety. I wouldn’t let him walk to school, and I had to know where he was every minute. When he pleaded to do things that other mothers were letting his friends do, I used the same old tired explanation my mother had given me, “if your friends jumped off a bridge, does that mean you have to?”

I had always gone to Girl Scout camp each summer from 8th grade on. Now my son was almost fifteen, and I wanted him to experience the fun that I had and so many memories. I wasn’t the normal mom who just filled out the papers and sent him. I checked into camps and found that the YMCA had a week long camp on Catalina Island that sounded perfect. I went down to the Y and talked to the person in charge. I asked about their care and supervision – what would happen if they were hurt – how far was the closest doctor – would there be someone with medical experience at the camp? I did it right. I sent in two forms instead of the required one because I wanted the counselors to be sure they knew that my son had migraines. I put my trust in them.

My son fell off a 100 ft. cliff on his third day there and died instantly.

I still wouldn’t tell anyone to guard their child 24/7. Sadly I learned that we have absolutely no control. I think of all the mommies who let their kids run wild – going barefoot in the winters and letting their kids run through a store – and whose children grew up to have their own children. Does it make it scarier for me to say this? No, because we have horror stories thrown at us all the time. We can only do the best we can and make sure that we give them all the hugs and kisses and love that we can. And at least I know that while he was here, I did take care of him the best I could. I think it would be awfully hard if I couldn’t say that.

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I love sweets!

My latest ‘thing’ is doing art and designs relating to food. This week – primarily sweets . . . evidently. Ice Cream Cone So, when I began to work on a masthead for my blog, what came to mind – what else? Sweets! I’m just hoping it gives you a nice feeling when you enter my blog site – and not a horrible craving for sweets.

The sweets shown here are all non-fattening and can be found on a huge selection of items in my Cafepress shop – lovealot
I don’t mean to give the shameless plug – again – but I truly love what I’m doing. To create something is divine – but to have a place to use it is even better.

If you enjoy designing, painting, coloring, photography – anything in those categories – or even just a simple saying on a shirt, just click here cafepress site and read how easy it is to open a shop or submit your own design! It’s an excellent outlet for the ideas and designs you have dancing in your head. I think now I’m confusing it with sugarplums. Will have to try those next.

Remember … all of this is nonfattening!

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Anna Nicole

I just read that a court has said that Anna Nicole can be buried in the Bahamas next to her son. I’m so glad. This has been a long, difficult time for her friends and family … and the public as well.

I know how difficult it is for her mother to lose her child. Mrs. Arthur lost her daughter. But I kept thinking of the story of Solomon and the baby. I can’t imagine that a mother would let her child’s body decompose and lay in a coroner’s office while she fights for “custody”. It just boggled my mind.

When our children grow up, they leave the nest. We try to do the best for them that we can while they’re in our care, but when they grow up and leave the nest – we release them.

I want very much to believe that Mrs. Arthur was so grieving so deeply, she didn’t really know what she was doing. That can happen. Perhaps later she’ll be able to see that it was so important to Anna Nicole to be beside her son. Mrs. Arthur’s answer to that was to “move” Daniel. You just don’t do that for those you love.

I still don’t understand why Larry Birkhead was involved in the court proceedings for where Anna Nicole was to be buried. He was an ex-lover – I thought she’d already said “goodbye” to him.

I hate that the press is calling all of this a circus, but basically, it did become that. Thank you for helping with that Judge Seidlin.

RIP Anna Nicole!

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