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Freedom Czar

What fun I've had creating MY czars! You don't have to be vetted, you just decide which Czar you'd like to be and then you go for it!

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White Shoe Rule Out – showing underwear in

Once Labor Day was over, it used to really be in bad taste to still wear white shoes. Not sure when the white shoe ban was over, I imagine it was Easter. What silliness, but it really was a big deal. Can you believe that so much importance was placed on this fashion rule and now boys pants can be worn under their butts with their underwear showing?

I just changed my mind thinking about that one. Maybe fashion rules weren’t such a bad idea afterall.

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How many bipartisans are needed to screw in a lightbulb?

flagThe answer is that it takes just one bipartisan to screw in a lightbulb. It means nothing. I needed a leader and went with this one. I wish I were more clever.

I am registered as an Independent. It doesn’t mean that I vote for the Independent candidate of the Independent party. I feel I can truly be bipartisan (or, simply put – neutral), a term that’s used often in politics, but not practiced very much.

I am extremely naive when it comes to politics. Each issue is different, so I read up on it (and/or watch the pundits thrash it out) and make my decision on that.)

When I was a child and would hear horror stories about Nikita Khrushchev, I would sit and write him letters asking him to stop scaring us so much, be nice and please try to be friends with President Eisenhower. I never mailed them. It just seemed that it would be such an uncomplicated thing to do.

This new bailout bill that was signed yesterday confused me somewhat.

First of all, President Obama is really new. You can’t say too much is known about him, but I’d like to be cautious. The one thing I wasn’t keen about was seeing him trying to get the bill signed quickly. There seemed to be a sense of urgency. I kept thinking that if I were out buying a house or a car, and the sales person kept saying adamantly, “sign it, naw, you don’t have to read it. Trust me”, I would think that was naive and foolish. The representatives who were voting on this were voted in by the people and they’re OUR representatives. Ummm, didn’t we recently have several who had to bow out of important cabinet seats because they forgot to pay their taxes, didn’t pay their taxes or did something else wrong? Didn’t one of our past Presidents lie to the American people. I bet two or so years ago, Bernie Madoff had a lot of trust from his investors who had put their life savings in his hands. We know now this wasn’t a good decision. How many times had he perhaps told them to trust him and sign quickly?

The fawning over President Obama has me befuddled (I love that word). It bothers me that some are so over the top about this guy, they just can’t think straight. I even heard the other night that women are daydreaming about sleeping with him, and I don’t mean they want to do a sleep over in the Lincoln bedroom. Even if I believe everything he says or does, I have to keep my distance and level-headed thinking because so many seem to have given that up with their rock star adoration. I find this extremely scary. I think some of us have to keep our feet planted on the ground and watch what he does before we throw our underwear at him.

Okay, now to my original thoughts about bipartisanship. From the recent activity with this bailout plan, it seems that the Democrats all voted for it. So, that makes them bipartisan? Wasn’t there just one or two who didn’t agree with it? Wouldn’t true bipartisanship mean that they would vote for what they, themselves believed in? So, because they all voted for it, wouldn’t that make them all partisan? Then the Republicans didn’t vote for it. But, three Republicans did vote for it. My assessment is that those three are the only ones who took a bipartisan stand. Sometimes when I’m watching CPAN, I wonder why they go through the entire roll call when all they have to do is mark the Democrats voting one way and the Republicans voting the other.

Another problem I have is that most from both parties didn’t even read this before voting. Let’s hope, for their sakes, that there isn’t a little clause someplace in the middle of it that says all members of the Cabinet, Congress, Senate and House of Representatives have to be honest. They must pay their taxes on time, stay faithful to their wives, keep their hands out of the till, represent the people first – and all lying, cheating and even murder (yes, one senator basically did do that a long time ago) are out of the question. For our sakes, wouldn’t that have been a good clause?

And my last topic is that I’ve heard some negative things about those who express their views on talk radio, on t.v. and by writing books when they don’t agree with President Obama. It’s been said that they should give the President a chance. But, if they stopped looking for discrepancies, wouldn’t we all be in trouble? I think it’s excellent that we do have watchdogs who examine everything that’s being done. I think it would be extremely stupid if we didn’t have these people and let them express the other side of issues. I would like to see some bipartisan (there is that word again) news coming out. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to talk radio hosts who took each event and discussed it without choosing a side?

If you’re sitting there shaking your head wondering which planet I’ve arrived from, remember that I did say I was naive about politics. Or, am I?

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Acer Aspire One – GREAT price $268.99!

$167 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB Notebook Linux (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $268.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate

Acer Aspire OneI first saw these on HSC for $499 without tax and shipping. I was getting ready to go on my cruise and thought it’d be easier to lug around than my 17″ MacBook Pro. Plus I’d be less worried about it.
I paid a lot more for the eggshell-colored one I got. It’s not only easy to use, it’s so cute (this is Grandma Geek talking). I’ve included the specs below but will just tell the things I love about it.

  • I can carry it in my purse
  • It has xp
  • It doesn’t weigh much and is small
  • It has memory card reader slots
  • Three usb slots
  • A webcam
  • A 160 gig hard drive. You can get them with a 120 gig hard drive at Staples, Sam’s Club and others, but they cost more than this one.
  • One gig memory.It’s my little travel computer, I don’t need more.
  • It has a 3 cell battery
  • Trackpad isn’t hard to use although I bought a nice wireless mouse to use with it.
  • If you want to make new friends and you’re using it in public, you will get people to stop and ask about it.
  • It does have an internet network card so it’s easy to log on anyplace there is a server
  • It’s cute.

I even use it at home. I can keep it open on my kitchen counter and do little things instead of going to the bigger computers.

The one thing it doesn’t have is an optical reader/writer. No problem, I use a flash drive or an external hard drive to load programs and if it’s on the ‘net, then I just download it from there.
If you want to check out the Acer with the larger battery capacity, click on this link!

$39 OFF! Acer Aspire One Intel Atom 160GB XP Home Edition (Sapphire Blue) NOW Only $369.99 (was $435.99) + FREE Printer after rebate

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Maneki Neko – Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

So, what now?

I now have new respect for this new “Money Cat” of mine. He rarely left my thoughts. No, I’m not obsessing over him. Whenever something “gets me”, it’s usually that I want to create it and put it in my shops. I think his looks attracted me because I lived in Japan from the age of five through eight. There was, needless to say, a lot of Japanese art all around us. Those were happy times with happy memories. I used to get a magazine called, “Silver Bells” which contained all sorts of Japanese drawings geared for children. I loved to read it and look at the pictures. Seems pretty good though that this childish memory of this Asian art has brought me to Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat). I drew him and then offered him on several items in my shops. The paw looks like it’s waving hello but it’s considered to be beckoning – as in customers to a shop. My cat has the left hand raised but when I drew him, I raised the opposite paw – it’s supposedly luckier.

A black Maneki Neko is supposed to ward off evil spirits and a gold brings wealth and prosperity.

Now I need to order a shirt, travel mug, tote bag (to bring home the loot) and head out to Las Vegas.

I’ll keep you informed of how it goes. If you’d like your own money cat, you can check out my shop at Cafepress. I have several designs featuring this little cutie. I also designed a pair of Keds and have a section of Maneki Nekos at Zazzle.

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Day 14 – Hawaii Cruise – Christmas Eve and Home

It was cold – very cold. It was so hard to believe that just days before I was in the ocean snorkeling. Now reality had set in and we were in San Pedro – ready to take the road home. The good part? I missed LuLu so much and it was Christmas Eve. It didn’t seem like it because we hadn’t had all the Christmas hype. The ship was decorated beautifully for the holidays and during the last couple of days, there were Christmas carols playing everyplace. Home sweet home.

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Day 13 – Hawaii Cruise – Ensenada

We arrived in Ensenada, Mexico. I’d just been here in April. I wasn’t going to get off the ship, but was on a mission to get marionettes for the kids. I’d gotten one when I was there last time and there were requests to get more. I caught one of the buses headed for town and then searched each little shop until I found a few of the puppets on a string. Ensenada has really changed in the past twenty years. It’s cleaner, more organized and you rarely see a junker car go by. The kids are out selling their Chick lets, but I noticed that most of them were wearing very nice clothes – Disney sweatshirts and Nike shoes. Back to the ship after looking around a bit. Stopped by the pharmaceutico for some meds for friends who’d asked me to pick some up.

When I got back to the ship, I had to pack and put the suitcases out in the hall. This is the hard time – knowing I had to go back to the real world – sigh. This was such a wonderful vacation.

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico

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Day 12- Hawaii Cruise – I’m sick

Deck Chess Game

Deck Chess Game

I woke up this morning with the cold. No longer was it me wondering if I were getting one. I, indeed, had one. But, if you’re going to catch a cold, a cruise is definitely a good place to recoup. Room service brought our coffee. Donna went up to the dining room and brought back breakfast (I can eat anytime. Colds, flu, whatever do not interfere with this fat old body). I slept all day. So did Donna. For dinner we ordered cheeseburgers from room service and then I watched a movie that night while Donna went out.

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Day 11 – Hawaii Cruise & I won money!

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

I woke up feeling as though I were coming down with a cold. Went to the breakfast buffet for a relaxing, delicious breakfast. I’m trying to be sure that I use the stairs every chance I get so perhaps I won’t take all this food home (in the form of a larger me).

It’s getting a little chillier as we head back to the main land. Love saying “main land”. Sounds cool to me. Not feeling fantastic so I just laid around most of the remaining morning. I wish I were major wealthy – I think thing one of my favorite things on this cruise is the over-sized balcony. It’s almost as big as our room. We’ve really spent a lot of time out there.
We headed back to the casino. After all, I had casino money I was playing on so it wasn’t hurting as much. I found another machine that just kept winning. These are 2 cent machines so there’s no huge jackpot – just lots of playing time. Finished out ahead again. What a nice feeling. There was a $1 slot machine that had a ‘spin’ thing on it. If you landed on the ‘spin’, you got to d’oh … hit on spin and win what it had. I really wanted to try it so decided that I’d spend $20 and if it didn’t hit, I’d walk away. Four dollars in, it came up with two bars and a 25 times symbol. Five hundred dollars! How cool was that? I still had $16 of my original $20 so decided to finish that – again for a chance to spin. Four more dollars and this time I hit a seven and TWO of the 25 times symbols. Not sure what the symbols were – just knew they were good. This time, the machine didn’t give me my winnings, I had to wait for an attendant to come so I could sign some forms. I was so excited. This time I won $1,250. With all my winnings, my cruise was paid for.
I couldn’t believe how my luck had changed and then remembered I’d bought a little Japanese Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) when I was in Maui. I didn’t buy it for good luck, I just thought it was a cute piece of Japanese art that I had seen. I did notice that every shop had one sitting by their cash registers. Could it be the little critter was beckoning the slots to win?
I was on Cloud 9 and except for the nasty cold that seemed to be creeping up on me, all was well in Sandra-Land.

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Day 10 – Hawaii Cruise – at sea day

Uneventful, but relaxing and fun. Had a good breakfast buffet and sat on deck with my computer while eating and people watching. We have clouds and it’s windy, but on a cruise, who cares? I’d love to swim more but there is so much chlorine in the water, it’s hard to survive. I did get some goggles, but just the picture of me in a bathing suit wearing goggles is a picture that not many want to see. Trust me.

I went to the casino for a little while but was lucky enough to get one that paid and paid and paid some more. It was so nice to spend an afternoon where I used the casino’s money and not my own. Did not win a car or a fortune, but it was fun. Met some interesting people as I sat there.

Formal dining tonight. Donna and I dressed up and went to dinner. Lovely. Our dinner partners tonight were from Nebraska, Washington state and Canada. Food was delicious, as always.

After dinner I got my camera and walked all over the ship taking pictures. Everyone was watching shows and doing other things so it was nice and peaceful. It was also horribly windy out on the upper decks. I wanted to get a picture of the huge lighted Christmas tree up on the top of the ship. I just had a little section of deck to go but the wind was so bad, I was afraid I’d get blown overboard. I was in my good clothes so definitely didn’t want that.

I came back to the room and spent the rest of the evening sitting out on the balcony. It was gorgeous.

Donna had gone to a show and said that the two couples next to her got into a fight and spilled a drink all over her arm. Today’s youth? No, two old men dressed up in their suits and tuxedos fighting over who was going to sit where. Sorry I missed THAT show.

Rainbow from our balcony

Rainbow from our balcony

Goodnight and on to day 11.

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