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Sunday evening

Ever notice how Sunday evening just seems different than other evenings? To me – they do. And I have no place to go tomorrow – I work at home. I haven’t written in a week. I’ve been horribly grumpy and thought it best not to share it. I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve decided that what I want for Christmas is a P.A. System attached to my car so I can shout at other drivers instead of holding in all the frustration. That’s not healthy for me. Of course having a bullhorn and yelling at everyone on the roads probably wouldn’t be too healthy either. I have a very small red car. I don’t drive the normal 90+ mph on surface streets or freeways that others seem to be doing. To have some jacked up truck with tires as big as my house get right on my tail-end (well, the car’s tail end, not mine, actually) is so scary. Just then would be the perfect time to be able to tell the person to please “BACK OFF”.

Gee, I was right. I do feel better now that I’ve typed this out. I imagine blog sessions could be as good as a one hour’s visit to the shrink. I’m sure the shrinks won’t agree.

Enjoy your Sunday evening.


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No longer a virgin … virgin blogger, that is.

I’ve tried and tried to get some blogs going and get into it. I have no idea why it’s been such a big deal for me. I started several months ago and wrote three that were pertaining to designs I’d created. That was it. So – have decided to write as though I’m just sending an email to a friend.

I don’t live the most exciting life. The biggest thing to happen to me yesterday is that I bought three pizzas at my local supermarket. They’re quite large – fresh – delicious and only $6 on Fridays. Sometimes I want pizza on Tuesdays or Thursdays and hate spending more money for delivery. I asked the deli person if they could be frozen (the pizzas, not the deli person), and if they’re easy to bake that way – and taste as good. She said yes to all my questions. I brought my three pizzas home, but when I tried to put them in my small chest freezer – I realized they wouldn’t fit. So my big weekend plans are that I will be baking all three pizzas and then I’ll just freeze them. I’m totally hoping I don’t hate pizza by the time I’m through with the baking.

It’s probably really hard to believe but I’d definitely rather be baking pizzas or blogging than hearing one more word about Tom and Katie’s wedding. It’s not that they personally irritate me. I do get irritated that one of the richest men around is getting married in a castle that would cost me $75,000 to rent and he’s getting it free. And, that he and his bride will probably be getting their wedding clothes comped by that brilliant designer Armani. That their dinner last night and all their family and friends dinners at a wonderful Italian (what else in Italy?) were paid for by Armani – and it goes on and on. I’m not a big fan of “swag”, but I’ll have to go into that more at another time. Am I jealous that I wasn’t invited to this extravagant wedding? Of course not – I’m too busy baking pizzas and wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.

Such is life – and wow! I’ve done a blog. I think. I hope. If I do it wrong – bear with me. And, if you’re reading this – thank you (and that means you’re also not in Italy attending THE wedding).

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